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More people use abaddons grace please

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by EternalPink, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. It is, shall we say "funny" how often you'd see Autocannon salt post game every time there's even a single user, sometimes I swear there wasn't even one, as if it singlehandedly won the game for Chaos. Which is odd since they tend to only get just above average kill counts even in their hayday. I won't argue how balanced it has been over various patches, but I don't really see them doing the critical work of assaulting enemy points and such, I think they just camp mostly. It never seemed like the game changing work.

    Well at least giving the LSM a more mobile, more accurate, portable Autocannon has diminished the AC salt levels in my experience. Even if I find it a tad ridiculous that even they compare the Stalker Bolter (an infantry weapon) to the Autocannon (a heavy weapon)
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  2. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    no need to nerf AC now.
    We got Stalker Bolter
    yours cost 10k RTC
    Ours cost 12K REQ
  3. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    Perhaps someone needs a statistic of how many ppl bought AG since last few patches....
    There's simply nothing of worth on the AG.

    Regular AC + 100lp is definitely the best option. Also in a more tatical view, it's more of an advantage to not have tracing rounds, over the 5 ridiculous dmg of ailment that are completely irrelevant in TTK.

    10k RTC is a lot more expensive that a louzy 12k req box.
    Regular AC costs 16k Req....
    still more expensive, and with less use versatility as bolter cannon. ( which by the way, is just a bolter with extended range and pinning, but someone thought it should fire autocannon shells )

    You can even fire bolter cannon in melee after a dbash.
    While a havoc has to "ready up" before he can shoot...
  4. Well you see the thing is that apparently the Autocannon, regardless of what state it's in, justifies every imbalance that benifits others ever, especially LSM. Or so I've been informed.

    Seriously though, I can't be the only one who's noticed that any time something that might be overtuned is discussed inevitably the response is going to be along the lines if "even if that's true it's fine because Autocannon."
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  5. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    We don't need double grenade stacks. Because we have autocannons. And Chaos can't count anything past one....
    We don't need double ammo stakcs. Because we have autocannons.

    We don't need better offensive stuff for our support classes, Because we have autocannons.
    LSM can have 5 new weapons while other factions get none, because chaos has autocannons.
    LSM can have amplify dmg ( passive support mechanic ) on a tatical class. Because Chaos has autocannons
    Stalker bolter, can have their bolts replaced by autocannon shells, and have it delivered to tatical classes, because Chaos has autocannons.

    Stalker bolter outperforms AC at long range, and HB outperforms in med/short range.....BUT, AC is OP.
    Something like that?
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  6. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    If it would kill in 1.5 secs I would not say anything and a bolter can only kill that fast close range.


    on this clip just look at the healthbar
    (that I should not fight there is 100% true but I was fed up with running around, which I had to do 20secs later anyway since he shredded me to pieces^^). thats my only problem with it, you get instagibbed like this only by the ACs, possible related to the mechanic of supporting the weapon on a ledge?

    and saying ACs are fine since Space Marine got something similiar now is bullshit, Stalker bolter needs a nerf, ACs needs a nerf. But this is the Chaos forum and not the space marine forum. I think a small tweak would go a long way. And dont cry that you dont get double nade stacks etc, You got MoN for dirt cheap. I would kill for that as a loyal marine. (Does this thinking make me a Chaos Marine now?^^)
  7. The first mistake in the video was that he was out in the open drawing attention to himself. Ranged players need to follow the same advice that they are so quick to give to melee players: move from cover to fucking cover. Anyways, back to the video... And then shortly after, he runs up to B balcony overlooking A and picked off not one but both players from behind, and then proceeded to win a fight against melee with a knife. Eat shit. I'm glad that AG killed him when he tried to cap B.
  8. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    why are you so mad? I just wanted to point out that the t2k for that range is insane since its almost instantly (I thought maybe I get some headshots and if he tries to shoot me I just roll away and flank), I even wrote that it was the dumbest thing I could have ever done to challenge them there but I did it anyway and got shredded into pieces for it.
  9. I'm just sick of hearing everybody blame the AG for every hardship in their life.
  10. desktop desktop Recruit

    There is a latency issue. The time from the first shot to the time you died is not 100% acurate. I physically takes more time to shoot three rounds but because of latency, you got the damage from those three rounds that the havoc set up for all at once. The TTK from those two videos is not reliable. If we saw the same thing from the autocannon users point of view you would see the weapon working as intended. Its the same as rolling into cover and still getting hit even though you are well out of sight of the attacker.

    Basically what im saying is the secret to making "this gun OP" videos is to show yourself off using the weapon and winning when you clearly shouldnt be. Mix it in with a smug git gud attitude and your golden.

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