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My Digital 40k Fan Art And Things

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by theJoazzz, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate


    i do all kinds of WH40k related stuff now and then so i thought i'd post about it here too

    my workflow involves setting up a scene in Garry's Mod, with the characters and objects, lighting and such in place, then taking a screenshot (or several, depending on what i'm making) and then editing it in GIMP.

    for a long time there was a great lack of Warhammer content available for GMod users. there were some shoddily ported obviously low-quality models from the first Dawn of War and a large but very much unfinished pack of Dawn of War 2 assets. so when the excellent Space Marine game came out and i learned that there were third party mod tools for it, my eyes and imagination flared up like a Flame Falcons astartes in the heat of combat. after some tinkering i came to know how to access the textures and models of the game and set out on a long journey to bring them into GMod for artistic purposes. i'm not the first to do this, but i've certainly put the most love into a project like this.

    below you can see some of the stuff i've made with the Space Marines that i've put together by combining power armor from the eponymous game with smaller detail pieces that i've somehow managed to create myself. by combining pieces i've also crafted armor suits dating back to the days of the Great Heresy, as you can see in some of the images. the vehicles were mostly ported from Dawn of War 2, and the Titans (except the Emperor, that one is 100% original work) are from a few great Dawn of War mods, with textures created by me. there are also some other models in the pics that i've worked on, but i won't go into detail with those unless asked

    from newest to oldest. i'm using mostly links because apparently there's an image limit of 6...


    lately doing this stuff has been difficult, as i lost my PC way over a year ago to a motherboard failure and haven't been able to afford a new one (yo ho a poor musician's life for me!). normally Garry's Mod, and the Source engine it runs on, supports realtime dynamic shadows, but the graphics driver of the laptop i've been using for a while now doesn't understand the concept, nor does it know anything about anti-aliasing. therefore, not only do i have to downscale from supersampled images to erase jagged edges, i also have to separate each light source into different layers, by taking several different pictures from the same angle, and then PAINT all the shadows on afterwards. with a mouse. tedious and slow, but usually pays off. the second to last Space Hulk-themed picture was taken when i still had my old computer, and the lighting was created realtime in-engine.

    last but definitely not least, my TRUE latest creation, but i'm putting it last - and with a foreword - because it can be somewhat controversial to some: the XII Legion, the World Eaters before their fall to Chaos, mercilessly slaughtering scores of anime and manga characters. i think there's a Sonic OC in there too, and she's half the hedgehog she used to be. this little bloodfest definitely has one of my personal favorite color/lighting schemes in anything i've made.

    double bonus, a digitally colored Ork i drew with a pencil in the last months of highschool a bit over a year ago :V


    oh and if you've ever seen an image on the internet where Blood Ravens and Black Templars butcher My Little Ponies and some low-detail manga characters... yeah, that was me, in 2011.
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  2. wow O_O someone pay this guy!

    and... WTF! world eaters slaugthering schoolgirl xenos? Oo
  3. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    heh, that wouldn't be legal, my art uses assets from official licensed games after all. i can't take money for that stuff.
    they're just 1000000 year old witches trapped in adolescent bodies, like always.

    and witches are heretics.
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  4. E-50_Panzer E-50_Panzer Well-Known Member

    I love this, especially the anime exterminatus
  5. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    here's a few more. the first one's a pretty old piece. the second one i'm very ashamed of, not because it looks bad (which it doesn't) but because i managed to get a Legion's number wrong. and that's pretty terrible.

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  6. E-50_Panzer E-50_Panzer Well-Known Member

    Woah those are amazin', tell me, are those Necrons from Dawn of War? because it looks like they got a major facelift :D
  7. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    indeed they are, with slightly altered proportions, detailed hands and proper Source shaders. the gauss weapons were made by a Fallout 3 modder.

    however, i've made a lot better version since then, with all the textures completely redone, new head that i made from scratch, and overall a drastic increase in polygon count. here's a shot from the Half-Life Model Viewer.

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  8. E-50_Panzer E-50_Panzer Well-Known Member

    Woah, that's nice, I like the texturing.....I'm still modeling a 3d Necron model for the Arma 2 40k mod, this gives me some good ideas :)
  9. theJoazzz theJoazzz Subordinate

    Arma 2 40k? please tell whoever came up with the interior design for the Thunderhawk that he's a bloody genius.

    and that Dire Avenger of yours looks pretty cool too.
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  10. E-50_Panzer E-50_Panzer Well-Known Member

    WAIT WAIT WAIT.... you're the guy who asked about those titans, right?

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