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MYST - Myriad Shrines; Eldar Guild and Gaming Community.

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Warmaster_Nate, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Lightbound Recruit

    Heyo! I'm really interested in joining MYST. My character's name is Altessian and see at least one of you guys in almost every match I'm in as Eldar.
  2. Nimoot Recruit


    I'm very interested in joining you guys, my name in game is Nimoot and play almost exclusively a support Warlock.
  3. When you submit your request in game please READ the instructions in the guild info, you will need to get approval by submitting your request on Discord or our website.
  4. kloser kloser New Member

    Hi, I am kloser23, Halej ingame with Eldar, and i wanna say thanks to guild for chance to play and learn
  5. Hello brothers!!! i'm from spain and enter with 2 friends, kloser and delcan. Will made a nice friends in this group
  6. Hello. Just got back into EC and am looking to join MYST. I play under Furiosa-Doomsinger in game. Usually running a Banshee or Striking Scorpion.
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  7. Hullo yes obligatory post to join MYST as per instructions on Discord.

    I'm a new blood hoping to walk the paths.
  8. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    "Pokes giant head in" Smells like shame and cabbage in 'ere.
  9. Smells like rotten ork flesh I'd say :p

    By the way in case people still wandering in here are looking for MYST, our Enjin website is obsolete. Look for us on Discord ( or on Guilded :

    Mael Danann !
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  10. Burlyman Burlyman Steam Early Access

    As instructed on Discord.

    Hello my name is Burlyman and I play a Dire Avenger named Nashel.
    Really looking for a fun group to play as a team with!

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