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My Problems With Ec Right Now

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by E-50_Panzer, Mar 5, 2015.


Do you agree with me?

  1. 'Ell Yeah bic boi!

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  1. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    I'd say I can relate to points 1,2 and 4...3 is mostly a subject of personal taste.

    And if I may add...

    1. Many grey areas on subjects like founder's program and an early online shop, coupled with the statement "this game is fully funded"...while things like terminators fell into oblivion (that was the case last time I checked, correct me if I'm wrong there).

    2.I can't figure this out, help if you can, maybe I'm an idiot...A few months ago this game changed to a more focused development plan that was supposed to be focusing on core mechanics and also to SM and CSM factions (I didn't like the change because it put on hold many Orc and Eldar fans, good to see that recently they get some attention) matter the plan, so far we only saw 1 SM sub faction and 1 CSM sub-faction, and even those are not close to completion.
    Soon we will get to vote on the 5th sub faction, without any knowledge of the other 3 main sub-factions other than their names,or even core game mechanics like the RPG system (that horizontal development system, based on asymmetrical balance?).

    I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but I'd like to know what I'm actually voting on, other than a color pattern and official lore (that can be altered in a video game, like apothecary numbers).

    3.This takes a point on it's own, old-timers around here know that I'm a little touchy on's ,I think, more than 8 months since those discussions with GW started on the subject of the Space Wolves 4th basic class and details were promised "soon" (same thing for all basic class equivalents that are chapter-specific, like sanguinary priests)...8 months later there's not even a name for the class mentioned...

    Please prove me wrong on my old prediction ,devs, and do not present us with an apothecary re-skin with wolf pelts named something like "Wolf Priest initiate" (I won't go on about the "stereotype RPG healer vs combat medic" discussion...that became void long ago)...and do not wait to show that abomination as part of a long update, hoping for it to fall low on the list, with everyone focusing to the "shiny new stuff"...

    Short version: random whining, still a founder and supportive to the game...not even close to a change to that status...yet...
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  2. 2. well they wanted at first to be able to do a small module for all the players to be able to walk around the base just doing things and stuffs to show progress was being made for EC. Then they switched the game plan in order to me the game more fun for the player with a little small instance fights so the player had something to do but was very limited on what they can do. now for subfactions and no one take offense the easiest thing to do is just swap their color around to make them a different faction. yes they have small accessories that makes them different from one another but whats more important makign a game playable first then access or vise versa. They will add the fine details sooner or later who knows. I will probly be asking them personally about all that later on, if there is an answer for me ya and ill share :D if i can ofc.
    and the base of the csm and lsm are close to done. there alot of work ahead with going more detail inch by inch but they got alot of the classes up and running.

    but major thing is they did go on a media blackout and have alot of things under wraps so we dont know how far they got in this time they tryign to be very secretive in order to surprise all of us with this grand feast of new things once this period is thankfully over. so we all wait to see what they have up there sleeves.
  3. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm forgetting something here (age happens...:p...)...but...

    Didn't they promise "fully-fleshed out" subfactions with their own thematic bonuses, all part of a RPG system based on parallel progression and asymmetrical balance...?

    Just to be sure...I remember also persistent open world, tactical, mass PvP mentioned back then, did that change?
    (like that 15% PvE that goes back and forth regarding it's content since announcement)

    If that's still the case, any early access module is useful only (apart from some very focused testing) as an advertisement the voting so early.First you show how things work and then you ask people to choose, not the opposite...

    As usual with any game developer (MMO developer even more so), I'll retain the privilege to get really nervous with media blackouts/date changes/production "re-focuses"/ "diplomatic" and "political correct" use of terms and words, or the absence of any mention of certain things...and stand ready to dodge anything they pull out their sleeves...
  4. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    Okay, it seems that you've been lost in the warp for a while, so now I'm gonna perform a little purification ceremony to purge the taints of chaos that have blinded your eyes.
    1. Terminators had never been confirmed, they'd been mentioned here and there, even got put in the loadout prototype, but never been confirmed. Moreover, termies were mentioned during the time that the development plan hadn't been fleshed out yet. They were not sure they would be able to make this class into the game for launch, still some of them (e.g Miguel) got excited and that was the reason why the community got the idea that Termies would be there at launch. Brent himself never said that Termies would be in game at launch, a maybe was all that we got.

    2. Brent just gave his presentation on the 3 sub-factions in the last stream.

    3. Here your Wolf Priest
  5. Frinn Frinn Arkhona Vanguard

    Terminators were on the concept art for factions and we were told everything we see there will be in game, they're also clearly stated in FAQ under "playable classes". I would say that's official enough.

    I also miss seeing early models, we were shown a few of those a long time ago and it's hard to believe they made no progress since then. What happened to the "we're gonna show you the full process of game development, we're not afraid to show you early work etc.".
  6. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Aye, that would be logical no?
    Sadly it isnt, and despite all the pictures and talks about Terminators everywhere they are not a confirmed feature. They are not an excluded feature either, they just arent in one of those 100% confirmed baskets. For all intents and purposes they could be missing for launch, though hopefully not.

    5. Are terminators confirmed?


    Reality happened im afraid. While they wont outright say it to us in detail, its 100% the work of publishers and shareholders, who dont want to muck up the image of their future co-project with the team by posting alpha footage everywhere.
    Social media everywhere had hundreds of people spitting on how the game looks in the comments below videos of the game, completely oblivious to the fact that things dont look like the end product in a bloody Alpha. So the said shareholders/publishers seeing this decided to force a no-show policy till things come to some more presentable terms.

    Its really the only reason id see for them changing from the open policy to pulling the curtains for awhile.
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  7. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    Nope, never confirmed bro.

    And what early models are you talking about?
  8. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    Djemo is right on this. Ivan once stated that he and the team don't give a flying f*@@$@ about what those idiotic 14 yrs old think about their project. But that doesn't mean the company executives and their partners don't.
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  9. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    1.Not "mentioned here and there..."mentioned everywhere" with words like "of course we will have terminators" actually...even being part of the art used (like up there in the left in the background picture)...some may call that false advertisement, others honest passion..I'll just call over-exaggerated advertisement...much like many things said so far when compared to what is actually shown...but I actually think that we agree in a way there, there's no such thing as "confirmed" until actually shown...more on that below...

    2.I saw how are those sub-faction bonuses translate into the game?I don't know, because I haven't seen any those mechanics yet...that's the reason I said that the mechanics need to be shown first, and then we would know what we are voting for, apart from a color pattern, official lore and the "promise" of some game mechanics.

    3.Interesting...can I have a link to that please? I want to ask some small questions on that...


    Wolf Priests and apothecaries running around by the dozens? not really very lore-friendly?

    Also, if Wolf priests will be a basic class, and other chaplains are going to be (planned) hero classes, how that relates to balance?

    Also...for some time now I only hear about healers, and what I saw are indeed healers, typical MMORPG full heal+ HoT touch healers...what happened to this?

    For combat medic-> random Project Reality video, for example...

    And, what happened to this?

    So yeah...I guess it's a matter of perspective and somehow I misunderstand things...

    P.S. Maybe someone should update the actual basic class list thread?
  10. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    1. Brent, the game designer, never said so. He's the one who makes the call on the classes.

    Interesting...can I have a link to that please? I want to ask some small questions on that...
    - It's in the Q&A thread in Ask the team. And you can add your question in the latest Q&A in this sub-forum, or ask in the weekly twitch, whichever suits you.

    Wolf Priests and apothecaries running around by the dozens? not really very lore-friendly?
    - We both know that's gonna happen regardless. We'll have thousands of SM die each day, a bunch of Wolf Priests and Apothecaries is something I can live with.

    Also...for some time now I only hear about healers, and what I saw are indeed healers, typical MMORPG full heal+ HoT touch healers...what happened to this?
    When did you see that "Indeed healers", because i saw how Apothecaries worked in the Alpha footage, only a fraction obviously. And they're more of a BF assault. Steven fought on the front line most of the time during that game. Also healers vary from game to game, the Combat Medic in PS2 is even more of a healer than a healer in WoW.

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