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Need help with melee

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TurtlesInTheSky, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    ADAD. ADAD the shit outta them.
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  2. Wiggles Wiggles Menial

    How is attention deficit disorder going to help you???
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  3. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Isn't ADAD the cure to all your problems in EC? *meme*
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  4. TurtlesInTheSky TurtlesInTheSky Steam Early Access

    I appreciate all the help, and I also appreciate Krayt sucking me off. Thanks guys
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  6. Stick with your teams mates, the same as your opponents are doing. If melee is the bane of your existence, then learn how to play melee in order to counter melee.

    Still though, even if you're playing melee 4 v 1 means you're still dead even if you're on a melee toon. Hell they could be 4 bolter wielding players, you'd still be dead regardless.

    So two things to take away from my comments.

    1. Learn how melee works in order to counter it and bring the right tool for the role you want to fulfill or the type of opponent you want to defeat.

    When you need to kill a tank do you bring a bolter or chainsword then complain that the tank is OP versus your weapons?? When you want to blow up a quad gun to you bring a chainsword then complain that the chainsword is broken because it wont damage that quad gun? No, you dont do that. You bring the right tool for the job. If you're so entirely consumed at the thought of being bested by melee opponents then play a class that's a hard counter to melee, another melee class.

    2. Find a team mate or two and stick to their hip, as your opponents are doing. 4 v 1 is 4 v 1. Odds are you're NEVER going to win in that situation regardless of your class or their class.
  7. The Entombed Thraxus First Blood!

    Yes I'm sure doing a little tap dance while in close quarters combat at point blank range to avoid their Axe coming at your face would work just as well as it does at short, medium and long range. :rolleyes:

    Thank god it dosen't work in close quarters combat lol.

    How good is that 'feature' though, its like you get an invisible wall in front of you that nobody can shoot through but you.

    I feel dirty every time I use it. Once you've tasted the dark side of /ADAD autism though you cant turn back to the light of actual skill based shooting, dear god the crutch is real. lol.

    I actually got the Dbash + LMB = Profit thing to work today though.

    Step 1: Dbash + Evade backwards + LMB

    Step 2: By now they will have bridged the gap, so repeat Step 1
    • If your enemies dead proceed to step 3
    Step 3: Profit
    • Execute and / or Teabag at your discression
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  8. Wiggles Wiggles Menial

    Sadly no, my character appears to not be capable of swinging a power fist sideways. I also get distracted by portals easily :(
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  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    So what requires more skill? Shooting a non moving target or an adading one ?
  10. The Entombed Thraxus First Blood!

    Its an 'I win' button, skill dosen't come into it. Its like your standing behind a wall that no one can shoot past, you can stand out in the open and nothing touches you, you can charge into the middle of a fire fight and are immune to damage, it takes skill completely out of the equation, you are effectively immune to damage.

    Its wrong and I cant stop using it lol.

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