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My First Experiences As A Pnp Gm And Ideas From You Guys

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Loldoom, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    Hey guys a few weeks ago I was GM for an IRL campaign and I want to tell you guys about it and ask what I could have done better and what to do next time, so without further ado...

    My brother and a friend decided to try out a new system we got last year but never really played called "A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplay" based on the game of thrones series. There were only two players my brother, who played a melee-brawler type, and my friend who played a sneaky rogue type.

    Now before I get to the session report, I need to explain a few things.
    First: This system is really really easy, the rogue type slaughtered 6 militia without taking any damage, and he only had leather armour. Second: The house my players had was really OP and lucky. It has a castle in a bay of terrible storms that sink all but the most elite-crewed ships, and it isn't too bad in many other respects.

    Anyway I started out the session saying that their castle was out of food and they better get some, the rogue went out to the Stormlands(their house was on Dragonstone) and looked for possible villages to raid. I said there was one less than a days sail from their port but it was guarded by a watchtower and there was a naval base 20 miles away.

    So the rogue went to the watchtower, where he murdered the 6 dudes in a fight, and my brother sailed in and stole the villages food stocks and loaded them up. But that didn't satisfy them, they wanted to take out the naval base too. Yet again the rogue went ahead in a disguise with some of his sneaky guerilla troops and snuck into the lords quarter and kidnapped him while his men took out the watchmen and opened the gate for the fighter-type's infantry. My players then busted into the hall there, murdered all the garrison in the town and captured a bunch of ships.

    I then decided the to throw a curveball and say that the local lord had hired mercenaries that were going to arrive the next day, of course they set up an ambush but the mercs saw through it and challenged them. So instead the players ended up hiring them and planning on attacking the main naval base in Tarth, a island a bit further away.

    Once again the rogue went ahead with his troops and burned the enemy ships at anchor while the the infantry landed in stolen ships. The mercs were immediately charged by cavalry and suffered heavy loses before the other troops could support them. Long story short, the players looted most everything except the castle. The only challange being a fight between them and a high knight, who nearly killed them both.

    Now they are sailing back, hold full of plunder and with only average losses of men. They even managed to get rid of the mercs by later letting the knights finish them off before slaughtering them.

    So, what do you guys think of a first session as first time GM with a new ruleset?

    Edit: My idea so far is that, while they may have a bunch of loot, it's not money and you can only upgrade your house with money. So they have to sell it, the question is where? The only options are gulltown, which is a merchant port in neutral house Arynn's land, or Braavos, basically medieval venice.

    Gulltown is closer but the way is full of pirates and Braavos is going to have more money. In this system intrigue works like a type of "combat" and my players seem to be quite weak there so when they try to sell it they just get shafted in the intrigue and sell it for only a fraction of the price.
  2. While I do not know much of the Game of Thrones I will try to offer some criticism based on my experiences playing the Only War RPG.

    At first I was a little skeptical about how easy it was sounding. Then you mentioned that they were almost killed by a high knight though. Depending on how close they came to death I would say wither your battle rules are good or you might want to tweak them a tad to offer a little more of a challenge. IMO it is much more "satisfying" if there is that moment you thought you were dead.

    Towards what they could do now I think you have a good plan. The only thing I would do is throw in another twist where it turns out another lord (or lords who all got together after hearing about what happened) hired some more mercs that are "making too much to be bought" so they dont think they can keep running all over the place.... maybe let them develop some sort of robin hood or viking raider complex that brings them some minions to fight with them in battle like the mercs did too.

    Just my thoughts... hope they help. I think you did grrrreat though. (haha, get it? tony the tiger... haha, i kill myself)
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