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Most Mock-worthy Primarch?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Testy, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. WraithyMcWraitherton Testy Well-Known Member

    So, we have already have had threads on who is the best primarch, but what about the other side of the fence? Which one seems most mock-worthy to you're (Community) eyes? And yes, Traitor Primarchs as well.

    EDIT: Please, no unreasonable UM hate. Its bad enough that a really decent chapter gets shit on by Ward. You dont have to make it worse.
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  2. WraithyMcWraitherton Testy Well-Known Member

    Re-read edit please. If you're gonna hate, AT LEAST provide a REASON.
  3. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    robot gorillaman?
    robot girlyman?
    (really that name is terrible and full of jokes)
  4. WraithyMcWraitherton Testy Well-Known Member

    Are you friggin serious?
  5. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Leman Russ for his hypocrisy!!
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  6. WraithyMcWraitherton Testy Well-Known Member

    Personally i would regard Fulgrim as more worthy of mockery.

    ''PERFECTION! Imma kill these CLEARLY TAINTED Snake people for not being perfect! Hey deamon in the sword i stole from those guys, want my body?''
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  7. FallingRocks MoeHawke Active Member

    I would have first said Rowboat Girlyman (Because the Great Despoiler ruined the chapter heartily), though I wouldn't say pre-Ward he was bad. I personally have a dislike for Sanguinius on the base level of him being a Vampire In Space. Though I still love both chapters for their fluff in the end.

    Leman Russ is still not hard to poke at for me, since he is so thick skull'd that I am pretty sure he spent his off time smacking his head against the nearest wall at any moment of down time.

    Lion takes the derpitude in the end. Hes cool and all that. But he gone f*cked up bad. And now after fully healing, is just waiting around inside The Rock for the Dead Emprah to tell him its alright to come out and play.
  8. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Robot gorillaman, he is too perfect, it rubes me the wrong way, everyone has their flaws and none is perfect, but the gorillaman is just too perfect in how he was portrayed.
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  9. FallingRocks MoeHawke Active Member

    Pre-Ward he was a good guy to be honest. Wasn't full of himself as much and also wasn't represented as the perfect-god-like being that Matt wanted him to be. He did a lot of great stuff, but wasn't infallible.

    So the real Robert died once the Great Despoiler started messing with the Fluff.

    I think of Cpt.Titus/Uriel as the real kinda Ultramarines. Not the habba-dashery that is much of the chapter for the moment in their representations.

    So don't be totally-hatin'.
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  10. Probably a tie between Angron, Fulgrim and Lorgar.

    Angron was reduced to little more than a drooling idiot and his entire legion turned into ineffective failures in Betrayer. While the book might have been well written, it had him being reduced to an utter fool who was almost killed at every turn, and couldn't even ascend to daemonhood without Lorgar initiating a massive gambit to push him into surviving. Then again, Aaron Dambski-Bowden does seem to have a low opinion of the followers of Khorne in his books.

    Fulgrim is easy given his fall. Again, while the book was well written, Fulgrim's complete manipulation and fall are something which can easily be mocked, even if he did make up for it in later installments.

    Lorgar meanwhile created the very religion and faith which has served as a major bulwark against Chaos, proves to be so powerful some can warp reality around them thanks to it, and may even be empowering the Emperor to the point where he can directly turn people into avatars of his will. You dun goofed doesn't quite cover it.
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