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Need Tips On Black Templars Tactics And How To Build A Decent All Around List

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Fenrir22, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    As the title sais, im looking for tips and tricks with black templars, Im in the proces of putting together some models and would like some ideas for an army that is capable against most stuff. If possible (or if you have nothing better to do than help a new TT player out) it would be great to get some ideas for 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500 point armies. Helbrecht and or Grimaldus will be my HQ options and thats about the only things i have solid.
  2. Well, my advice is don't shun any of the Codex chapter stuff that you now have access to, ever since the fold in. That being said, you're still going to want to focus on traditional BT close combat units and tactics (especially with that Chaplain) as the core of your army. I'd get 2-3 Crusader squads, and then one uber elite melee unit, like Hammernators to start. A Stormraven carrying a Ironclad Dreadnought will also suit BT tactics very, very well.
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  3. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    There is one thing i have newer quite under stood with the crusader squads, In the codex's it says you can have 9 initiates and 1 sword brother, And then something about you not being able to have more neophites than initiates.
    Can you bring 1 Sword brother, 9 initiates and 9 neophites? or am i missunderstanding the rules?
    And for the mele termis,,,, is it a good idea if you have a full squad of 10, to have 5 hammer and 5 claw?

  4. It's kind of weird, but looking at the Codex right now, it seems you can have either 10 Initiates and 10 Neophytes or 1 Sword Brother with 9 Initiates and 9 Neophites.

    As for Hammernators, always go Thunder Hammer/Storm shield for the 3++. I love the look/fluff of LC Termies, but the fact of the matter is they can't smash tanks, or elite infantry and get murdered by AP2 weapons. TH/SS Termies hit twice as hard - allowing them to smash tanks, monsters and elites/HQ, get a 3++ save vs anything in the game, and are horrifying when led by a Chaplain.
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  5. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Need to find more videos of 7th ed Black Templars.
  6. As a former BT player I can tell you that Helbrecht and Grimaldus will not get you very far, but I'm speaking from a gameplay standpoint. Are you looking for something fluffy or something more from the the stronger BT setups?
  7. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I helped my BT set up his list a little and they just didn't seem worth it. An Emperor's Champion seems just as good for fluff based armies but can still get some work done in challenges.

    Your crusader squads are where you can outpace some armies while being fluff based. You can have a neophyte for every initiate. So you could have 10 initiates and 10 neophytes. If you replace an initiate with a sword brethren then it would be 1 SB, 9 initiates, and 9 neophytes. The thing is that they can take land raiders as dedicated transports. Land raiders are tough to crack and don't take up a heavy support slot when they're dedicated. This lets you bring stormravens, devastators, and other heavy stuff with you.

    I'd just bring 5 terminators. 10 is pretty expensive

    As mentioned above, chaplains are nice. They're cheap and help you land hits.

    I don't know how to build tournament lists or anything but I'd build to your strengths. Drowning opponents in wounds and killing people in challenges.
  8. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Mixture of both i gues. Want Helbrecht because his stats are pretty nice (atleast the once per game thing and the +D3 atacks on charge) And i want Grimaldus because i like him. My first WH40k book was Hellsreach, and i promised my self that if id make a BT army he'd be part of it!

    But im mostly looking for ideas to making a decent all round army.
  9. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    I think i read it somewhere on these forums, About an Emperors Champion clearing over 1000 points off a table. But Would it be a good idea to make crusader squads, 1 SB (plasma pistol+mele or Combi bolter+powerfist) 9 initiates and 6 neophites (think landrader crusaders can carry 16) and have something like missile launcher+plasma/meltagun?
  10. perhaps I may have mispoke about Grimaldus, while indeed he is badass, the reason I never fielded him was because of his price pointswise, I wished he was cheaper, too expensive for what he offers, but i did like him.

    Basically you want to actually avoid bloating out on 15-20 man crusader squads, they are super pricey and you'll only be killing 1 or 2 enemy units a turn assume all goes well. so if you do, take only 1.

    Templars are super adept at making a deathstar on foot, and making use of an Objective secured land raider. I'll give you an example of my one and only 15+ man crusader deathsquad. even the strongest ork bikers or grey knights deathcompany, Knights, Daemon prince spam, whatever got decimated by them.

    Chapter Master
    -Shield Eternal
    -Digital Weapon
    -Artificer armor

    Grimaldus (I used a chappy with powerfist, Zealot ftw)

    10 initiates, 3 Neophytes
    -Sword Bro
    -Power axe

    Ordo Xenos inquisitor (codex inquisition)
    -Rad and psychostroke grenades (the rape supplements)
    -3 Servo Skulls (stops enemy scouts/infiltrators)
    -Liber heresius relic (Scout redeployment to counter deploy)

    Land Raider Crusader with multi melta

    This squad is expensive but by the emperor was it nigh unbeatable. AND its really fast on foot due to the crusader special rule when you need to maneuver around for good positioning or grabbing last minute objectives.

    AND the land raider is objective secured, Templars are the only force who have these.

    the rest of the list consist on small 5 man crusader squad with combi melta/meltagun and small henchmen squads in psibolt razorbacks. Pouring on extra wounds and added much more armor pen

    Also be sure to take at least 1 drop pod in your army as first blood is always great to help in victory. As you will go for the weakest target to steal it away.

    If you dont have the means to get the inquistion codex, Ally with sisters to get hit and run and a priest with war hymns. Or white scars to get hit and run at the very least.

    I definitely stopped a lot of naysayers about BTs through out many stores and tournaments with this combo.

    March over your foes with the true power of Dorn

    To each their own though, I hope this helps even a little :) best of luck
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