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More Ork games for the love of god!

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Tarkov, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Brother-Chaplain Tarkov Tarkov Arkhona Vanguard

    I paid heaps of money in the hope of being able to ork the Fug out after a bad day but every time i am on it is the same LSM V CSM crap everyday this is what kills the game for me is the complete lack of variety in the battles now. My question to the team is that is it possible to implement a exp boost as incentive to play other less played factions possible as i am sure it would generate some change at least for a while.
  2. Simple: orks campaign (minimal rewards for other factions. Good reward for orks).
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  3. Orks aren't competitive, haven't had any meaningful updates in over a year, and people who main LSM/CSM still feel obligated to troll endlessly in the ork forums. It's not a mystery why nobody plays them.
  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Arguments to back this up ?
    Have you read all our previous replies about ork's unbalance ?
  5. Please don't make assumptions thanks
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    There was no assumptions since those sentences are questions , nice try tho
  7. This is literally the kind of low effort trolling I alluded to in my comment. Forum warriors like krayt were doing this a year ago and are still doing it today. Whenever he's presented with any kind of argument he just disregards or ignores it. Enjoy playing LSM vs CSM I guess.
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  8. In the interest of making a good faith attempt to engage with the actual issues, here's a copy/paste of a post I made when I still played.

    Orks are in a bad place within the current meta because:
    We are the only faction without an antivehicle weapon that can immediately begin to apply serious damage to vehicles while doing double duty as a viable anti infantry weapon. CSM/LSM has melta guns, Eldar has fusion guns.

    Ork kannons, rokkit launchas, zzap guns, and power klaws all have a charge time that can be interrupted by a light attack. In a clan v clan stack, you will always have an antivehicle team running around in a transport chasing the other antivehicle team running around in a transport. Orks lose that engagement nearly 100% of the time because we have no tools whatsoever to force an engagement (grav guns, haywire grenades) or quickly apply damage during the small windows of vulnerability. You are forced to just wait for the enemy team to make a mistake and hope you can apply enough damage within that window.

    This is also exacerbated by the handling of the trukks compared to rhinos and wave serpents, which can both quickly perform a 180 degree turn in place. The silhouette of the trukk is also large and MUCH taller than others, making it that much more difficult to use cover to avoid detection or ranged damage. I actually don't mind the trukks being so different (I think they have a better top speed?), but when you realize that the entirety of this game is based around transport management (getting yours are in position and denying them to the enemy), it far and above is the most painful aspect of ork gameplay.

    Also, painboy is objectively the worst healer in the game. The sicky grenades are nonviable against any coordinated or veteran player. The gas cloud emits from a small stick that can be destroyed by 1-2 bolter shots, grenade explosions, or a light breeze. Healing grenades (fungus beer) have the same fragility issue, compounded by an ENORMOUS hitbox. The lifesteal buff from fighting juice and the slight HP regen buff from the normal vials are completely outclassed by the 30% damage mitigation buff available to apothecaries, who are also wielding bolters, adding the same amount of DPS to any given firefight as a tactical marine. The sicky sluga IS nice in 1v1 situations, but as another poster already pointed out the ammo capacity is so small that you WILL NOT be adding DPS to a large team battle the same way someone with a bolter will.

    I love Orks, and EC is the only game where I can charge into a fight with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other, and I love that about this game. I wish the devs were more transparent with their updates and the direction they want to take the game. When certain aspects of gameplay are completely bugged and nonfunctional for months at a time, and I'm seeing patch notes with bunches of weird little jokes instead of changelogs, it makes me really frustrated.

    AFAIK 100% of these issues still exist. I read over the patch notes earlier today and saw that the skip launcha has since been buffed, then I checked out the forums to see my good friend krayt still shitting on every person who tries to discusses issues with ork meta.
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  9. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    There are still ork games occasionally
    Played a few against them yesterday.

    Also about av..
    have you guys considered driving an AV team in a truck and just swarming the enemy vehicle with melta stick bombs ?

    Surly melta bomb spam is better than fisting the vehicle with a Klaw ..which takes ages.
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  10. DavyBoy CuCulainn Curator

    nah :)

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