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Mercenaries of Deretor

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Surprised at how the Drake had done with distracting the guards, Arthoran said to no-one in particular "Well, in that case I suppose we better take advantage of our windfall of good fortune then." With that said, she made her way towards the entrance, doing her best to stay out of sight of any other guards in the area. Even using her power over darkness to try giving herself some more shadow-cover if she needed such a use of magic to stay hidden.
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    Arthoran would lead the rest of them into the cave mouth, which would eventually open up into a larger cavern where she and the rest would see some who were obviously bandits walking around, cooking, napping and other homey things. There were quite a few of them, 8 at the least and doubtless more where they couldn't see. And From that cavern it seemed that there were two paths, each heading deeper. There was the echo of many pickaxes hitting walls, obviously someone was still mining something. Though at the moment no one could tell from which way it was coming.

    (8+ bandits, unaware)

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    Sui would be rather able to run faster than the bandits, but he didn't try to outrun them as he led them away from the cave and the rest of the team. However, eventually the lead bandit stopped and scowled. "Hey! HEY!" he roared, hand going to his weapon once Sui stopped. "What you trying to pull here? There's no road in this direction, not for miles. What's this caravan got again? Who are you anyway?" he snarled, staring down the drake.​
  3. Seline slunk forwards, her blades clinking gently as she slid slowly over the ground like a serpent, she slowly attempted to see where the most remote guard was and any opportunities for leading him away
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  4. After the dragonman decided to just simply enact the plan himself, Rorak simply shrugged and focused more on the task at hand. He paid no mind to the seemingly suicidal action on the dragonman, it was in the end his decision, the consequences of which would be on him. "For once, I can agree with you about something" Rorak whispered to the snow Fey (@Maleth ) as he motioned toward the others (@BuriasDempsey @TuskatheDaemonKilla ) to follow. Apparently he had no need to inform the horned one (@The_Raven ) as she was already slinking in the cave on her own terms. "Alright we still have the element of surprise, I suggest we keep that for as long as realistically possible if we even want a chance at rescuing the captives" Rorak informed the group with a hushed tone to his voice, "unfortunately for me, I have heavy armor on and they'd hear me coming from a mile away, so I'll try to get as close as I can without alerting anybody but I'll wait till you lot set yourselves up before I turn that fire they're using for cooking into an improvised fireball."

    "I'm not sure how many will be caught in the blast, so I'm counting on you guys to clear out anyone caught out of the radius. If this all works out fine, we'd have cleared out this group and no one would be the wiser. Everyone up for this?"
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    "I'm a bandit?" Sui paused and looked about. "Listen, its just a few brisk running meters away that-a-way." Sui aligned himself near a tree so he could shoot up with his wings and legs pushing on the trunk for a hasty getaway if it came to that.
    "I mean, you think I'm stupid? Leading heavily armed men on a whim to the woods with nothing to show for it? Pfft, I'm not suicidal."
  6. The elderly Wizard was always behind the group, his feet simply moved slower than that of younger folk and he simply didn't want to move any faster. In his mind there was no need to, the woman they were meant to save won't be going anywhere in this cave. Then again it was unknown even to him if he fully understood why they were here, he didn't pay attention very well when they were given the job and simply followed the other mercenaries. The side effect of this was his complete disregard of stealth as he didn't even attempt it as he walked through the cave following the others.
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    With the Drake moving, Arthoran merely nodded at Rorak to confirm she was ready before she headed off towards the cavern to do her part of being stealthy. Suffice to say, her Kuani as well as her Wakizashi and Longbow would come in handy for removing guards that got in her way without too much noise being made by her or the guard, as she went looking for other useful things like keys, maps and so on so forth. Anything that would help her goal.
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    Arthoran and Rorak would move forwards silently through the shadows, sticking to cover and away from prying eyes of the bandits. However, Wizbang seemed to have other ideas. As he walked forwards into the main area of the cave, he ended up kicking a kettle which would bounce around the area and then come to a top down a ramp, having made echoes in the room.

    "What the hell?" snarled the bandits, all turning to look at the source of the sound. Sadly that meant that Seline, Valla and Smoke were seen having been in mid-relocation when Wizbang made the noise. however, no one had been expecting this so it seemed that they could at least get out some surprise attacks

    (10 bandits, aware, surprised - each character can attack once)
    Stealth Rolls
    Seline = 6
    Rorak = 15
    Valla = 8
    Smoke = 8
    Wizbang = 1
    Arthoran = 14

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    "Yeah.. that would be pretty dumb, wouldn't it?" The leader said with a nod, the other warriors shifting a little in thought, though they didn't say anything. Hands went away from weapons and the leader smirked. "Right, lead us to your little caravan. After we hit it, I have a nice little plan in store for us..." he muttered with a dark smirk, waiting for Sui to lead them the rest of the way.

    Sui Deception vs Bandit Wisdom
    10 vs 1
  9. Instantly Selinelet out a roar that caused flames to spew from between her teeth and lit her chain and blade on fire. she then threw her blade at the closest one while charging, hoping to sink the teeth of the blade into his neck and use it to draw herself into the thick of the fighting.
  10. Wizband looked over to the bandits with a tilt in his head as he raised his staff a little bit and pointed the end that happened to have three barrels in the direction of the bandits. "WHA? SPEAK LOUDER!" He yelled out as he then flicked his finder along a hole that lead to an black powder charge. The resulting sparks ignited the powder causing a small explosion to ring out as a magical projectile screamed out from one of the barrels towards the bandits.
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