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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Runihura, Oct 20, 2013.


Should Mutation be in the game

  1. Mutation for all

  2. Mutation for none

  1. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    Mutation is something that is ingrained into the idea of Chaos. Would like to see it in- game and if you say yes, explain how in the game. Not all mutation are great but the idea of growing wings or extra arms, etc. just sounds awesome to me.
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  2. Sorantam SpiritofRock Subordinate

    I think it'd be an interesting option after a certain point in your character's development. It'd be cool if it was permanent and had both bonuses and drawbacks so it's not something to be taken lightly. Or maybe even scarier, should you choose to allow yourself to be mutated there's a chance you might develop a useless or even a hindering mutation. It's not like it's a process you would have much control over.
  3. Rorzack New Member

    I think you can make 2 versions of these mutations.
    1) only a cosmetic effect, does not affect the gameplay.
    2) The changes that appear when you select abilities.
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  4. SonOfLorgar SonOfLorgar Well-Known Member

    I dream of a Possessed class. I stated it many times and even made a thread for it so i wont get into details.

    If it wont happen , then mutation in the form of customization would be great. For example horns and other facial features , armor sets that are designed to look "possessed" , demonic weapons etc. If we get that i will be playing with my helmet invisible so all the people can see how cool my three horns , seven eyes and two mouths are.
  5. Dahkal New Member

    Only if you can choose for it.
  6. The flesh change is a curse for us Thousand sons
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  7. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    Agreed. but the other legions and warbands should have a option for it. All the while Thousand Sons are immune, which I hope they incorporate in the game.
  8. ChaosCannibal Marduk Subordinate

    This should depend on wishes for these mutations. Who would follow this path.
  9. I hope so to but alas I do believe that the our curse should be lifted and I Raptora is the leader of the Raptora 1st company fellowship, are red armoured thousand sons of a expeditionary force magnus sent away from prospero
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  10. ChaosCannibal Marduk Subordinate

    It shall be so! Soon along the way to destroy what ales ye Sorcerer Brother!

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