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Naming Protocols

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jericho, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Tradias Member

    The purists rarely win this battle in any game, but I hope we get rules and guidelines that will keep the game immersive.
  2. Dagda Abhean Curator

    Too Funny!
  3. OtoM Ultimaetus Subordinate

    If I see one Uchiha, someone is going to get puled through their monitor and beaten.
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  4. SuperWeeGee SuperWeeGee Subordinate

    While naming conventions for other races might have to be a bit more strict, I feel for Orks it should be a bit more lenient. Ork names like Skykilla and Gutrencha would be good (even though I stole them from DOW2), and pretty much everything from should be good. But sillier names for Orks should also be okay in my opinion. There should be no xXx crap though, and no numbers either.
  5. DroppMan Active Member

    Possibly only have system generated names for orky F2P players? Make the names multi-part and allow them to click through the random names for each part. Even give them an option for format.
    -one word name
    -two word name
    -three parts with a "da" in there somewhere?

    a random name generator would be good for everyone-just to give them ideas. How would someone new to the IP know what a fluffy eldar name is anyway?

    Gazzz has more than two of the same letters in a row - still pretty orky i think

    apostrophes should be allowed, but not two in a row, and maybe just ork/chaos/eldar?

    Also, I think it would be cool to earn titles.
  6. Random name generator like EVE Online is a good choice. But still need a lot of moderators.... i hate stupid names. Although orkish names is not bad.
  7. Wanay Wanay Subordinate

    Regarding similar names, i would like the names to be unique for a sub-faction. That is, you could have Martin of Ultramarines and Martin of Space Wolves (even displaying it in this form will be OK with me). Im not sure I like the idea with unique nickname, it doesnt fit all the factions for sure...
    John "The Killer" Rambo of Ultramarines
    John "Dakkadakka" Rambo of Space Wolves, thanks!
  8. a lot of good ideas in here. I definitely do not want to see names all over my screen. Nicknames should be achieved through certain heroic actions and actually have an impact on your character, very minor ones could be small insignias, while major ones could be purity seals or honor badges for your space marine armor.
  9. First name/Last name combo, to have a more varied and available name base. Having it strictly first name only really limits people and causes some to resort to silly characters in their names.

    As for trademarked names like mentioned above, they should be off limits considering they already exist in this lore as major icons. As well as some other major franchise names that are too well known and have copywrite laws attached to them.
  10. Reiben Member

    I like individuals usernames to be unique tbh, also would be good to not have the silly usernames like xxxxIpwnzj00xxx etc as it detracts from the immersion and fun of the game. I realize that this will severely limit the amount of names available but just my 2 cents
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