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Need some damn consistency with Fist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dreadspectre, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Or at least some clarification. I've ignored light attacks, I've clanged light attacks. I've ignored Dbashes with light attack, I've been dbashed light attacking. I've done damage through a heavy attack with a Light attack but didn't stop their heavy attack. I don't heavy in melee anymore so who knows what the hell it does anymore.

    @NoahWard @jbregg

    Can we please get some clarification on official "rules" for RPS with Fist/Klaw or if it's bugged right now etc? Thanks champs.
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  2. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Developers "we have a plan to do dat, but we cannot tell you went to"
  3. Honestly, i guess the fist is just dorked at the moment, and i hope a future fix will bring it back to where it was...
    Usefull in AI that is
  4. Plongo Subordinate

    I've done Heavy attacks through peoples light attacks. Should be called the Warp fist. It's a wee bit wonky!
  5. Is that what you were doing on Torias earlier tonight? Playing with the fist? You scored 22 kills IIRC
  6. Oh I can do well with it, I had a 32 kill game either before or after that.

    I just don't know what the fuck I'm doing with it half the time. It doesn't perform with the same set of rules consistently all game heh.
  7. Nobody at BHVR knows either since Brent has departed. That's why there have been no changes to melee mechanics since melee was destroyed, that's why we didn't hear a peep in Friday's Twitch about melee.

    Alexi was going to be "borrowed" from another project to fix the current train wreck which means he will be temporary. That means there is no permanent staff overseeing the future of melee in EC. Two handed melee, dual wielding, Terminator melee, refining and improving upon our current system. All not going to happen with no permanent staff overseeing melee development.
  8. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    I'm still wondering myself how it works....

    My muscle memory, goes for the light attack to interrupt the light....and i get splat....because even though i hit the guy, dmdged him, the power attacks still came through.

    Another time, on the opposite side, my light wen through the Dbash.

    I think in their logic, that the fist is slow and knifes are faster....they can attack always before you.
    However since the fist is massive, it ignores the first light attack?

    When in doubt, take a sword and spam RMB and dodge Dbashes. Seems the only thing consistent these days

    Discovery Channel presents:

    " Fist, Misteries Revealed"

    Morgan Freeman narrates ofc.
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  9. Hitomodakka Hitomodakka Arkhona Vanguard

    The inconsistency tells me that they are bugged. It seems to me that they really want the claw/fist to be anti-vehicular weapons / anti fort weapons. To be honest that probably the way it should be because other wise they will always be over/under powered.
  10. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    Fists are used against everything. It's really not just an anti vehicle weapon.

    For the price it costs, considering it still takes 5 power attacks to the back of vehicle, how slow it is, it definetely needs to be better at infantry.

    Taking a fist, IS, giving you an option to destroy tanks. Not make you into a dedicated tank hunter.

    It's like saying meltas shouldn't kill infantry. And you know it's still fairly easy to kill infatry with it, even though it's a "supposed" AV weapon.

    Following the same logic, Fists should be top tier at AV like they are, and still be good at AI. it's really 500lp with extremely short range...that can be dodged, dbashed and interrupted...'s that balanced compared to the ranged analog ( melta gun)

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