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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Runihura, Oct 20, 2013.


Should Mutation be in the game

  1. Mutation for all

  2. Mutation for none

  1. Freke Freke Subordinate

    If they were added in, they would have to have some kind of trade off.

    Like being able to have rending claws, but not being able to use ranged weapons, being really quick, but shedding body mass so you're less durable.


    As cosmetic changes for each God. (Nurgle makes your character look bloated and grotesque, Khorne makes you spikey) That would be pretty cool. Just some two-three dollar cosmetic item that would make your character look awesome, but not have any real effect on gameplay.

    Either one works and is badass in my book.
  2. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    I think that was suppose to sympathy, not really sure. If so, thanks.
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  3. Failsnake Failsnake Subordinate

    I don't know about mutations. First no mutation is the same for one and then not all mutations are good. The Dark Gods are fickle about that , see they could think that you would win a lot by having a skin as resistant as adamantium but they could also that you would win a lot by being a legless freak . Also Chaos Spawn GTFEYHGFGFBFGDGSFGBDFSVDFVG .
  4. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    If I wanted mutations, I would be very angry if I had to pay for them with real world money. They should be gained by the favor or scorn of the gods.
  5. Join us for the quest for knowledge and power and gain favor of our Gods
  6. Freke Freke Subordinate

    They've already stated there's going to be a cash shop for customization and convenience. Why would cosmetic mutations be any different?
  7. Tentacles? Tentacles. And other extra-appendages.
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  8. maybe mutations as a buff until you die but then you will get random mutations to make it balance

    or as an equip "item" but that could end fast in all have the same mutation cause its the best

    or its an permanent change which can only be erased by buying something with RL money
  9. ChaosCannibal Marduk Subordinate

    Mayhaps I shall. But I have a quest of my own I must complete...
  10. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    :( I did not know. This makes me very sad. I will miss you wallet *waves to the money in his wallet*

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