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My Work in progress space marine 1/1 scale

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by DuskShine, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. DuskShine DuskShine Drill Abbott

    Im using a aluminum band and custom T nut bolts i need to work on the suspender part as of right now

    I think the diaper edits look a lot better, gota fix the base of that foot
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  2. Eihger Eihger Active Member

    yours comes together very nicely
  3. Great work, i like it. *thumbs up*
  4. Zuriel Phaust Recruit

    Nicely done Brother! looking good.
  5. FoxDie Sonbot Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see your paint job. Nice work so far.
  6. DuskShine DuskShine Drill Abbott

    HELLO! im sorry for the like...disapearance. Life and local shitty weather and being busy...A lot...has seriously cut my progress. but ive got a few updates ive made the belt buckle and the belt itself and im doing a few finishing touches and a lot of ornate crap! sooo i hope to have many more updates soon!
  7. Stop talking and show new stuff!
    Your primarch is disappointed :(

    Happy that you are back in business;)
  8. DuskShine DuskShine Drill Abbott

    im not quite ready to show new stuff XD ive been sanding and smoothing and about to put paintable cocking in the seams then fine tuning the super ornate bling bling parts XD
  9. DuskShine DuskShine Drill Abbott

    besides being suupper busy still...i have managed to start making every thing perfect and put a lot of nice touches on things. aaaaand the Leather kilt belt buckle thingy.. its still a WIP

    and a neat custom shoulder thing

    [​IMG] [​IMG]hhhhhhmmmmmmm....wing face...+ brush on top!! :O im never going to get this thing done.. and and a golden power claw!!!! god damn you me stop adding more gawdy shit!!

    I also think im gona make the other shoulder match this one...
  10. DuskShine DuskShine Drill Abbott

    Got bored and made them match

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