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My Digital 40k Fan Art And Things

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by theJoazzz, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    some Word Bearers shots from the model viewer program


    the Dark Apostle has skull tits. hardcore.
  2. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    World Eaters contemptor


    first Space Marine releases coming through the Steam workshop sometime next week, if i can get everything in order and functional by then
  3. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    a few more weapons, mostly ported from Space Marine


    the saber sword is a custom hack job, the bolt pistol's scope was ripped from the Stalker Bolter and scaled down, the chainsword has more pronounced teeth and the glow skins on the power blades i made myself. the rest is just about directly from the game.
  4. cool stuff like always :) i like the teeth of that sword more then the ones in EC ^^
  5. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    i took the drop pod model from Relic's Space Marine and... kitbashed it "just a little"

    the result: Anvilus pattern Dreadclaw

  6. cool stuff :) does the chaos version opens at the bottom?
  7. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    both the loyalist and Chaos version have the openable hatch yeah

    unfortunately i couldn't quite figure out how to rig the iris-style opening, so it can only be changed through "open"/"closed" mesh proxies - it sort of snaps open and shut.

    in other news, since Fallout finally has proper power armor, i'm going to work on something for it as soon as i have the game and it has proper tools:

  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    That sounds like its going to be amazing. What type of marks of power armor would you do if you could make a mod for fallout for fallout power armor?
  9. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    basic MK7, plus probably MK6 and maybe MK3

    the Beakie Mk6 would fit the game's aesthetic pretty well
  10. Phenolas Ugolino New Member

    Any chance of alpha legion?

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