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need help deciding second army

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Ramgut-Bloodscreama, Jul 19, 2016.


which one

  1. eldar

    3 vote(s)
  2. dark eldar

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  1. Crowe castellan_crowe066 Steam Early Access

    So since this is purely about fluff, you could maybe think about making a Dark Eldar Wyche Cult detachment, they take fighting to an art form and take great pleasure in how they kill their victims. I wouldn't say you could create a romance out of it, as Dark Eldar are so self absorbed...but they are twisted enough that you could certainly have a mutual respect and friendly competition between the warboss and the succubus at who can kill the most and in the most creative of ways.
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  2. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    Nah a Succubus would still look down on anything not Eldar but there have been Haemonculi Cults that have experimented on Orks trying to incorporate their feral strength into the Dark Eldar. That's really the only time the Dark Eldar would lower themselves to being around Orks

    Craftworld Eldar on the other hand will use and manipulate Orks to their owns ends (still not romantically).

    There's really no interspecies romances that make sense in 40k, this isn't Star Trek. The only species that isn't wildly Xenophobic is the Tau and even then, 1) They hate Orks, 2) Orks are plant spores.
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  3. Crowe castellan_crowe066 Steam Early Access

    Yeah your probably right about the Succubus...those would be fun models to field though. I was thinking about the Haemonculi cults too, however, if you wanted your TT models to reflect that kind of fluff you would probably need to make some custom models to show the experimentation by the Haemonculi on the Orks.

    That said, the easier route would be to stick with the craftworld Eldar, and use the manipulation background fluff. In my opinion are the Craftworld Eldar are the better TT army of the two. A bit more forgiving than the Dark Eldar and bring to the table an assortment of different models to pick from.
  4. Ork-based Grotesques would work.

    You could have a Dark Eldar leader become enamored of the Warboss' destructive urges, based on his trail of destruction.
    But being a Dark Eldar, their ultimate plan would be capture the Warboss, lock him in a dungeon where he can be tortured/experimented, and then meet his end in an Arena battle (probably more than one) for the pleasure of all Commorragh.

    That's because all Dark Eldar are bunny-boiling, crazy-eyed, psycho space Elves!

    It could be an Archon who becomes enamored, with Haemonculi allies who will be performing the experiments/torture on the warboss (and creating Grotesques from Orks), and Wyches who want to face the Warboss in the arenas of Commorragh.
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  5. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    Do you like winning? If so Eldar will all but win games for you if you drop the codex on the table, minimal input required on your part.

    If you think winning is for chumps and you want a really badass-looking and interesting army, play Dark Eldar.

    Source; I have both.
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  6. Well there is a third alternative.
    You could do Craftworld or Dark Eldar as Exodites, and have them pursuing this warboss for some reason.
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  7. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    There's even more alternatives. Harlequins and Eldar Corsairs (Imperial Armour Volume 11 I believe, FW)
    You want an eldar to fall in love with your warboss' primal nature? Make a Corsair Prince(ss) who's gone so far into the void she's seen the beauty in the beast. Get eldar models, get jump packs on them somehow (remodel swooping hawks, steal packs from something else, green stuff, etc) and make a pirate band of eldar following around their leader's insane love interest. Don't let these lore hounds tell you it's heresy. YOU DO YOU!

    And harlequins are overly mysterious. What does a shadowseer actually see? What does a Solitaire do in it's free time? Only you can answer these questions.

    Gameplay-wise harlequins give you more melee, so that's not really ideal, but corsairs give you very mobile dakka options. So that's nice for orks.

    Also fairly certain that neither harlequins or corsairs have orks as allies in any sense, so make sure you check with your gaming group before you invest in this mad idea. If not I vote dark eldar, they're a depraved lot.
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