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MoS / Plasma Traitor suggestions.

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by GrazewoundZeroLow, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Good afternoon.

    After a few videos, I found myself interested in a flanking traitor with the MoS.

    While I wait for those creators to get back to me, I would love your opinions on this subject. What would make a fast plasma flank in EC?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    (Night Lords rule.)
  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    How about: Don't use Plasma!

    If you must tho, go with an orange variant, it creates much more visual noise on a charged shot.
    Fire semi-automatically.

    Have a decent sidearm (which would probably be a Bolt-Pistol) and be ready to use it so you aren't punished as much for overheating.
    Avoid duels and 1v1's as you will lose them. Try to shoot targets that are already under fire.
    ADS if you can(which doesn't synergize well with Slaanesh but Plasma in hipfire is awful), don't be afraid to run away for a better position.

    Grenades and Ammo are both less useful to you. You can't reliably airburst and you won't run out of pool before someone kills you.
    This means you can use your remaining LP to stack EHP tho.

    Using a charged shot as an opener might be titillating but it can be even better to use it on a downed target for a certain finish even with healers in the area, potentially also hitting someone who came in to ress.
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  3. Thank you for your suggestions.

    A PG was worth a shot, but I'll be sticking to the standard boltgun setup then.
  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    PG can still work but MON would be better suited if you want to use it because to make most out of PG you have to be very close or aim down sight so you can't be moving very much
    They are also mostly for high toughness enemies like orks or CSM with MON but PG is situational and happy for having fun, it's more "meta" "optimal" "insert other words by die hard, try hard win win win folks" to use a bolter in most cases
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  5. I'm leaning towards this build :

    Boltgun (MC ?)
    CQC Barrel
    Textured or Stabilizing Grip
    60 Round Drum

    Bolt Pistol with Compensator or Smart Bolt Pistol (built in Compensator)

    Combat Knife with "treatment"

    Grenade Bundle or Krak Grenades

    Pestilend Bud, Bloodletter Claw, Juggernaught's Eye (Major)


  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    You do not need Pistol- nor Knife mods. If you really want a Knife-upgrade, use Plaque-Knife or Master-crafted.
    Normal Pistol is better, Smart is a choice for Jump-Assaults/Raptors. Also Deathwish will eat you if he finds out.

    For the Boltgun you have the standard-setup, Kraks are theoretically possible but will perform worse than Frags in almost every scenario.
    This is the loadout used by EC's most lethal Traitor.
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  7. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

  8. Again, thanks for the quick and informative replies.

    I love you people.

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