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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jericho, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. Jericho Jericho Forum Beta Tester

    *Copied from Beta Forum*

    Recently I have been playing games to try and fill the EC shaped hole in my life. In trying out other games I have seen different methods of handling grenades.

    I wouldn't mind having a system where you can get a grenade an an early unlock and then have different types unlock further into the experience, I think it will be important for the game to have goals to work towards and wouldn't mind if some of the unlocks take a lot of effort to achieve.

    How would you like to see us provided with grenades? In PS2 you have to use resources to buy them but having tried out defiance where they are on a cooldown I am leaning towards thinking this may be better to stop grenade spam and then you could off set the advantage of having stronger nades with a longer cooldown.

    Anyone have any other ideas as to how we can ensure grenades remain powerful and meaningful without becoming too spammy, what different types would you like to see? How powerful should they be?
  2. Jericho Jericho Forum Beta Tester

    *some replies*

    Savij - i would like to this types

    Blind Grenade
    Special: Blinds enemies who are standing nearby or looking in its direction.

    Frag Grenade
    Damage: 7/10
    Armor Pen.: 3/10
    Special: Explodes into shrapnels, leaves hit targets staggering. Small AoE.

    Krak Grenade
    Damage: 4/10
    Armor Pen.: 7/10
    Special: Big AoE. Can knockdown.

    Smoke Grenade
    Special: smokes a big area. Color can be chosen.

    Micro Grenades
    Damage: 5/10
    Armor Pen.: 3/10
    Special: Throws a cluster of 10 micro grenades over an area. Small AoE.

    Damage: 10/10
    Armor Pen.: 10/10
    Special: Cant be thrown, needs to be placed on ground, wall or object. Can be detonated manually.

    and i think nades is something every soldier should bring to war, some classes more some classes less. ^^

    Policenaut - I want a grenade that has some kind of lingering AOE effect, like a grenade that emits a cloud of poison gas or one that behaves like a molotov cocktail.

    Jericho - I think an important aspect of nades is nailing down the throwing mechanism so that it is fluid and you have a reasonable chance of dropping it where you intended to

    Khanistrello -

    Plasma grenades are a highly advanced type of assault grenade, commonly employed by the Eldar

    Haywire grenades release electromagnetic pulses that disable or destroy vehicles
    There is Vortex and some halucinogen ones too but cant find the rules for them at the minute
    Tanglefoot Grenades
    When a tanglefoot grenade detonates it creates a gravitic disruption field, causing its targets to stumble, fall over and generally stagger around. Tanglefoot grenades are used when the Harlequin unit charges into an assault

    Hallucinogen Grenades
    In battle, the Harlequins use hallucinogen grenades to disorientate their enemies just before they attack. The grenades induce hallucination, paranoia and delirium in their victims, causing them to cower in fear, stare into open space or rant and rave at creatures only they can see.

    Tyryt - Ideally you can normally carry only 2 grenades (or 1 melta). This would prevent too much grenade spam, but would still allow a squad to toss a bunch as they run in/defend. They should not be one-hit kills (except to light infantry), and even then should more of a distraction than the kill unless someone was already pretty hurt.

    Offensive grenades (specific type varies by faction) - Reasonable size AOE (small blast, about 3 meters/10 feet diameter), not a lot of damage, but stagger effect.
    Defensive grenades - Much like Offensive grenades, but less powerful and more stagger
    Blind - Blinds for a bit if facing
    Melta - Melee-range C4, you have to clamp the thing on, you can't throw it.
    Krak - As above, though less-powerful than melta.

    Michael Chan - Ah! Good old vortex grenade is so OP.
    As much as I would love cackling as I unleash one of these babies, I seriously doubt I would like being on the receiving end.
    While we look to the tabletop for inspiration, we keep in mind that instead of controlling an entire army, we each have a single character. :)
  3. We need lots of nades
  4. I dunt See Stikkbombs on that list!
    @Savij Is not Pleased and will lock this thread thusly!!!!
  5. Why the fug would he lock it.
  6. Cuz nu Ork Love!
  7. Policenaut Policenaut Forum Beta Tester

    I definitely still want some kind of molotov cocktail. I am all about that area denial.
  8. YES we need Stikkbombs.
  9. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    why suddenly all that necromancy?
  10. is that some kind of wizardry or something?
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