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My despair

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Data8671, Mar 11, 2018.

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    LSM (Red) attacking Eldar (Blue). About 80% of the games on Eldar side against LSM look like this.

    Eldar teams are successful at this usually because they often put the LSM under Zugzwang (, either by capping two points quickly and then playing a defensive game for a bit (lately not necessary because opposing teams throw the match after the initial push) or by denying the transports, funnelling attackers into one direction (sometimes they have to sacrifice a cap point for this). Both situations create Zugzwang and often lead to the situation depicted in the picture above.
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    I still remember the days of helping the LSM community morale by having our guild carry them in rough patches.

    More importantly, regardless of faction, from a guild perspective it is definitely less about strictly offering help, but rather offering entertainment in a positive way. Two examples: @Thrakka being the main one for Orks, would honestly get other Orks to act Orky even if they've never Orked before. That in turn got (PuG) players focused, and then they just get nudged in the right direction by veterans who offer friendly advice or point out things as they can. If people don't listen, they don't rage.

    Bygone are those times, quite often. LSM in particular are pretty confrontational towards each other, which is a major problem. In that match at least, you're on the same side, there's no need to argue. If you disagree, then just move on and play your own ways. LSM guilds for awhile even offered training to brand new players, some.of which were completely new to the shooter genre. Meeting the salt wall is a poor standard to face when arriving to this game for first time and continues the "anchoring effect" or the circle of hate so to speak.

    We used to run a tactic called "Shield Wall." It wasn't a competitive thing, but my Lord was it entertainment. 6-12 SBs, a few tacticals, a few Apothecaries, and a few Plasma Cannons lobbing shots over the heads of the shield wall is one of the most glorious things you can possiblity do in this game. You literally feel like a roman legion moving forward, flinging powerful balistas (PCs) at your opponents, while your front row takes a knee and unleashes Bolter fire from the 3rd Rank. It's great sight, and a real shame LSM guilds never really did this. People are too focused on winning the game when if you have fun with it, you may find yourself winning more as a side effect.
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    For those interested:



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    you know none of the lsm that does that go to the forums right ?
  7. True true... Maybe there should be a link to it in game
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    Wait, you mean the heavy bolters do FRIENDLY FIRE!? Shoot. I've been playing Apothecary all wrong! I shouldn't be trying to absorb bullets for my devestators...
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  10. Or maybe there shouldn't be forums... Just a thought...

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