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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. It was a case of do nothing versus do something, and they decided to do something. I want the Eldar to have their Elite, but not if rolling it out is a grabastic mess, ya know? I'd rather Right over Fast if I can only have one, ya know?
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  2. Pretty interesting opinion you got here. But it still doesn't serve as an excuse for their failure. Here is my point (i do belive not mine alone), this "Storyline" bullshit is pretty cheap way to revive interest to the game. I do belive that people complaining not much about any campaing, but aboul lacking of NEW ACTUAL CONTENT. Well, ok, screw the Eldar Hero, we still have veterans, who actually can be more usefull on battlefield, than some fancy dressed model, the purpouse of wich is to frag people (not to mention, that single transport\tank overrun can kill both of those Elites). But they could've at least give us some NEW DAMN COSMETICS. Something, that actually can be called new content. Well, yeah, we will have some cheapy text boxes in the campaing process window, yay... THIS IS CHEAP. More Donate points? For what? To shove them up in my arse? Well, thank you very much! Now my life will never be the same again!
    But the worse thing in current situation, as i see it, is that the game now is a f2p thing. They don't really need to put some actual effort into it. Because everyone can play it for free. The old players will leave, and dozens of new ones will come. They'll play this thing for a while, get bored and will leave it, and then again, new players will join... That is an endless cycle. So, perhaps, the DEVs actually did something good - they set the game to F2P rails. Who knows, maybe back then they realised that this game is Dead already?
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  3. Curst Curst Arkhona Vanguard

    It was a case of do nothing versus do something, and they decided to do nothing but make it look like they are doing something... >_> Campaign mechanics are just as uninteresting as they always were, there are even typos in bland "campaign" texts produced by some nameless "writer". At least what we have now is not as devastating to the game as single faction campaigns have been I guess.

    In their defense I can say that it doesn't matter what you are doing (or even if you're doing anything at all) when you only have 2 and a half actual workers left. But it's not like they aren't to blame for the quality and quantity of content that lead them to where they are now.
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