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Meme It! (workshop/ Requests)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Dave-HTE, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Hivespirit HiveSpirit Drill Abbott

    I got this idea that if EC penetrated into the massmedia alot of people will invest in EC and well get alot of content and features, if the devs does their jobb well. If we brain dump our creation ideas and work together to bring them to life, then we would have the power to generate alot of new EC interested minds, which we can host ourselves in.

    This is a place for creating meme's, media, pictures, audio, animation aso for EC to promote EC in various ways, reach new audience and entertain. The focus is to create in various ways, from scratch or reuse material. Yes its nice with inspiration, we got the general meme topic with 3k+ posts and more on the web, but here we deal with new creation. Please refrain from reposting other peoples old work, unless its new (unless they want to post it themselves ex: "nah im not finished yeat"). Also please refrain from posting things that has nothing to do with EC, we want a connection with EC with our create here (its that fine line tho "when its to hard to get"). Mock-up's are totaly fine, throw something together to give the rest of us the idea to improve it later on.

    Why are meme's important for EC?
    *Culture and international exchange is pervasive. Strengthen EC's virality; show others that theres more to us/ EC than just a game, we're a viable, vital culture, aso. Expand EC's internet society, show more facets/ aspects of EC, give our evolving culture and sub-cultures phenomenon's descriptorss, a voice, a face. Get more cultures across the digital and international boundaries aboard the train, get them to show us their concepts/ to further tell us the story/ the advent of viral ideas/ EC on social media, as well as global exchange and connectivity.
    *They make great social media fodder by attracting traffic, like's and link's, great marketing.
    *They're quick and easy to create.

    Why should we make meme's for EC?
    *Sharing our/ W40K's/ EC's cultural idea's, symbol's or practice's will get us more people involved/ interested in us. Meme's travel from person to person quickly, transmitting idea's; spread the word of EC. Advertising EC thru meme's will generate more interest which will raise money through syndication"; bring in more customers for EC.
    *To make a "game political" statement to developers; regarding what we think about certain development decisions, aso. Also promote awareness of current events and issues to the community.
    *"To spread pro- or anti-religion messages"; far-fetched, in this case religion to an opinion or "love" for a faction/ faction gods, aso.
    *To Poke Fun at Your Personal Friends (the game itself, or alike, no bullying tho).
    *Because you're angry that other people can make unremarkable photos famous!
    *For the challenge of It.

    How does this benefit me, how does it make my life better?
    *To get more people involved will bring more minds together, more people that can take initiatives as we split the burden and get more knowledge in the loop. With more interested, more people will probably invest in EC, more investment means more features/ content for you in the end.
    *You could learn something on joining this ride with us, for exampel: editing and to be creative in various ways, insight in how other people create/ edit.
    *You get to help EC (assuming you like or "love" EC).

    Why are meme's so effective getting peoples attention/ popular?
    *They're perfect for the relatively short attention span's of the internet generation.
    *They require very little effort to interact with, read, acquire, understand.
    *They're funny and to the point.


    Step 1: Post your image/ idea along with ALL information about what it is you're requesting/ imagining/ your idea. Once this has been done..

    Step 2: Scan though the rest of the messages in this topic and see if there is anyone that YOU can help out with.

    Step 3: Thank the user that filled your request!

    PS: Your welcome to link/ explane what techniques/ guides you used, spread/ share the knowledge! =)



    • Photoshop (image editing, and more).
    • GIMP
    Sound/ Audio
    • Adobe Audition (sound editing).
    Animation/ Video
    • Adobe After Effects (animation? compositions).
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (video editing).
    • Vegas Pro 13 (video editing).
    Recording/ Encoding
    • Nvidia Shadowplay (capture, record videos from screen, desktop (ex: live twitch, gameplay footage).
    • Adobe Media Encoder (encode for youtube; faster processing).

    Requesting knowledge/help: (guide, program, someone do it for us, aso)
    • Someone photoshop skilled.
    • How to put in a meme face in a motion.
    • Ideas for memes and text.

    Current knowledge/ guides

    Youtube Channels
    • Surfaced Studio (VISUAL EFFECTS AND FILM MAKING, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop, Steinberg Cubase and Adobe Audition).
    • Bai (video editing to audio production).
    • Terry White (Adobe Creative Suite Design & Photography Tutorials).
    Image Editing
    Video Editing

    Sound Editing


    Feedback will be added along the way.

    Ideas, Memes, Production, Events

    1. Warpy, Need a background pic of warpy with better resolution, ideas on text and visual?
    warpy-the.gif warpy-the2.gif
    2. 50 shades of spandex/ pokemon Spandex (red, blue, yellow, crystal, black, white, gold, silver, sapphire, ruby, firered, leafgreen, emerald, diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, sould silver, bacl/ white 2, x, y , omega ruby, omega sapphire, or.... gw paint colornames). Spandexmon. SpandexSmurf.
    3. Eldar - d cannon, "give them D", "spare them no D", "everyone gets D", "no one gets away un-D'd", "plenty of D for everyone".
    4. The brent, slurping tea. Ork SLUUURP!
    5. Tyranid with ballz, lets cut out the hand (done), set him in another environtment and "paint" him (1st ready).
    6. Baba Ji.
    7. Only one comforter in the bed?! What does the astartes/ inquisition has to say about that?
    8. Somethings touching the friers teflon, Heresey! (risingly loud). -||-
    9. Dinners served, all jury pets arise. Push hard to make a connection.
    10. S4 meets/ dates 6. Iphone s4 got an EC case/ shell, s4 hits on 6 , 6 asks something like "looks nice, whats on your back?", s4 responds with a spin kick "THIS IS ETERNacruSADE!!!". 6 falling of the cliff/ table/ into the pit/ the warp/ "tyranid mouth". So, its two phones in this scene, either still pic or motion (need help with the cutting ( putting in meme "faces"/ text during the motion part if that is to happen)).
    11. "My cup's Eternal Crusade, whats yours?" IRL scenario, mixed or toon's (colorful drawing)? IRL with 40k cut in helmet could work.
    12. "Nightshift / night cappers /zombies / vampires".
    13. Its probably original from EC/ Valrak & co (or was it Ideas McGee?)
    14. Sidegrades.. by Bladerunner777, me + some more.
    15. W40k + harry potter..
    16. Grayboxes.
    17. Continent dance.
    18. IG Ipads for all sm's! From a livestream show, got the pic somewhere on the computer.
    19. Feed Tyranids as if they where your pets, or on zoo? At the zoo we got to have orks..
    20. Hello kitty katie, Nathan told Katie in a livestream "kitty kill him", kitty could shot of brents head.
    21. Battlefield + 40k.
    22. CS + 40k style.
    23. "Pokemon (W40K:EC) card maker".
    24. Gangster + 40k.
    25. Snorting warp dust.
    26. What kind of warhammer would celebs be?
    27. Pokemon theme song "born to be a winner", should totaly change to "born to burn" and put chaos heads on them.
    28. Imperial Guards requestiong more clear answers: "Plz be more concrete" , then a thunderhawk or alike drops a pre manufactured building/ "strategic war object" at/ beside/ fills him/ burries him.. or something like that.
    29. Warhammer the melody festival in some way, Concheta.
    30. Which warhammer makes the best cynism/ "cynism increasing" meme?
    31. What kind of warhammer are the different religions?
    32. Draw a warhammer on a dusty car that needs washing badly, then photo it and upload it.
    33. Hormagaunt comes into your irl situation, what do you do? defend/ attack.
    34. Hype train - autobahn.
    35. "Our grenades/x will blot out the sun".
    36. W40k/ EC + cow lvl (diablo).
    37. Lens flare, everywhere! From a livestream with to much LF.
    38. Khain & fist (imperial, IG).
    39. Word-bearer, litterary.
    40. D-cannon - tony montana.
    41. In-game psychers = irl psychos.
    42. Jon snow on nathan? - special face ~39. I dont remember this one, ill have to get back to you later.
    43. Communities at war/ mods at war.
    44. Giveaway winner - feeling.
    45. Expression, "for the craft world (emperor)".
    46. X person - cynical aura/ halo/ forcefield.
    47. X person could be Nathans centurion (if the emperor had a text-to-speach device).
    48. What date for lunch (launch)? Lunch date?! Date lunch me!
    49. Fishy astartes requesting you to "Join his "Company" (harem or so)".
    50. Assault marine flew thru the wall in a livestream, got the pictures on the computer.
    51. Nocolas Cage & w40k.
  2. Serg Serg First Blood!

    I created some images this weekend. It is something like join us poster for every faction. Everybody is free to use them:
    Join craftworlds.png
    Join dark gods.png
  3. Serg Serg First Blood!

  4. Serg Serg First Blood!

  5. Serg Serg First Blood!

    Adding 3 new memes. This are dedicated to our bellowed dev team.
    EDIT: Reuploaded images to new server.
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  6. To commemorate the Space Marine vote we also need a meme of a Raven Guard marine literally throwing an Iron Hand under a bus while shouting,
    "Solidarity My Brothers!"

    ...oh, and Birdrak
    Birdrak Primus.jpg
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  7. Kor'El Es'Tau Ar'Kais Korel Well-Known Member

    Lol!!! I literally spat out my coffee in laughter when I saw these pics. :D

    Very well done Serg. :cool:
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  8. Serg Serg First Blood!

    Thank you. I just confirmed that Nathan is really emperor and Ellison protects. :p
  9. Farseer Caerys Caerys Arkhona Vanguard


    1. Thou shalt not refer to the Adeptus Soritas as "Bolter Bitches," nor shalt thou go anywhere near our sisters during the time of their "Red Rage," lest thou wishes to be the first human to enter orbit without the aid of a shuttle.
    2. Thou shalt not comment on the odd shape of the Inquisitor's head.
    3. Thou shalt not do "wheelies" or "donuts" on you bike.
    4. Thou shalt not have a "kegger" on the eve of battle, thus making yourselves less effective on the morn.
    5. Thou shalt not refer to the Almighty Emperor as "The Righteous Dead Dude."
    6. Orks are not "cute!"
    7. Thou shalt not make jokes about the Imperial Guard's weapons.
    8. Thou shalt not refer to the Rhino transports as "pimp wagons," nor shalt thou use the phrase, "If the Rhino be rockin, don't come a knockin."
    9. The Chapter Master is not a "drag".
    10. Thou shalt not check to see if your bolt pistol is loaded by looking down the barrel!
    11. Thou shalt not go on panty raids into Sister Of Battle monasteries.
    12. Thou shalt not use thy scope for anything outside of battle. Anyone caught using them to spy out life mates shalt lose privileges.
    13. Do not sell thy extra organs on the Black Market.
    14. Though it is entertaining, thou shalt not wave a fly swatter near the Tyranid fleets.
    15. Thou shalt not use thine chainsword as a backscratcher.
    16. Thou shalt not use thine pistol as a q-tip.
    17. Thou shalt not attempt to imitate heathen noise marines with "heavy metal" or "death metal" through thine com-speakers.
    18. Although tempting, do not attempt to give a Tau a "high-five�.
    19. Thou shalt not laugh at how small IG men are.
    20. Thou shalt not bend to the will of nerds playing war games, and act upon your own free will.
    21. Thou shalt not tap the glass on the Dreadnought.
    22. Thou shalt not feed the Orks.
    23. Thou shalt not transmit images of unclothed Sisters through the Astropaths.
    24. Thou shalt not advertise on thine armour.
    25. Thou shalt not wave fake skulls at the Berserkers.
    26. Thou shalt not wave a red flag near a Chaos Dreadnought.
    27. Thou shalt not tape pictures to your armour.
    28. Thou shalt not release spiders inside the dreadnought.
    29. Thou shalt not use they bolter to kill bees.
    30. Thou shalt not sniff warp fumes.
    31. Thou shalt eat thou rations.
    32. Thou shalt not steal thy commander’s dinner.
    33. Thou shalt not take the Predator for a walk.
    34. Thou shalt not use the land raider to pick up chicks.
    35. Thou shalt beware of strange noise in back of thy land raider.
    36. Thou shalt guard thy bolter when camping with Imperial Guard.
    37. Thou shalt not use bug bomb against the nids.
    38. Thou shalt not play Internet games with Tzeentch.
    39. Thou shalt not e-mail the emperor.
    40. Thou shalt not e-mail the Emperor spam.
    41. Thou should beware of thy Lictor behind cardboard bushes.
    42. Terminators and glue do not mix.
    43. Thou shalt not spray paint armour to make it look cool.
    44. Thou shalt not have water gun fights with lasguns. (the guard needs them)
    45. Thou shalt not juggle power weapons.
    46. Thou shalt not hide video links in the Sisters of Battle's monastery.
    47. Grenades are not water balloons.
    48. Thou shalt not use insect repellent against Tyranids.
    49. Thou shalt not use waterguns against Necron.
    50. Thou shalt not piss on the Iron Halo.
    51. Daemons are not your friends.
    52. Barney the Dinosaur is not your friend.
    53. Barney is a heretic.
    54. Barney merchandise are simply prohibited.
    55. Barney is not a Tyranid
    56. Digimon are not in the 40K universe. Really.
    57. Digimon are not affiliated with the Necron.
    58. Pokemon are not Digimon!
    59. Pokemon are not fun to play with.
    60. Thou shalt not steal candy from babies/orks/gretchin/Commissars.
    61. Don’t play “Truth or Dare� with Sisters.
    62. Don’t play “Spin the Bottle� with Sisters.
    63. Don’t play “Hangman� with the Inquisitor or Berserker.
    64. Thou shalt ignore strange voices in your head.
    65. Thou shalt not put a cork in the Inquisitors pistol.
    66. Thou shalt not use the Lasgun as a flashlight.
    67. Thou shalt not hide the Land Raider in a lake.
    68. The Land Raider is not a hotel room!
    69. Spiking the beer is forbidden.
    70. Shotguns are not practice guns.
    71. Lasguns don’t make cool disco lights for your party.
    72. Pixie wings are not jump packs.
    73. Thou shalt no replace the Librarians staff with a "Magician’s Wand�
    74. Thy shalt not tip the Terminators over during battle.
    75. Thou shalt not attempt to kill Tyranids with Mortein.
    76. Thou shalt not do it to @#%$.
    77. Thou shalt not do it to Nurgle (who would?)
    78. Thou shalt not refer to Lasguns as torches.
    79. Guard will not be referred to as 'spotlighters'
    80. ‘Murder in the dark’ is prohibited when Chaos forces are captured.
    81. Thou shalt not make fun of Chaos’ rusty Power Armour. (We need someone decent to fight with)
    82. Thou shalt not do Spock impersonations around Eldar.
    83. Don’t give ‘Fairy wings to Eldar’
    84. Thou shalt not make liposuction jokes around Eldar.
    85. Thou shalt not return books late.
    86. Thou shalt not trade thine bike for a skateboard.
    87. Thou shalt not ignore the Chaplain as he recites the tales of Spot the Dog.
    88. Putting corks into the engines of a Landspeeder is not funny.
    89. C-3P0 is not a Necron ambassador.
    90. Darth Vader isn’t the son of Abaddon.
    91. Thou shalt not stay awake after “lights out� unless expressly ordered.
    92. Thou shalt not use the sentinel Powerlifter as a babe-magnet for the sisters.
    93. If thou lose thine hand you shalt not nab one of the Imperial Guard.
    94. Thou shalt not waterfight with civilians.
    95. “It makes a funny noise� is not an excuse for punching Imperial Guardsmen.
    96. “He started it� is not an excuse for punching Imperial Guardsmen.
    97. Thou shalt not get a Sister intoxicated for thy own pleasures.
    98. Thou shalt not play monster with Orks.
    99. Thou shalt not taunt a Dreadnaught within reach of his foot by calling him "The Tin Man" from “Wizard of Oz�.
    100. Thou shalt not sexually harass the servitors even if they won’t notice.
    101. Thou shalt not have an ice cream Superfantasical Day.
    102. Thou's name is not GiX.
    103. Thou shalt not smoke/inhale/inject illegal pharmaceuticals into thy holy body even though your advanced physiological structure could probably withstand the effects.
    104. Thou shalt not put "Ecstasy" in the punch when Battle Sisters arrive for a formal meeting with the Chapter's Authorities.
    105. Thou shalt not practise vampiric tendencies despite your urge to do so.
    106. Thou shalt not howl when the Chapter Master bends over. (Full Moon Out Tonight!)
    107. You shalt not dare others to eat that squiggly thing.
    108. You shalt not comment on being a better shot then the inquisitor.
    109. The chaplain is not too preachy.
    110. Gambling for grots is not allowed.
    111. Your sergeant is not a pugy bastard.
    112. You shalt not smack the sister’s butt and then wink at her.
    113. The lab research Tyranids are not for emergency rations.
    114. Thou shalt not take the emperor titan for a spin.
    115. Thou shalt not use a flamer to cook a whole cow and leave none for the others.
    116. Thou shalt not set fly strips outside your tent in a Tyranid war zone.
    117. Thou shalt not wear Lord Commander Dante's Death Mask (or any Death Masks at all for that matter) on Halloween, any other masquerade parties or for fun, when not in battle!
    118. Thou shalt not try to see how much a Death Company marine can take (physical and/or psychical)!
    119. Thou shalt not put "tags" on the Holy Shrouds and/or Banners or write on it in anyway at all.
    120. Rico’s Roughnecks are not real.
    121. Thou shalt not over-charge thou bike!
    122. Thou shalt not use the over-charged engines for "drag-racing"!
    123. Thou shalt not have a Blood-party (as in tea-party) with Mephiston during battle!
    124. Thou shalt not play "no blinking" with Mephiston!
    125. Thou shalt not give Tycho an Ork for his Birthday (or any day at all for that matter, or speak him about Orks).
    126. Thou shalt not release Morriar from his restrainment or tap in his vital liquids!
    127. Thou shalt not ask the Sanguinary Priest for something to drink!
    128. Thou shalt obey these 10 commandments! (Isn't it hard counting when being a scout?)
    129. Thou shalt not use thy Jump Packs to "fry your diner"!
    130. Thou shalt not use thy Jump Packs to get “KFC� or “Macca’s�.
    131. Thou shalt not kill each other because "thou are the real Sanguinous".
    132. Thou shalt not make wounds to resemble the wounds of thou mighty Primarch...the Chaplain paint these on your armour!
    133. Thou shalt not "make bunny-ears" with thy fingers behind the Chaplain whilst he gives battle-orders.
    134. Thou shalt not indulge in squig eating contests.
    135. Thou shalt not fake death in order to get blood from the Sanguinary Priests.
    136. Thou shalt keep thou armour on, although thou might think thou are invincible, thou DO need thou armour!
    137. Thou shalt not fall asleep whilst the Chaplain is in prayer.
    138. Thou shalt not use thy weapons upon thyself, thou still can get hurt.
    139. Thou shalt not jump out in front of the Rhino to get into the fight whilst still in motion...wait for orders to disembark!
    140. Thou shalt look both ways before crossing the street.
    141. Thou shalt not try to "steal" assaults away from battle-brothers....they are allowed some fun too!
    142. Thou shalt not use thy multi-meltas to light campfires. (In a similar manner, thou shalt not use the Terminator Captain's chainfist to open tins of baked beans)
    143. Thou shalt not make jokes about the Tyranid's mighty One-Eyed monster (eye, pirate matey... guk!).
    144. Thou shalt not mistake the Harlequin's Kiss for some fruity clown prank.
    145. Thou shalt not light cigarettes near the Hellhounds.
    146. Thou shalt not bribe the Inquisitor to bring down Exterminatus on your ex-wife.
    147. Genestealers ARE NOT trying to rob you of your denim trousers.
    148. Thou shalt not chase thy Gretchen with a fork.
    149. Thou shalt not call the firearms of the Imperial Guard “Sega Lock-Ons�.
    150. Thou shalt not call the Adeptus Arbites “pigs� or “the filth�.
  10. Hivespirit HiveSpirit Drill Abbott

    I liked quite a few of them, those based only on "that you get it if you know lore/ the "stuff" behind it" will make fun internals for our existing fans, those more anchored to irl/ human history would be nice for gaining new audience, such as:
    143. Thou shalt not make jokes about the Tyranid's mighty One-Eyed monster (eye, pirate matey... guk!).
    146. Thou shalt not bribe the Inquisitor to bring down Exterminatus on your ex-wife.

    PS: Topic intro updated, not final tho, still alot better than before.
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