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Mercenaries of Deretor

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Couching low in the bushes, Seline watched quietly her breathing short and fast, the burning rage kept barely in check, her aura of heat was turning into an uncomfortable burning sensation on the skin of those surrounding her, the scales on her back rattle as the leaves around her curl up and blacken.
    Quietly she whispers her calming mantra to herself.
    "kill, maim, burn, kill, maim, burn, kill, maim, burn, kill, maim, burn*
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Hey, grumpyman." Sui pointed at the fey, holding his words for a moment. "Good points you got there. Guess I can wait a while we argue about what to do." He said softly with a smile and kept watch.
    "Why don't we try to bait them into attacking us and pick em off in an ambush? Or someone lures most of them away, while everyone else swoop in and rescue the damsel."

    He was quiet a moment, before coming up with another company name.
    "Dragonmen and Friends?"
  3. Wizbang had lagged behind the group some as he walked at a brisk pace with his staff in hand. As he finally caught up instead of noticing the bandits and hiding he saw something else. A speck of green on the bark of a white tree, moss. His greatest enemy second to small stains upon wood which were possibly made by someone spilling ale on accident. He stared at it, it stared back in a mocking fashion. The old man glared and grumbled before he began to approach it, making not attempt to hide from the bandits as he had not idea that they were there.
  4. "Better to catch them off guard, and what better way to do that then to offer them something they'd be stupid to refuse." The Dune Fey decided to ignore the dragonman's comment about his demeanor and continued speaking his mind anyway, "something enticing, like access to the town guards armory perhaps? We have someone distract them with the offer, the rest of you clear out the interior of the bandit camp. When you're done clearing the scum out, come back out and finish the rest. We release the prisoners, bring them back, get paid. Done deal"

    Rorak scowled at the dragonman hearing what other idea came to his mind "and that name is stupid."
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  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Arthoran listened to what the rest of the group was saying about the situation that they faced and said "Frankly, they don't even deserve the dignity of a ruse to distract them if you ask me... And given what the wizard's doing, I don't think a ruse is going to work anyways..." She paused and then said: "And before we get to work, may I state that for the record, I think that something like 'The Harbingers' is a far better name for our merry band than the other, not so good names that have been suggested."

    With that said, the Snow Fey readied her Longbow and took aim at the more heavily armored guard, waiting for Wizbang to do something that gave her a reason to open fire on the bandits.
  6. "Hmph, you're quite willing to shoot down another's plan while having nothing to add for yourself."Rorak cocked an eye at the gung-ho snow fey, already training their weapons on the bandits "almost as willing as you are to make a decision for the rest of us without even bothering to ask. So willing to lead us into another possible death trap, not even being arsed enough to think how the rest of us feel about it."

    Rorak shook his head disapprovingly, but armed himself regardless, his mace and shield at the ready. "Tell me, are all Snow Fey as cold as the place they come from, or are you just an odd exception." Whatever this band was going to go for, Rorak was making sure he was at least ready for what's to come. "Do keep in mind this is a rescue mission, and going in full force might have disasterous consequences for those we're trying to save...oh what does it matter. You don't care. Only thing you lot care about is coin and whatever stupid name you want to call yourselves."
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Alright, drama class over." Sui said and nudged away from the tree. He stretched his neck and flexed his wings.
    "I'll go try and lure them out. If it works, you know what to do, swoop in kill everyone inside, nab the girl and wipe out the rest left outside. If not, well I hope you are quick on your feet to join the fight."

    With that said, Sui took a few running steps and swooped up in flight, landing squarely in front of the bandits.
    "Guys, guys, wont believe this, I know this might sound crazy but hear me out! I swear there's a supply and weapon shipment passing by just near here." Sui acted out of breath, like he'd been running and flying for a while.
    "I can't take them on myself but a few guys and an ambush its eaasy pickings. We can all split it fair and square! Don't just stand there! Quick, someone else is gonna beat us to it!"
    He hoped the others were good with the plan. He really did. At least Sui was quick on his feet and he had wings.
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    As Wizbang walked over towards the Mossy tree, he came into vision of those at the mouth of the cave, hands going to weapons to draw. But before any orders could be barked, a silver drake ran up to them and began to speak breathlessly about caravan. The armored 'leader' grinned a little and looked at the other four of his cohorts, thinking that if he hit this, he might very well get more influence in their (rather large) clan and eventually be able to even challenge their leader.

    And so it was that, with a smirk, the metal-armored one nodded. "Right, lead the way." he said, though one of the cohorts grumbled a little. He got a look shot to him and a telling-off. "Look, the villagers are too scared to do anything to us, and there's more than enough inside to take down anyone who might stumble inside. It's a quick hit and then we're back." he ordered, basically now waiting for Sui to lead the way.

    Bandits Spot > Wizbang = 15
    Sui Speech > Bandits = 20 (Crit)
  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Really?" Sui blurted out, it actually had worked. He quickly shook it off and resumed his act. "Yeah, yeah! Quick, get your best, this'll be a piece of cake!"
    Sui started running away from the rest of his merc company, so they wouldn't be detected.
    What the fuck am I gonna do now? He thought while he ran, running through all the scenarios in his head and what to say.
    He just kept running until he thought of something, making sure the bandits were following. At least he had wings, and he hoped bandits were really bad shots. He tried to get as far as he could from their lair, give lots of time for the others to do what they would.
  10. The elderly wizard approached the moss on the tree, completely ignorant of the happenings nearby as he had his fully unwavering attention upon the moss. The piece of green plant life silently mocking him, Oh he knew it could not speak in a physical manner but he could Feel it mocking him. However it also lacked a means of defending itself as Wizband hefted his staff and gave it a mighty wack. The moss being flicked off the bark and falling to the ground which Wizbang quickly stomped on. With his vengeance had he decided to see what the youngsters were up to.
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