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More people use abaddons grace please

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by EternalPink, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    jeah its really underpowered needs real buffs!


    I had relic armor plus 50 armor trinket on.

    with the stalker bolter you have to at least aim to get kills and is hard to use, not that it is balanced atm pls nerf, but the ACs are just op and toxic for gameplay. and saying that it is expensive and all... there should be no weapon that grants you insta win on defense for any amount of lp.

    Even tho it sounds salty I am not, I use the weapon too when I am on chaos side, it just kills way too fast, I am just salty that people actually think its not op xD
  2. Ghosar Recruit

    From new player's point of view, I must say I really suck with all heavy weapons, excepte for this one with which I rack up a decent amount of kills :)
    It is really fun to use though ! I think it just needs to overheat a lot faster for it to be balanced (haven't tried the regular autocanon though)
  3. It's not as OP as the skip launcha
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  4. Dolf Dolf Preacher

    The first video shows a situation where you try to duel a deployed heavy weapon on range where your weapons effectivness significantly drops. I think you can tell your self what kind of error is that.
    On a second video you get caught offguard capping enemy point without any backup. You complain that AC is OP but exactly same can be done with heavy bolter which is actually better on range shown in second link. Not to mention 1v1 heavy bolter always wins against AC.
    Funny thing is you complain about that when only your faction has autocannon on your tactical which can also cap, jump over obsticles and dodge. I play with stalker bolter and grav pistol sidearm its really fun on LSM.
    From your post it seems like you spend all your time playing LSM.
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  5. First video: Congrats of standing in view of a deployed heavy weapon for five seconds explicitly trying to get its attention.
    Second video: Congrats on turning back to enemy in a vulnerable position. Can't imagine how that would end well.

    The first video quite nicely illustrates the L2P issue in countering heavy weapons. You're challenging the heavy weapon on its own terms; don't do that.

    Not saying it isn't OP with full certainty btw but pick better examples... You're showing situations where it should be doing precisely what you're showing it to be doing.
  6. I noticed that alot in the last time as ork and chaos. I am deployed with a HB (Teeth of Khorne) and suddenly some little Bolter guy tries to shoot me from the front instead of trying to flank... well the only result is that he gets shredded by bullets

    Funny enough you dont even need a AC for the second video. A Bolter is already enough to kill someone blindly capping without checking the environment.
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  7. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    Wow you guys are retarded arent ya?

    You say its all fine since we have a op weapon too? thats a fucking wrong idea! and was it stupid to duel the abbadons grace on long range? yes. Is it ok that I die by a camper? Yes. Is it ok that I die instantly in 0,1 secs on a game where you need 9 bullets to kill with the standard weapon? no its about the t2k but you guys cant even read properly. You say I should play around that weapon which I fucking do 1 sec later. I mean its even provided for you guys and no its not 2 different videos its the same video just 1 min later.
    btw nice downvotes

    and dont say a heavy bolter would have been better its not.

    And dont try to act like I only play LSM and want it nerfed because of that. Can you even read? the good thing is it does not matter. Since you can play which faction you want, but as said dont try to act like its underpowered. (which I quoted my post on)
  8. "with the stalker bolter you have to at least aim to get kills"

    Stuff like that provokes reaction.

    We know it's the same video, it's easier to refer to it that way. I didn't down vote btw, I don't think it's a bad upload as such (but posting those examples in a thread like this will be). You should have added "THIS IS REGARDING TIME TO KILL ONLY" as a disclaimer at top.

    Now for the actual point of your latest post: My (certainly subjective) view is that a weapon like the AC should be doing one thing well and everything else nerfed to make it "bad enough" overall. I think it's fine long range. It's the ease of which it still kills stuff short range that's questionable.
  9. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    Jeah weapons should be niche only if they are really good at one thing.
    Sorry with the salt but I was a little pissed that I just got 10 downvotes in 10 mins across my videos. I think its childish to go like this. "I dont like his quote I will downvote everrything now."
  10. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    Funny how an autocannon with the same TTK as a bolter, is deemed OP.

    Not sure you realized that a regular bolter kills a player in less than 1.5 seconds...
    So AC is OP?

    The amount of downsides a Havoc has, compared to a taticool that wields pretty much the same weapon, without trace rounds, better long range accuracy, and a lot more class versatility, while beeing able to kill anyone in melee with a simple Dbash + headshot. That's not OP at all...

    Let's all hate the Autocannon, because it doesn't matter that Speze Maurice has a more OP, cheaper version of it, on a high mobile class....what matters is that CSM has autocannons, and Speze Maurice doesn't like it.

    Yall should know that by now
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