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Narthecium Healing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by doobers, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Dingus doobers Menial

    Is it me or has targeting gotten difficult when healing as an apothecary? I almost never had an issue with it, even when two people were side by side, until the last two patches.
  2. I figured it was just me being new, I struggle quite a lot with getting my heals off!

    Either it fails to target the person i want and i start healing myself or itll target someone near by who i wasnt even facing properly to heal them.
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  3. Ihsahn Ihsahn Subordinate

    I, as Ork, also have these problem with picking up downed mates. You have to aim very good to target him. I often see me healing instead of picking them up.
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  4. Icario Idaeus Subordinate

    Yeah, happens to me a lot now with this latest patches. Sometimes i even have to relinquish healing them properly to just getting them up and then appliying the heal.

    The problem is when i have to do that in the middle of a firefight
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  5. Nibs Nibs Active Member

    The targetting for heals, even the beam heals, used to be a lot more flexible: As long as the person was mostly in front of you and in range, it healed them. Now the target must be perfectly under the target reticule and you have to be almost on top of them.
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  6. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    Might be to do with the changing of hit boxes though saying that, Orks should be having the easiest time with it if that is the case.
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  7. It is much harder now. I have over thirty hours entirely as an apothecary, and it has gotten much harder to heal. Also, and I cannot stress this enough, STOP blocking your apothecary just to get a man off the ground - I can rez him in half the time and at full health, but with the targeting changes if you're trying to res him too I can't get to him, and chances are we all three die to a power fist, a poison blade, or a grenade.
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  8. Braken Braken Curator

    I can confirm that Orks have the same issue. Healing the person you want is frustratingly difficult now.
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  9. trustybroom trustybroom Steam Early Access

    Yep. This is a HUGE problem for Apoths, since they need to heal a lot just to apply buffs to the team.
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  10. Regi Subordinate

    it seems a lot harder lately and with csm being able to heal at like 20m it's a pain to try and heal a 8 ft monster in front of you and you cant unless your cuddling and all up in his ass and then maybe you can heal him
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