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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Mar 22, 2018.


Remove nade bursting?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. M-state Alchemist M-state Steam Early Access

    The reason why all "Intended" features are hated is because they're not staples in most modern third person shooters. Can't think of any that have rollex or nade trick. Even if they're easily countered, a new player would never praise something so punishing to them. Thus only masochists and sadists would continue to play.
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  2. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Its not an exploit and can be countered by predicting it and rolling.Every game needs some kind of learning curve sheesh.
  3. Trashed Recruit

    I would say rollex is a bit different from nade tricking. canceling out the recovery animation on a dodge to continue top speed movement is more exploity while a curious new person can be like oh hey you can shoot nades and they blow up before the timer - wonder what I can do with this new thing I learned.
  4. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    Yep nade is not so hard to avoid, except wen they use it wen you are doing a ultimate. But this is so easily solved make the radius of grenade smaller and keep the rest of features.
    And would be nice a shout warning on game like a marine screaming (roll marine evade) something like that.

    But i leave 1 through, one of this days a guild near a point was nading the corridor picking grenades and bombing again, off course no one could get to that point by that passage...and they use this trick...a lot of times in that point...

    Or the new trick Eldar guild uses they assault with scorpions a point and nade every defender and after they take the point easily using AV, what i mean is the tactic is good but there is no contra to this tactic in the game.
    So easy cheese to win vs random players.

    Like we can see the game is ok but some exploits of what is possible make the advantage to one side so great it looks bad. So at some level guilds and old players are responsible for balancing the game also.

    This is why i said we should choose a roll and have to use it all game.

    Ec grait game.

    Rui M.
  5. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Why does everyone say, oh roll out,'ll be fine. Nade trick is meant to take away any reaction time. Only time you can roll out of one is if you see the guy throwing the nade. Its not a good mechanic, and to say its intended is asinine. Im not buying it, sorry to many things that have been broken that when they cant fix the problem, its to be "intended" Like Necro sword and Jpa Slam,...cant fix, so its intended. Lets not get into scopes and how they used to not be bugged, but same patch that messed up the lascannon and Sternguard bolter. Is the one that threw all the scopes outta wack. Been some improvment. But same thing,..oh thats a intended feature,..yeah no. How come Lascannon can't shoot straight in scope then?

    Back to Nade trick, that would be a please fix this obvious oversight from some past Dev.
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  6. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    I like how people claim it takes no skill to do nade bursting but forget it takes no skill to avoid it too. Its the only tool you have to fight zergs basically and is the only way to even the odds a bit if u get rushed by 3+ people cause u will die by TTK alone at those cases.

    if u nade burst u sacrifice your dps and movement when u want to hit that grenade.

    while the enemy sees u reaching in your pocket and throwing the grenade (which is honestly pretty slow in this game) and all you gotta do to counter is to press a single button.

    If pressing a single button is the complete counter to 1 strat I dont see why people can have such a strong opinion about that. Sure some tweaking could be done but thats just some small balance tweaks but REMOVING I honestly dont know what to say sometimes.
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  7. Plasma cannon
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  8. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    So if 5 people rush you you will kill all of them with ur canon ? Or just nobody ?
  9. In a 5 v 1 the 1 should be dead pretty quickly and not take out 5.
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  10. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    if 1 pro fights 5 shitters the pro should have a chance to defend himself
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