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New Campaign + New DLC + Reduced In-Game Items!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Hralius Hralius The 63

    it makes sense, stuff which has been in the store for a long time drops in price... as the guy with the xbox also mentioned.
  2. Joachim Jochon Deputy Ecclesiarch

    Yeah, but LoL had gameplay to fall back on. It was a complete game when they started selling skins.
  3. Well that's true but then again I think there was only like 1 map and like 9 champions, maybe a few more. I have trouble remembering.
  4. Kesslan Kesslan Arkhona Vanguard

    Actually real world item pricing is driven almost entirely by supply and demand of the free market which includes production costs. Real world item prices go down largely because prices for things like transportation of the goods, taxes, raw materials, at factory production costs and a ton of other factors go down. On top of this supply vs demand drives this as the more there is available on the market the less money you can get for a given item generally speaking. Then items like Consoles (especially the X-Box) have their prices artificially deflated by Microsoft in order to boost game sales as the X-Box is what is refereed to as a 'loss leader'. Loss leaders are specifically designed to be sold at or even well below cost in order to draw customers in. You then counter these losses by selling them accessories and other items (In this case console accessories, games, subsciptions etc).

    Virtual items like in Eternal Crusade have only one actual cost, and that's the cost of development/design of the virtual item which is entirely represented by the wage(s) paid to the item designers. That's basically a one time expense after which there is zero expense regarding upkeep, shipment or any other factors that drive financial markets. There is no stock limitation unless artificially put into place, the level of demand doesn't matter as there's no where else to buy the items (in this scenario anyway), there is no further production costs as once the item is finished on their end, it's simply uploaded and that's where the costs flat out end (Vs real world production costs are a constant from maintenance, to wages and material and shipping costs).

    As such it's normally unusual for virtual items to see a permanent drop in value in scenarios like this. Sales and specials (Especially driven by holidays) are one thing but a permanent price drop is a whole other story.
  5. If I have the looted humie torso will I paid for it again if I buy the skarblitz war pack?
  6. Hralius Hralius The 63

    @Kesslan I agree, but to continue in the path of physical product analogy... smartphones and fashion clothes are both at bit like fish, they lose their value over time
  7. Genos Brutuz Steam Early Access

    Virtual items for real money?
    -le gasp-

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