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    The Q&A has ended, all questions are listed below. If you want to view the original source, then head over to the thread at

    Participating Developers:
    Miguel Caron: Head of the Online Studio at behaviour
    David Ghozland: Creative Director
    Brent Ellison: Lead Game Designer
    Patrick Balthazar: Lead Game Programmer
    Steven Lumpkin: Lead Level Designer
    Nicolas Brunoni: Lead Interface Designer

    Q) WIll all classes have an option to damage and finaly kill a tank? or will just the heavy classes do this job?
    A) Brent: Yes all classes will have the option, heavy classes will be better at this job.

    Q) How big will the crew be for a predator?
    A) David: According to lore, a Predator`s crew is 2. We`re investigating options to increase this to 4, however.

    Q) When will we see a real ingame video?^^
    A) Miguel: We're still very early (in pre-production, in fact!), but in the coming month we'll be able to show you some footage of combat in Eternal Crusade.

    Q) When the first preorder/crowdfunding/early buy will take place indicatively? before of after the betas?
    A) Miguel: Targeting closed beta for early 2015, we are hoping to sell preorders before this point.

    Q) When the pool for the fifth sub faction will appear? all togheter or one race a time?
    A) David: We'll release the candidates one race at a time. We can't say when, just yet.

    Q) My Question: On the Chaos side of things, do you have any plans as to how mutations and gifts might work (if there are in the game at all?). Will there be a class that specifically uses mutations as a mechanic, ala Marauder from WAR or would it be more suited as a progression reward for CSM players.
    A) Brent: Yes, we have plans for mutations and gifts, and these will likely be earned on the battlefield. They'll be available to all Chaos classes

    Q) What sort of zones can we expect in the game? what kind of natural vistas will we be travelling/fighting through.
    A) David: We're currently planning on four biomes: Desert, Jungle, Arctic, and Temperate Grasslands. This is only on the overland- you'll see other, stranger environments in the Underworld!

    Q) First, since I haven't seen it asked in the last Q&A, and I don't know if there's a rule against asking: Is there going to be a closed alpha soon? I feel like everyone on the forums is salivating over being able to get their butts in the game even if it's a heavily incomplete version.
    A) Miguel: Soon? No. We may have some specific tests as soon as early summer next year, but we're still working hard on the details.

    Q) And second, any plans on Daemonic summoning on the end of chaos? I already realize why this would be avoided in general so a simple yes or no will suffice :)
    A) Brent: At launch, no. But... it is a pretty iconic part of the chaos experience...

    Q) Are you going to be able to form temporary alliances with another faction, or even just an individual group from another faction to help take an objective from one of the other factions?
    A) David: Yes, we want temporary alliances with another faction, decided at the highest level of the faction. On the field, it's up to you to work together or not!

    Q) Are there any plans for player housing? You had mentioned calling in vehicles from orbit, possibly having some form of guild ships that carried your specific vehicles with your upgrades and clan markings and whatnot, that also had guild housing on it?
    A) Steven: Absolutely! Each individual will have small quarters in a ship orbiting the planet. Squads (groups of friends in real life) will have a small Hall in a ship, and Strike Forces (our version of guilds) will have an entire Strike Force Cruiser to themselves. These will be somewhat customizable as well.

    Q) Possibility of playing as a Grey Knight? :D
    A) David: Maybe, but not at launch. :)

    Q) Are the factions going to be pretty close to mirrored, class wise? Or are they going to be somewhat asymmetrical and play fairly different from each other, while still maintaining the traditional roles required for balanced groups?
    A) Brent: They're going to be pretty different. Obviously there will be some similarities- moreso between Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines- but we're aiming for an asymmetric balance while preserving the feel of each race.

    Q) I know this is more of a Planet side MMO but will there be player housing, a place where I can show off my kills, like will I be able to mount heads of people I have killed make things to put into my house and so forth
    A) See the previous answer! TLDR: Yes, something like this. :)

    Q) What are you planes on guilds/clans and the like will they have a clan house or ship (sense the there is space we could have a droop ship :D )
    A) See previous as well!

    Q) Will it be on open world
    A) Steven: SO open. Bigger than Skyrim.... David: ... or Planetside 2!

    Q) What do you have in the works for upgrades, via weapon’s and cosmetics
    A) Brent: The Weapon Upgrade System is going to be extensive! We're actually iterating on the designs for this now. Send your questions on twitter @Ezekielknight (Michael Chan) who is in charge of this feature!
    For cosmetics, we want to give as many options as we can get away with, while preserving performance.

    Q) Can I upgrade the weapon’s let’s say from a cannon to a mortar? And how can you upgrade them so they can shoot farther, will it be a skill basses or is it just buy an attachment and your ready to go?
    A) Brent: Yes you can upgrade weapons, but you probably won't be able to change a weapon into a different weapon. For example, if you wanted to shoot farther, you would attach an upgrade to your barrel.

    Q) Will there be benefits for group play? More on that, will there be more benefits for guilds/groups?
    A) Miguel: Of course! The whole game is made for that!
    Brent: The Squad (your friends) is the core group we're building the game around.
    David: And if you are playing solo, there's always opportunity to join pick up groups or open Strike Forces.

    Q) While you will have to choose a chapter to be a part of in the game, there are many sub-chapters for them. Is there any chance that we would be able to re-skin for those sub-chapters?
    A) David: No.
    Brent: Not at launch.

    Q) Are classes going to be evolutionary? (e.g. Assault marines go to Vanguard Veterans, and the like)
    A) Brent: We're investigating this as a part of the ranking up system. Most likely, Ranking Up expands your options and what you can equip in your loadout.

    Q) What are some vehicles we should expect?
    A) Patrick: RHINO!
    Brent: Trukk!
    Steven: Wave Serpent Spam!
    Steven: (We had a tussle on the tabletop recently, and Brent's still sore.)
    Brent: I can read that, you know....
    David: Chaos Predator. And maybe Land Raiders.

    Q) Will there be a potential for permanent installments for guilds/groups (e.g. A strike cruiser, battlekroozer, etc.)
    A) Brent: Yes! Your Strike Force will own its own orbiting Strike Force Cruiser

    Q) Will gretchin be possibly added to the game? and if so could get get vehciles unique to them? for example a Killa-Kan or be able to pilot a Grot-bomb?
    A) Brent: Most likely they will be in the game... but probably not playable at launch.

    Q) Could you reward things like transportation of troops? I know that driving war trukks and APCs may seem dull, but maybe provide an incentive for thoes drivers to ferry troops around the battlefield. Afterall it may/or may not be a fun job, but its a job that needs doing!
    A) David: You can always roll over your enemies! Brent just wrote this down on his notes to investigate, so thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Q) How are you looking to add dreadnaught in the game?
    A) Brent: After launch. :D
    David: NOOOOOOO!
    Brent: We'll see.

    Q) Would you possibly have ragdolls in the game? I know in Mount&blade they had ragdoll physics in extremly high number and were still able to function, I imagine if implement in your game in the same way, you could get the same result.
    A) Patrick: AT LAST MY TIME HAS COME! This is up for investigation. We have a physics engine, but we're not sure yet.

    Q) When do you think we will actually get to see some gameplay.
    A) Miguel: hopefully in the next month you'll get to see some very early footage of combat!

    Q) How will you be able to keep players staying with your game long term.
    A) Brent: Community.
    David: Fun.
    Patrick: OPTIMIZATION!
    Steven: The Underworld!
    Miguel: Special execution animations... you know the one. And I'm a black-belt 5th degree tae-kwon-do master, and I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP. :|

    Q) Will there be any crafting in the game and if so what can we expect ?
    A) Brent: Yes, this takes the form of a weapon upgrade system. You won't see any Space Marines banging on a rock with a pickaxe, it's more that you'll slot new components into weapons to improve them in specific ways.

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    Q) Hey Chaps, Chapter Master Valkr here. The question I wanted to ask is about group pre-order, Miguel stated in an interview that there would be a system in place for this. Can you go into more details about what benefits/bonus stuff we can get if we group order the game with friends? Thanks for you time :)
    A) Miguel: Hi Valkr! Yes, we will absolutely have the option to pre-order Eternal Crusade in groups. Same with the whole in-game store; there will be a section dedicated to your entire squad.

    Q) How many zones will there be and how big will they be and will they be instance or wow like.
    A) Steven: No numbers yet, but lots of zones, completely open world above ground.

    Q) Will there be naval combat ? Air combat. etc like airplanes etc. ?
    A) Brent: No naval combat. We're investigating aerial combat.
    Patrick: Yes.... investigating.

    Q) Will there be turrets?
    A) Brent and Patrick (simultaneously): Yes!

    Q) Will we see iconic characters and how will you apply to them. etc like having kharn being a super beast that kills everything?
    A) David: You'll get to see some, but they won't be playable.
    Steven: And we're focusing the experience of the game on you guys, rather than these characters.

    Q) How will exploration work in game? will there be P.O.I - Point of interest , map completion . etc.
    A) Steven: There will definitely be interesting sights to see and areas to explore, but we're not planning on turning this into a completionist minigame, like Vistas in Guild Wars 2.
    Brent and Patrick: There will be achievements for exploring, though!

    Q) Will there be achievements.
    A) Yes!

    Q) How will NPCs work in the game. Will there be a crap load of orkz that will help the player ork army fight other factions. Will there be NPCs in bases and etc.
    A) Steven: We're investigating getting a handful of NPC defenders at each stronghold or outpost, but armies will be composed of players.

    Q) Dungeons?
    A) Steven: We call them "Underworlds", and they're inspired by games like Left 4 Dead, Diablo and Torchlight, and Spelunky.

    Q) How much can we customize, can we put skulls on your characters and trophies.
    A) Brent: Some of this will be tied to your stats and build, but we'll have cosmetic customization as well. Again, it's that trade off between variety and performance, so we need to test.

    Q) How will we take over bases or supply lines. Will it be a area you stand in? have to kill a commander to change it? Take control of the whole base, wipe everything that is in there? Also will things be destroy able- etc walls, barrels /
    A) Brent: We want to split up the zerg, so when it comes to the large bases we're looking at ways to require players to hold multiple points simultaneously to hold the zone. For small bases, this may be a matter of holding a single point.
    Steven: We'll have discrete destructible areas, perhaps some sections of walls or gates, but the majority of the world will not be destructible.

    Q) Will it be 24 hr day time and night time. How will day time fight be different to night time fighting. Will bullets and bombs light up the sky? What will weather system be like? can weather system change outcome of the fight. etc fog, Rain , smoke, Fire , blizzard.
    A) Steven: There will be a day/night cycle, but it probably won't tie to the real world day/night cycle. We want you to be able to experience different settings! We're investigating the possibility of battle-changing weather systems, but this can be complex.

    Q) I know some people have been asking about this, but I'll say it anyway. Will we be seeing different genders in the game? IG gets female and male soldiers, Eldar as well. Just a thought.
    A) David: We're staying true to the lore with gender. Eldar will have the option to choose male or female, but Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines will all be male. Orks are fungi, so.... we have that going for us too.

    Q) Can you confirm the Engine you are using yet?
    A) Miguel: Yes, it's ....
    Patrick: wait!... ::chainsword revvs::
    Miguel: Ouch!
    Patrick: Not yet. :)
    Miguel: Grrrr...

    Q) When will you announce more information about Eldars and Chaos factions ? =)
    A) David: Chaos will be revealed quite soon!

    Q) I just would like you to boast alittle with this post. Currently, what do you think is your greatest feat within the game's development, and do you think this game will be well-recieved by the 40k-community (including the purists that think bending the lore of the game is extremely heretical)?
    A) Brent: Our greatest feat hasn't happened yet!
    Miguel: And we will definitely be well received. Our lore purist fans are passionate, but they understand that we have to compromise sometimes.
    Brent: And our lore purists will be delighted once we announce our wr----
    Patrick: ::chainsword revvs::
    Brent: OUCH!
    David: Thank you, Patrick.

    Q) The actiony combat and 4+1 Factions sounds like fun intense in the moment gameplay. But how do you foresee retention of players in the long-term? I know you've mentioned Campaigns but how do battles have a meaningful impact from battle to battle and territory and resources claimed for the player population? I mean will players gain a sense of conquering and claiming whole planets or galaxies and having to run their war effort strategically for eg?
    A) Brent: The key is community and a sense of meaning to your actions. We`re designing everything in the game to reinforce a sense of engagement with your faction and the people in it, and the outcome of each campaign will have a lasting impact.

    Q) Similar question but how do you envisage retention for the individual player progression in one faction? Eg Eldar from Guardian to Aspect Warrior to Exarch to what? Leader?
    A) Brent: So we have individual progression and social progression. Your individual character may advance through tabletop ranks, but if you want to become a true leader then you`ll have to convince other people that you`re worthy of the role.
    David: You`re fighting a war and the goal is that you feel involved in this war and the outcome of it.

    Q) FireFall had a great mechanic with the soaring in the sky thing that reminded straightaway of Eldar Swooping Hawks. Will Swooping Hawks be able to travel like this high high up in the sky over the battle-field as deep penetration troops?
    A) Brent: Swooping Hawks will certainly swoop!
    David: We`re planning on one jump/jet unit per faction.

    Q) Anyways, I was wondering, who is going to be behind the music of the game? I mean who is currently going to create the music for the game? Would it be possible if we could just hear a little snip of their soundtrack of the game so far?
    A) David: We're talking to a talented composer here in Montreal, who convinced us with some very nice samples. Once we finalize things, we'll be able to reveal more!

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    Q) Also, will the devs themselves be taking part in battles? Or anyone from Behaviour contributing to the battle when the game does release?
    A) Patrick: HELL yeah!
    David: It's important for developers to play their own game, but we don't want to play favorites. We'll let the community lead itself.

    Q) Another question, will we see more artwork being released? Can we have a sneak peak at the next work of art?
    A) David: There's more coming soon! Lots more... but no sneak peeks. :)

    Q) Will it be possible to run the game on lower spec computer, then the specs of the Xbox one so that more people can particpate in the battles?
    A) Patrick: We're working as hard as we can to make this possible.

    Q) Another thing, since you've including a picture of the Blood Gorgon on your twitter and on your website, will the Blood Gorgons be one of the chaos legions?
    A) David: We're letting the community vote for a final chapter, so this may be in your hands!

    Q) Will it be possible to collect skulls from your enemies? Or collect armor or any other item?
    A) Brent: I'm writing this down in my notes!

    Q) Would it be possible to ascend to daemonhood in the game, or is that a bit to over the top?
    A) Brent: Not at launch, but maybe after!

    Q) How many Tyranids will be on each map? (rough estimation or the exact number if you have it)
    A) Steven: We want this! But we have to test to make sure we can support hundreds (or thousands!) of players in a single battle... plus tyranids.

    Q) Another question I've been wondering, who's the person who voices the chaos voice on the EC homepage? and while I'm at it, which people did the voices for the Space marine, ork and eldar on the EC homepage as well?
    A) Miguel: GameOn Audio provided us these. We thought they did a great job!

    Q) With only 1 of the 4 factions offering a possible option for female toons, how will the game include let say female gamers who would rather be able to keep their gender in any chosen factions without breaking the so holy fluff? ( I'm no talking of that grotesque idea of female sm and such but more of chapter serfs, imperial guards and chaos cultists and such.)
    A) Brent: At launch, Eldar is the only option for players who want to play a female character. After launch, we'll be expanding the available races.

    Q) And also, why not nids as a player race? They are the cutest bunch!
    A) David: Tyranids are mindless troops slaved to the will of the hive mind. It could be great for a strategy game, but we felt that in a third person Massive Combat RPG they were too perfect as an NPC threat.

    Q) Firstly, are you guys planning to do an open beta at any point in the development process, and if you are how specific can you be about when it'll go live?
    (I understand that it's a long shot to ask about something so far in the future, but it can't hurt!)
    A) David: We will have an open beta, probably at the end of 2015.

    Q) Secondly, Augmentation is a huge part of the lore in many factions. Are things like Cybork Bitz and Mechadendrites going to be implemented, and and how-so? Equipment maybe? Semi-permanent upgrades?
    A) Brent: Yep! These sorts of things will be either accessories or properties of a class.

    Q) What kind of scenery can we expect from Eternal Crusade? Jungles? Metropolies? Deserts?
    A) Steven: We've announced four biomes: Jungles, Deserts, Arctic, and Temperate.

    Q) When will we be getting those screenshots and footage that was mentioned!
    A) Miguel: Soon! Within the next month.

    Q) Where is that alpha video that was supposed to be shown in October?
    A) Steven: Hi Marshal, nice to see you here! We're working on some footage to show you, but we're currently pre-alpha; in fact, alpha isn't planned for this year.
    Miguel: This will probably come within the next month.

    Q) Psyker powers, is it going to be a thing?
    A) Brent: YES! Maledictions, Benedictions, Witchfire, the works!

    Q) Can you talk anymore about Strike Force/Community owned spaces on ships?
    A) David: We mentioned this in a few other places. They'll be a gathering space and a place for you to show off and share your achievements.

    Q) What are some of the options you are considering for the tactical overview for the squad leaders and strike force leaders?
    Are you getting inspiration from other games we can look to for reference?
    A) Brent: Ease of communication and oversight is the key here. Look at games like Planetside 2 and Battlefield for some of our sources of inspiration.

    Q) Locutus here from the Eternal Crusade forums! My questions are will the team being adding Forge World (the company) models into the game (weapons, armor, warmachines) or will you only be using creations directly from Games Workshops?
    A) David: Potentially, especially for under-represented models like some flyers. If it's properly canonical in the 40k universe, then there's no problem.

    Q) Will you be using the new units that Games Workshop has added to 40k, like Space Marine Centurions (oh god please don't), or will you stick to the classics?
    A) Brent: Centurions specifically won't be in the game for launch. We're prioritizing the most iconic units first.
    Steven: (David ran a 3-heldrake cheese army and lost with it twice in a row, the second time because of Centurions.)
    Q) Also, why is Steven Lumpkin so sexy???
    A) Miguel: What??? I lost my spot???
    Steven: Aww shucks.

    Q) How are we going to communicate with our teammates? Besides the chat, is there going to be a commo rose like in the Battlefield series or VGS commands like in Tribes? What about VOIP?
    A) David: We have plans for this, and even potentially integrated voice chat.
    Patrick: We need to investigate first!
    Brent: Quick commands for sure.

    Q) How big are the maps going to be? To which game do they compare?
    A) Steven: David won`t let me say yet. Big. Real big.

    Q) What is the map design going to be like? What's the typical distance between each base? What's the line of sight for open terrain (is it more like the Arma series or more like an arena shooter)?
    A) Steven: We`re still testing to find all of these numbers, but we`re taking a page out of what`s come before and worked well.
    David: The Arma series is a good reference on this point.

    Q) What is the respawn system going to be like? Where can you respawn and how long will it take? Any special features or gadgets for squad leaders? Are you gonna make troop transports relevant or people will be able to teleport across the map?
    A) Brent: Our goal is to make death be a factor in battles, but still fun. Troop transports will be important and relevant, but you won`t have any Eve-like commutes.
    Miguel: Just take the blue pill.

    Q) Is there gonna be some form of logistics or rts elements? Some form of resources for vehicles or healing items, for example.
    A) Logistics yes, but we`re not an RTS. Large-scale Resource Management is something that only the leaders will be concerned with.

    Q) What is the metagame going to be like besides conquering the next base and progressing your character? Any grand goals or faction-wide objectives?
    A) The Campaigns will tie into this, with your successes and failures persisting for some time and changing your faction`s capabilities in coming engagements. As each faction`s capabilities shift, every player will have to adjust their strategy to account for the tides of war.

    Q) What is going to be the effective range of engagement for ranged units?
    A) Brent: It depends on the weapon - vehicles and sniper-type weapons shoot far enough to be relevant. Our first tests for bolters are something more like 40m.
    Steven: 24 inches.

    Q) What are the different type of vehicles? Any type of special features planned like directional armor or localized damage (being able to blow up tank tracks for example)? What is going to the range of engagement for vehicles? How will they interact with infantry (will anybody be able to blow up a tank, will anybody be able to spawn or pilot one?
    A) Brent: Directional armor certainly. If Infantry bring the right tools, they will definitely be able to take out a tank. Anyone can spawn a vehicle if they can afford it, and have access to it.

    Q) How will vehicle spawning work?
    A) You'll choose your vehicle, pay for it at a vehicle point, and it will be delivered to you in a lore-compatible fashion! This isn't class limited, but your available resources and territory control may affect it.

    Q) When are we going to see the first gameplay footage?
    A) Within the next month!

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    Q) Any plans on letting Apothecaries having any advanced roles such as recovering Gene Seed to increase respawn rates or possibly temporarily buffing nearby troops through augmentation?
    A) David: They will have functions beyond fighting and rezzing, that's for sure. What game mechanics we can use to support the fluff will be carefully taken into consideration.

    Q) If more playable races are added such as the Imperial Guard, would they be playable along side the Space Marines? Or would they be against each other (i.e would there be factions with multiple races).
    A) Brent: We have to analyze the state of the game post launch, but either of these is a possibility.

    Q) Techmarines (and other factions equivalent), what sort of machines and technology will they be able to build/use in combat?
    A) Brent: No promises on techmarines at launch, but expect the most iconic things to be represented- like the Thunderfire Cannon!

    Q) How will physic ability’s effect tanks ?? And if I use a physic ability could I end up being sucked into the warp for failing to do it summons correctly ?
    A) Brent: The same way they do on the tabletop!
    David: The main purpose of Psychic abilities isn't to target vehicles, but we will have a Perils of the Warp feature. It probably won't involve sucking you into the warp though.

    Q) You've previously stated that you intend to increase the amount of Factions available in post-release expansions. Is it too early to assume you have an idea what order you'd like to release the ones you have in mind, or do you intend to turn it to the fanbase once you've reached a point where you can begin work on said post-release content?
    A) David: Yes, we have an idea, but we'll watch what happens after launch to make the decision.

    Q) From what I've seen, some Ork forces are... expendable, armed with packs of explosives and sent willingly to their doom, so long as they take a few dozen others with them. With your stance on F2P Players having a limited capacity to the game, would you find them a likely fit for such a strategically important role, or if this gameplay style is offered for the Orks, would something like this be well suited for those that would actually PREFER to run into the fray with a bag full of armed grenades?
    A) David: F2P players will be full players with an important role to fill in the ork army. They won't be relegated to cannon-fodder status.

    Q) Everyone has their Favorite faction, mine happens to shockingly be the Space Marines. But what about you, what's YOUR favorite Faction?
    A) David: Tyranids!
    Brent: Chaos Daemons!
    Steven: Dark Eldar!

    Q) I'll cease my questions with this: One of my favorite parts during previous Warhammer 40,000 Video Games is the ability to call in a Tarantula Sentry Gun or some similar piece of automated mechanical masterpiece. You've noted the ability to call in Orbital Strikes with Guild Frigates, so are Sentry Guns something I could also look forward to?
    A) David: We're planning to have deployables, but we don't know what specific choices we'll have.

    Q) I know that the game is being mostly about PVP but I love my PVE content (such as dungeons/instances/raids) will we see any of this?
    A) Steven: We're going to offer Underworld Dungeons that take inspiration from games like Left 4 Dead, Diablo/Torchlight, and Spelunky! If you like that kind of co-op pve gameplay, then this should satisfy your cravings!
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