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Need suggestion for LSM weapon selection

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by librasky, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Stay with swords for JPA you don't have enough durability to use slower weapons effectively outside of a powerfist .
    which is only viable because you can jump and quick tap RMB for a jumping dash attack that still hits like a truck with a power fist, regular axe and mace doesn't do much more dps than a sword when using this and their HA is useless on your frail frame and its long animation will just get you killed.

    Pfist + Jumpack is actually a pretty good AV setup with some decant AI capabilities do to the jumping attack mechanic's

    Also your ground pound ability's wind up air time is dependent on your weapons speed so slower weapons will just make you hang in the air for longer causing you to miss more with it and possibly get shot more while in the air for longer.

    Good mods to use on the sword are .. NON for JPA so you can actually afford armor and jump pack upgrades.

    VoTE is worth it in my opinion, if you are serious about playing devastator you should always keep one load out with the voice ready incase the enemy team has a lot of long ranged fire power that needs suppressing.

    Being on the receiving end of this voice thing is arguably worse than being under fire from a normal H-bolter.
    from a suppression PoV
    This is mainly because of the scope mechanic's in the game , scopes ignore accuracy and suffer only spread increase per shot. and this can be used to defeat suppression . since suppression only affects your scope by shaking it in a random pattern something you can simply overcome with counter movements on the mouse . something that's much worse and more difficult to do when under fire from the Voice.

    Yes it does do less damage . but it's not really noticeably less when doing the burst fire thing i think what you notice is the better accuracy statistics of the MC H-bolter which is why that one is also a very good choice to use and it should be your go to H-bolter imo, Thee voice is more of a tool you use in certain situations. and just pull it out when needed.
    Remember that you can simply redeploy to swap a load out when you are not on the defending side of a ticket map , so it's quite easy to swap loadouts on the fly this way.
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