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Mercenaries of Deretor

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  1. Tipsy Minotaur Tavern

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    The sun went down far to the west, across the sea which the boat foundries of Virnon lay. However, our story begins inland, where the few stragglers from an old Mercenary group called "The Crescent Destroyers" had wandered into a Tavern. They were beaten and bloody from their last battle, where they had been hired by Duke Relis against his rival, Duke Tessec. Unfortunately it was ill-advised as the Duke Tessec had much greater forces, and unfavorable land. Money was money, though, so the boss accepted.

    And now he was dead, along with Duke Relis and most of the company and his soldiers. The only reason most of them were alive, along with skill, was that Tessec had not ordered his troops to go after those wise enough to leave. The tavernkeep was happy for now, getting plenty of coin to serve his drinks to the despondant mercenaries - some of the best ale customers ever.​
  2. Valla and her Kobold companion Smoke sat at the table with the rest of the survivors of the Crescent Destoryers, or the ones that did sit in the same general areay, The white Drake having her own seat while Smoke sat on Seline's lap, the crimson half drake for some reason taking a shine to him. Valla's armor was beaten up more than usual, there was scabbed over cuts and wounds on the visible parts of her arms and face, resting her head on one hand while the other gripped the tankard of ale, slowly nursing it due to feeling so out of it that it all still didn't feel right for her. Smoke on the other than was busy cleaning his gear and making sure it was all accounted for and not lost on their route from that debacle of a battle. The Kobold was the first to speak.
    "Sooo, that was a thing." Smoke said, his voice raspy as usual, putting away his things back into his pack. "Could be worse, we could be dead." he added with a shrug. Valla just swiveled her head toward Smoke.
    "You say that, but that Dunefey has been giving me the death glare ever since I healed right now!" she said, her voice much softer and smoother than smokes, seeing him doing it again as she talked.
    @GobMaw_HellSmasha "What!? What did I do!? I'm sorry?!" she asked and then apologized in a struggle to figure out why he was so mad at her.
    "Where did you even pick up that sourpuss?" Smoke asked before taking a drink from his own tankard, having to use both hands due to its size compared to him.
    "He was really injured, bleeding everywhere but he kept trying to go toward Duke Tessec's men before I got to him." She explained.
    "I think that was....after the cavalry charge from the forest that got to bossman and the other?" Smoke just nodded his head, remembering the heavily armored horsemen coming from the forest and into their flanks, but it wasn't like the battle was going great before that either.
    @The_Raven Smoke looked up to the half-drake woman now with a question in mind. "So, uh, not that I don't appreciate being picked up so I wasn't squashed, but why did you carry me all the way here? Don't think you actually told me your name, I'm Smoke by the way." he introduced himself before pointing to Valla.
    "And that's Valla, she's nice, if a bit naive, got a blood-debt to her." he said, earning a half glare, half smile look from her, knowing it was just Smoke being Smoke.
  3. Seline sat at the table quietly she was large and seems to radiate a sort of dull heat her skin is covered in scrapes and small cuts, none of which seem to bother her.
    the large half drake turns her head to stare at the small being.
    "my name is seline, i carried you because your legs are sort"
    she then goes back to the soup bowl of ale that she had been given
    you get the impression that she is quite quiet and she seems to bee slightly unnerved by the hustle and bustle of the tavern.
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Sui was sitting at a table, staring into his pint, bleeding on the table and on the floor. He already had myriad of scars so it looked like his old ones had just started bleeding again.
    His knuckles were red with blood, having beaten his way out of that disaster.
    Riu sighed, cracked his neck and downed the whole pint in one go. He ordered another, brushing the half horn he had idly.
  5. Wizbang sat leaning back in his chair and feet up on the table in front of him, his hat tipped slightly to cover his aging eyes so the lights in the tavern didn't bother him. Of course given what had happened before he had arrived his robes were smoking slightly from several burn marks and holes created by a rather spectacular escape from a failing battle. His mind may be in shambles but he still rather enjoyed living even in his current state, he smelled of ash and fire even more than he normally did. This wasn't helped at all by the rather large pipe he had in his mouth at the moment, quietly breathing out smoke everyone and a while as he say at the table calmly. His cannon staff leaned against the table and his pistol in his other hand which hung limp with the gun pointed at the ground.

    His bag which contained an irresponsible and almost down right terrifying amount of vials containing explosive powder was slung around his shoulder still even as he sat. His glasses were blackened from explosive residue and were placed low on his nose. Despite his body clearly being tired and aching his eyes were what would catch most people's attention. They were wide open with his grey pupils staring at god knows what even as the rest of his face wrinkled and drooped from old age. He breathed in from the pipe and exhaled through his nose letting smoke pass through his nostrils. His long beard seemed to have gotten singed in a few places but the old man didn't seem concerned. Whatever strange things that occupied his mind had him staring straight at the wall on the other side of the room.
  6. Rorak was not the happiest of campers. He wasn't a normally happy Dune Fey to begin with, but he was especially cross as of the moment. The one leading the Crescent Destroyers was at best, a greedy incompetent moron. It didn't take a genius to see the job was a suicide mission, but a suicide mission was exactly what Rorak wanted to sign up for.

    The battle didn't exactly start out in their favor, and it continued to go down hill from there. As soon as the Calvary began to flank their positions it was obvious that it was a losing battle. The leader of their mercenary company was cut down during that charge, he couldn't exactly feel bad for the guy. A blithering moron more concerned with the payout then his own men at arms, he got exactly what he signed up for. But Rorak didn't.

    No, he was denied his fitting end, staring down adversity, going down while taking down as many of those bastards as he can. It was supposed to be his time. But instead, a job that was supposed to end all of his troubles ended up only being the beginning of them. And that was because a white scaled Drake woman wanted to play hero and drag him away from his fate. Did she think she was saving him? Was she expecting a thank you, does she think he should be grateful? Why even rescue a nearly dead Dune Fey that was way past his prime?

    Growing tired of glaring at the drake, Rorak pulled out an old ivory pipe and began to toke at it, blowing the smoke into the air around him. This was going to be a long day wasn't it?
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Arthoran Felfaran had staggered into the Tavern completely caked in blood (that thankfully wasn't hers and just the blood of those that had gotten in her way during the retreat from the battle), which were caused by her now bloody blades. She had taken a seat along with the rest of who was left from Crescent Destroyers with Snow Fey looking downcast at how the battle had gone, even if still trying to be a little up-beat, all things considered.

    While she had performed admirably in the face of the odds encountered, even she had to retreat like everyone else, for while it was heroic to take such odds with an army as support, it was suicidal to carry on fighting when everyone else was fleeing the battle. While her code demanded bravery, bravery was not carrying on when death was the outcome and without gain or honor in the process.

    With her pack by her newfound chair, her part of the table clear of any drink and her swords either placed to one side or kept in their sheaths, she then looked at everyone else and asked, and her somewhat nervous social side of herself came out with:
    "Well, even if the battle was an absolute disaster, well, we can't allow it to define us, as well it's not like it's that much of a failure in grand scheme of things, as we're alive and all that. So.... I don't suppose we'd be well, would we be up for working together as a band rather than just drifting around, and you know, hoping to find better luck elsewhere? I mean, we all know each-other, to various degrees and so..... Well, doesn't make sense to keep together?"
  8. @The_Raven "Seline, nice name." he nodded, taking another swig. Smoke looked at her and studied her for a moment, starting to see she looked pretty tense still and he doubted it was because of the battle they fled from. "Hey Seline, you uh ok? Its just tavern, you ain't got much to worry about here." The little black kobold assured her. He can only guess she was more used to living in isolation and not around a lot of people. Meanwhile Valla turned around to the Silver drake with the wraps around his fists and half of one of his horns was missing, who was bleeding quiet a bit. To the point where it was on the floor. @Wata "Uh...hey...guy. You want some healing done? You're know, bleeding. A lot. Onto the floor." She inquired unsurely to the rather intimidating fighter, and now seconding guessing herself after just getting nothing but glares from the Dunefey who seemed to be taking a break with his pipe. Both of Valla and Smoke turned their attention to the Snowfey, hard to tell due to her being completely red instead of the usual white coloration you would expect, who suggested to stick together still. @Maleth Valla was the first to speak. "I mean, yea that sounds like a smarter idea. We didn't really have a place in mind to go to. What about you Smoke, want to continue merc work?" She asked him. Smoked looked like he was thinking for a minute before sighing and nodding. "Hell if I know where to go next, but what you choose I go with anyways remember?" To which Valla nodded.
  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Sui came to when he was spoken to. He chugged his newest ale down and smiled warmly.
    "I do not mind if you are offering it. I've grown used to pain too much it seems that I ignore injuries." He chuckled. @BuriasDempsey

    Sui overheard the talk of keeping up the merc band by Arthoran. He had seen her fighting and about the company but never really gotten to know her that better.
    "Seconded, I will join any new band forming, ours was of solid folk. Leadership on the other hand arguable."
  10. @BuriasDempsey Seline looks at the little thing in her lap
    "I don't like many people, people mean danger, i want to burn them"
    she finishes her soup bowl of ale and then begins fiddling with her blade before looking at Athoran @Maleth
    "I've never seen a snow fey before, why are you so pale? were you hurt?"

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