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More people in PvE

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by GraveSpectre, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. ooooh a WAAAAGH/Berserk timer instead of a game over timer huh?
    I like it.
    "Oh you didn't finish in time. here have three warriors spawn to fuck up your day."
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  2. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    'You have 30 seconds until every Tyranid in the area enrages and the whole team likely wipes! Have a nice day!'

    Enrage timers can be fun. :)
  3. I got something that'll get people moving.
    "All remaining termagaunts and hormagaunts will evolve into warriors in... 30 seconds."
  4. Details Details The Spriteful

    or just ridicolously increase the rate of gaunts spawning
    time left until the beehive is angry, so to speak

    if a team is coordinated enough to survive/escape the wave then they have all the rights to keep on playing, regardless of boring timers
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  5. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate


    Or all Hormaguants instantly morph into Adrenal and Venom variants.

    That would suck almost as bad.
  6. But the only problem there is IF you get hit by those.
    Killing them is still just as easy.
  7. Mr.Slendykins Sockman Slendykins Steam Early Access

    As said in another post, exclusive PvE rewards are something they want to do

    Personally, it would be really cool to have the armored plating of a gaunt on the shoulder of your Ork or something like that. Cool little things like that ahaha.
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