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Memes of Frustration

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rhoomba, Mar 20, 2017.

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  3. Kills vs players where all the EXP is at. Guard your Rhino = crap exp. Guard the objective = crap exp. Squad mates spawn from your Rhino = ZERO exp. Destroy enemy vehicle = crap exp. Revives = crap exp, Heals = Crap exp.

    Revives and heal exp are a joke. Considering how fast everyone dies with such horribly low TTK. You're lucky to get a heal off most of the time. Healing and reviving Exp should be doubled or tripled.

    As much as we begged and pleaded the duration of Alpha to see team work and squad play be encouraged via EXP gains it's all about the leet killz on the scoreboard. With idiotic health bars over enemy heads and kills ruling the scoreboard we're inching closer and closer to "insert name of generic shooter here".

    Melee Supports were a nice concept but with such low TTK, such weak buffs, such woefully squishy melee supports, such a limited range of support abilities per loadout, and the fact that 3/4 Support classes are melee builds and the fact that melee in EC is a train wreck, the Melee Support as a concept is dead.
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    I'm fine with the lore and RP. Some of it must be confusing to new players though. They'll learn.
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    Remember when you got 1500 points for a cap? Back before the points meant anything?
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    The XP weightings could do with some tweaking. For example Executes reward far too much for doing something that's usually very stupid in the presence of the opposing team. On the other hand I've stopped so many attempted executes on teammates it must have been worth several requisition items by now.

    I'm torn.

    Reward the stupid thing that makes players do the stupid thing so I can get the easy reward from stopping them doing the stupid thing.


    Reward the right things more in the knowledge that players will still have to kill each other to achieve them anyway and it will lead to more objective play.

    The last one. Definitely the last one. /unconvincingpokerface
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    That one guy in the front didn't even put on his underwear.
  9. vehicle kills exp = crap.
    allow me to just put this right about.. here.

    2 Kills.jpg
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  10. Thana Thana Curator

    there is no date or patch number attached to this picture, it could have been a 1 thing only map. You better have more evidence and or video footage to back you claims. Also did you not claim you where guildless? I can't do much with this. I could also just post a random picture and go, HA! Is that even you?

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