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My Problems With Ec Right Now

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by E-50_Panzer, Mar 5, 2015.


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  1. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    1.As he should, since it's his department...that's why I marked it as "over-exaggerated advertisement", clearly not his department and not his fault...but this "misunderstanding" is surely someone's fault...or someone's "good" work to promote the game...

    3.Thanks, apparently when I stopped asking about it, it got answered...even if the answer raised even more questions that would probably fall into the "can't talk about that yet" category, maybe I'll try for some clarifications...

    We saw exactly the same footage (as you point it's Alpha footage, and nothing final), in my perspective, what I saw was a combat capable, full heal and HoT touch healer...I'd prefer something closer to a more realistic combat medic in terms of mechanics...if isolated, it's a minor issue anyway.

    Anyway...thanks for your time, I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things evolve...
  2. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    Realistic Combat Medic?!! In modern warfare, Combat medics don't often tag along with front line troops anymore, all troops are trained in first aid and medical care to a certain degree. Most Combat Medics now serve as special units that will come in and airlift wounded soldiers out of the combat zone. They don't actively fight on the front line. Even in the past, Medic are always the ones who stay behind, and their primary job is to treat the wounded, not fighting. It means that they always run around in the battlefield, bandage this guy, run to another guy, then bandage that guy. You want to do that in a game?

    Apothecaries so far are more realistic than any other Combat Medic in other FPS or TPS games. They actually need time to rescue and patch the wounded up. Medics in BF just throw med pack around and Combat Medics in PS2 just shoot people until they're healthy again.
  3. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    To give you an idea of what I mean by "a more realistic combat medic", just check Project Reality, a very dated BF2 mod...the mechanics in that mod are, at least to my eyes, way more "in tune" with an actual combat medic role. I'm not saying that is perfect or anything like "just make it the same". To be honest, I'm not even sure that something similar to those mechanics would be optimal in the mass combat environment that EC is supposed to's just another perspective on how a combat medic could work, other than a typical MMORPG healer, or the solutions you mention, that are indeed poor and sloppy design decisions.The one thing I'm sure about , is that running around, throwing instant HoT's on touch is not my cup of tea in what is supposed to be a tactical shooter...
  4. Unahim Unahim Curator

    Everyone thinks they want full transparency early on in the development cycle, but they can't handle the realities of game design. It's. Slow. I fear threads like this that display the impatience and lack of understanding from the community will push any other dev who sees it away from ever trying this model. bE takes a risk by starting to give info out this early rather than stockpiling all of it to be released weekly much closer to release, and the community is frankly blowing it right now. We prove they made the wrong gamble a little bit more every time we rage over delays and slow periods.
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  5. Frinn Frinn Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm talking about untextured models in T pose of orks, dire avengers, dark reapers that we were shown almost a year ago. There was even a WRAITHGUARD model, you know the guys that are supposed to be Eldar terminator equivalents.
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  6. The more that people want to know is less time they can concentrate on the game, because they have to mess around with vetting information and material to show us. I think there is enough out there at the moment.
  7. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    No, running around patching people up is the closest we got to the real thing. Real Combat Medics do just that, because under Geneva Rules of Engagement, Medics are not allowed to offensively engage in combat.

    And other typical MMORPG healers heal people through spells, tap hotkey number 1 or 2 to heal, they don't need to touch people to heal. Most tactical shooters don't even have healing system either, even ARMA doesn't have realistic combat medic.
  8. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    Well, if I recall correctly, those were concept arts, they only real 3D models we saw were Ork Boy, Dire Avenger and Dark Reaper. Even if they have Wraithguard and Termies model, doesn't mean that they have the resource and time to complete them for launch, there are also requirements needed to complete a class, e.g animation, voice action, mechanics, coding ...etc. Regardless, Termies and equivalents are in the "maybe" basket for now.
  9. I was happy with Team Fortress Classic healing. Perhaps this game should have you on the ground for a certain amount of time like warframe, allowing a medic to revive you, but your at low health with a reduced max health, so he needs to spend some time on you in cover to get you going again, but repeating revival will lower the effectiveness of the unit the more it's used.
  10. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    You didn't even checked the example right?because they do just that in Project reality, run around,drop to the ground next to the wounded soldier (and/or use smoke grenades for cover from incoming fire), and patch people up, taking time doing that while using their medkit, while being a fully capable combatant... not throwing almost instant full heals+HoT's around (a process that is supposed to be the apothecary using his narthecium on the friendly) until they run out of charges (thankfully there's that limitation and it's not recharging mana being used)...

    It's that oversimplified, almost instant process that bugs me (and the HoT duration and strength, but that will probably be tweaked)...saving/healing wounded soldiers should be more than just an almost instant spam skill...maybe a nicer and longer animation, maybe something else...but it needs more to it to be more meaningful than a spammable skill...

    And Geneva Rules? what has to do with anything? Maybe we should report Tyranids for using bio-weapons then...
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