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My EC Alpha review that never got posted.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dekergoman, Nov 24, 2016.


I was too embaressed to post this at the time. so my question is... Do you like it?

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  1. dekergoman18 dekergoman Arkhona Vanguard

    Hello everyone, today I am here to tell you a little bit about my experience with eternal crusade thus far. But first I'd like to tell you a little bit about who I am and why I love the 40k universe so so much. My name is Luke, i am 19 years old, and I live in St. Albert, Alberta Canada with my beautiful girlfriend Jessica. I work for the Hudson's bay company as a shipper/receiver and at this point in my life there's nothing I'd rather do than quit my job and play eternal crusade forever.

    I was first introduced to the 40k universe about this time 6 or 7 years ago when I walked into a local GW store and played my first tabletop game, lord of the rings. I was so impressed all I wanted for Christmas at the time was some lord of the rings models to construct and paint. Fate however had another plan for me. Was it the twisted powers of the warp reaching out and manipulating my parents into buying the wrong gift? Or was it the everlasting glow of the imperiums hope, honor, sacrifice, and determination to cleanse the universe of xeno's filth one rotting planet at a time. I may never know, but when I opened my gift to find the box set for "battle of macragge" containing space marines and tyranids, it just felt right. I have long since painted armies of chaos, space marines, tyranids, imperial guard and just about everything in between, including some dabbling in the Warhammer series, but that's off topic.

    Eternal crusade to me is a godsend. After THQ'S Space marine I was left with an empty void, a thirst for up close combat between an agent of chaos and an eternal warrior of the god emperor. Eternal crusade has delivered. As I took my first steps the first thing I noticed was "Damn this world looks nice" for a game still in alpha stages the visual effects are unreal. From burning planets in the sky to assault troops raining down on your face with chain swords of mass destruction only to have the cursed powers of the warp standing you back on your feet, or a fellow battle brother braving his own demise across war torn fields to save a fellow warrior by injecting him with healthy juices. All in all when it comes to visuals I am quite impressed.

    As for the gameplay I truly do feel as if I am for the first time running around cleansing the world of heretical traitors. (even if I do get sided with the heretics... we all gotta get our freak on sometimes am I right) I love those moments when you peek out from around a corner to see 3 chaotic losers doping around, you open fire mow 2 down throw in a quick combat roll and bash the last one upside the head before he even knows what hit him. Those are the moments you feel like a true space marine and I love it. All in all as a 40k enthusiast I am extremely pleased with the way this game is looking and I absolutely cannot wait to see where it goes. FOR THE EMPEROR
  2. Haldur Haldur Curator

    Hello Luke,

    welcome to the community / forum.

    I do like your review, because we really need people like you at the moment: People who do actually have a good time playing and enjoy the game, no matter what the state of the game might be. :)

    Hope to meet you on the battlefields some day.

    P.s.: The people posting on this forums got me really paranoid... I was thinking about if this post was some sort of troll / sarcastic post... because, you know... not many people do write about enjoying the game anymore. o_O
  3. dekergoman18 dekergoman Arkhona Vanguard

    it definitely was not sarcastic. :p I did write this about a year or two ago however I still do enjoy the game a lot. Although my computer isn't currently optimal :/ it runs pretty okay but in larger games it can be so glitchy to the point where I'm useless in the match. really discouraging after a while. :confused:
  4. Haldur Haldur Curator

    Oh, that is sad to hear... I am sure the game is getting more opimizations in the future. Or you could wish for a some new party, it is Christman soon. :p:D
  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Some one lock this theatre stat before the haters, whiners, trools and people with actual feed back and or white knights come in!!!!
  6. Meatball Meatball Steam Early Access

    Welcome Brother, i look forward to stand with you against heretic forces and xenos shoulder to shoulder, holding the line like true Astartes.

    Nuff roleplay, because every time i do it i get so fucking hyped up its not even funny.
    Also welcome to the forums, where the real battle takes place sometimes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .
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  7. Ecios Ecios Active Member

    Damn baby diz is absolute exclusive stuff! U could sell it afta 10 yearz fo million bux cuz popz luv exc shit dat never was marren! But now ya posted it and exclusivity exposed. But Big E can fix diz! U and few other jabronies who left commentz in diz thread will suddenly disappear with no clues and diz stuff will get back exclusivity mode on! Big E will prtscr diz and save fo storage!
    stay cool baby! just lil friday jokes.

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