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Mistakes have been made.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zael, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Well if you were thrown into a game that has already been fiddled with, and were given no time to plan (because you were just told to fix stuff immediately, using what's already been made), im pretty sure you wouldn't have time to make huge game changing decisions without having to take a very large amount of risks.

    They kind of WERE doing basics. that's why we got a lobby shooter. Open world was in plans for the 10 year thing, after everything is finished, but we didn't even get into that.
  2. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    This game was launched prematurely precisely because investors wanted a return on their money. And since then it has been bleeding players and money.

    And bE doesn't even like EC:
    * There is no link to the EC website on the bE website.
    * EC is barely mentioned on the bE website despite being their most recent published game.
    * Katie, our former community-manager, says in her bio in the Death Garden forum that she has 18 months of experience as community-manager and she lists a dozen games she likes. But not a single word that she worked on EC. Not a single worked that she even liked EC.

    With not even bE liking EC, how is bE supposed to make investors like EC?
  3. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    I'm sorry but I REFUSE to believe BE made ANY money with EC. EC just wasted too much on both pikko and on simply trying to get the game to release.

    That's why BE doesn't even mention it - becuase it was a failiure for them, both economically and reputationally.
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  4. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Imagine all the time and money bE put into open-world and Terminators and Warlords and Warcouncil and complex campaigns and customizable vehicles and Space Wolves beards and the best background-story ever.

    Imagine what kind of lobby-shooter we would have if bE had put all of that effort instead into trying to make a good, balanced lobby-shooter that is fun to play.
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  5. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Fully agree to be honest though. We should have just gotten Space Marine 2 and everyone would be happy. Instead, we got Miguel and his enthusiastic team to make something that would never work.
  6. But Zael... "Hey guys, we are pretty sure we can't deliver 80% of our promises" doesn't sell RTC you know? Where would all the muni be if they were honest with us?

    And yes, that would have been the alternative. But Nathan took over when shit was allready on fire, he didn't have this option. For as much shit as he deserves, he pulled it around so at least they could release something.

    Nah, worse. In hell you at least know you have fucked up and that it is over. We are kinda undeath, we know something isn't right, but nobody tells us what's really up. We can piece and theorize some things, but not much more.

    Guess the correct term would be "Soon (tm)" for this state
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  7. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Exactly. Well, me and Zael have a PM about this, if you want I can invite you, but basically i've been trying to say that yes, even Nathan is sane enough to realize that some of the stuff that he said probably couldn't be achieved, but be it a promise or a simple idea, he had to mention it eihter due to obligations or simply saying "we may have this sooon, pleaase excite"

    At the end of the day if it wasn't for bE and the publishers giving them no money, and asking too much in return, and miguel wasting all that money - Nathan coulda made a good game, possibly with everything "promised" fullfilled. But sadly everyone throws the blame on him and doesnt look at the ACTUAL DEVIL which is the company.

    I guess you could use the figurative speech that behaviour channels their lies and promises through nathan even though everyone knows they cant be acomplished, but its done to make money, and it ends up making nathan and his team look bad when in reality its all the company's fault for making the wrong and greedy moves, alongisde with miguel's incompetence.
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  8. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Wrong. Was ruined by the company and Miguel. Do your reserach before posting stuff that makes you look stupid and ignorant. And don't de-rail.
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  9. You may have been there, but if that's what you saw you must have been eating a lot of glue.

    Miguel had a vision, collected money for that, and THAT was the time all the promises were made. Open World and stuff. And it all depended on that picco-server technology.

    Turns out, Picco failed them. They invested a lot of money on that approach and had zero fruit from that. Basically the game was done for.

    Nathan appears, takes what is left of the game, reshapes it into unreal-engine and pushes hard. As they had no more money left, they needed a publisher, and nobody but Bandai Namco would listen to them. With Publisher came money back to finish orks and eldar, but Bandai pushed the release date as hard as they could as they wanted something back for their investment.

    So nathan had little fund, almost no time left and still managed to deliver something. Im not saying he wasn't lying, don't get me wrong. He knew damn well what could be realised and what was just an empty promise, and kept preaching about how awesome everything will be so people would buy into it.

    But all in all, without nathan we would have nothing.

    Btw, that glue looks tasty, may i have some too?
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  10. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    Zael, the forum blogger at it again.
  11. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    So was I. Your word against mine, and considering how you're emotional, you're not on high ground, Luke.

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