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MYST - Myriad Shrines; Eldar Guild and Gaming Community.

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Warmaster_Nate, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Rethai Recruit

    submitted an application, Idralas joining the ranks.
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  2. Cookie86 Cookie86 New Member

    Hi there,

    I have just joined in on the community and looking forward to play together with some team players finally!

    See you in game,

  3. Xene28 Recruit

    Joined the community recently and am looking forward to the events
  4. Alzantur Recruit

    Hello! Check my application.
  5. Hello there. Just started on EC a few days ago, applied for membership today. Casual gamer and tabletop Eldar 40k player. I'm just looking to have fun in some massive online battles. Hope to get along with you guys.

    Aellan Lassucala
  6. WELOVEXTC Recruit

    Hey there guys, excited to fight alongside fellow warriors rather than going solo!

    Kyler Stern
  7. KrimzonEmber E-MBR Steam Early Access


    I've taken an interest for EC for a while now, I was planning on coming to a guild and getting to the community somehow.

    Was a great time fighting by this guild, i'd like to make an application.

  8. Hanuman1994 Recruit

    Hey, hey! Saw many times ur guys doing nice job on battlefeild. Wanna join.
  9. Nizar Recruit

    I plan to join you if you'll have me. Player name Cuntabus.
    Happy mon'keigh killing.
  10. Hey all! Idranel Swiftblade here.

    Wanted to say hello. I've recently applied to the guild and im looking forward to a great experience together.

    Last night was a blast!


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