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need help deciding second army

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Ramgut-Bloodscreama, Jul 19, 2016.


which one

  1. eldar

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  2. dark eldar

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  1. I collect orks and would like to allie them in their fight against chaos to assert dominance now I narrowed it down to eldar/dark eldar but I can't decide between them if any one could tell me which makes more fluffy sense or why one is cooler then the other please help me out
  2. Crowe castellan_crowe066 Steam Early Access

    Fluff wise, I suppose Eldar would make more sense versus Dark Eldar as the Eldar like to use manipulation and trickery to accomplish their own agendas while at the same time not sacrificing Eldar when needed. So I suppose you could build a fluff story saying that an Eldar Farseer or Autarch is deceiving your Warboss into battles to accomplish their own agendas, and you could have a small detachment of Eldar with your main Ork army.

    Fluff wise for the Dark Eldar, they could be scavengers following the Orks from planet to planet and reaping , raiding and enslaving survivors for there own twisted pleasure, and then fading away before the Orks realize they are even there.

    That aside, on the TT Orks and Eldar would be considered Desperate Allies the same Alliance would also apply to Dark Eldar. Which brings with it rules that will affect how the two allies are deployed and interact with one another. These kinds of allies certainly make the game more fun and interesting, however, it could kinda of hurt you and spending the points on this kind of ally detachment could probably be spent better.. Unfortunately for Orks the only good ally you can rely upon are other Orks.

    here is a link of the breakdown for Allies and what rules apply as well as the 7th edition Ally Matrix:
  3. I know about the ally matrix that doesn't really matter to me because it's all about the fluff not the points
    I like the scavenger idea
  4. That's kind of the point, fluff wise neither would really be allies with the Orks. Orks think Eldar are weak gitz in need of a good stomping and Eldar think Orks are brutish savages far beneath their elegance.

    Not impossible, just extremely unlikely. Which is why they're desperate allies on the chart, since most of the time they'd rather kill eachother unless they're both in danger.
  5. The reason I thought of for the alliance is the eldar leader falls in love with the warboss because of his bestial verusity but doesn't say anything cause orks can't fall in love so the eldar is trying to study the other beings of the universe to see how she can cause an ork to love. The eldar would want to bring peace to the orks but the dark eldar would want to inslave the orks with lust
  6. Also the eldar leader is descusted with her self for haveing feelings for the ork warboss
  7. I guess the question is which army is more likely to have a yandere
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    Oh those cheeky eldar waifu fans :p
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  9. I just wanted to come with something original honest :oops:
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