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Melta Gun Calculations

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rheeva, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

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    Rui M.
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    I did not quote you so calm your tits , ur not the center of the world kiddo
  3. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    If you don't want to see my content, this forum has a 'block'-option. Until then, if you make a stupid comment, you get a stupid response. Especially if it is on my thread.

    Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard.
    It's, you know, if someone thinks they are losing because other people hack but the source of the problem is somewhere else entirely...
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  5. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    You make so many stupid comments, you get stupid responses. and you keep doing it. so lets do a favour to one and other i don't comment you and you do the same with me with me.
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    Found it so we only have to choose the person and make "ignore". easy.

    For real what a nice option :) this forum just got allot better.

    Rui M.
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    how is she supposed to tell you if she's not able to reply to your comments ?
    Logic is difficult sometimes
    click on the name and click ignore gg
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  7. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Hi Rheeva, good to see someone else involved in the true Eternal Crusade, which is trying to put numbers to the Melta Gun mechanics.

    I have spotted an error with yours though, and I'm pretty certain my own number is correct as I pulled it straight from Behaviour's sheet:
    • Multimeltas of all varieties have a 0.7 second wind-up, not 1 second.
    I also have different numbers elsewhere, but those are more subjective, so I can't say for certain whether I'm right or you are there.

    However, here are my observations:

    @zaroichi and I tested the time each weapon took to overheat as well as the amount of damage a given weapon would deal in a given space of time (since most Melta weapons will kill any target with a full burst we had to do partial bursts except for pistols).
    • Fusion Pistol:
      • Heat/tick*: 1.5, overheat per tick*: 5%, time to overheat: 2.7s
      • Heat ticks/second: 7.41, heat/second: 11.11
    • Fusion Gun:
      • Heat/tick*: 2, overheat per tick*: 2.857%, time to overheat: 4.2s
      • Heat ticks/second: 8.33, heat/second: 16.67
    • Multimelta:
      • Heat/tick*: 2.5, overheat per tick*: 2%, time to overheat: 5.75s
      • Heat ticks/second: 8.7, heat/second: 21.74
    * Taken from Behaviour's data sheets, so definitely correct.

    --Heat ticks/second calculated as (100/overheat per tick) / time to overheat--
    --Heat/second calculated as heat ticks/second * heat/tick--

    Those didn't match our measured damage outputs though, so I had to think outside the box a little. We know how quickly the heat ailment increases from the above, but I had been assuming that it applies the damage at the same rate the heat ticks. Once I separated the two, I was able to come up with some pretty reasonable numbers that are within +/- 3% of my measured values.

    So I think the heat ailment ticks as above, but the actual application of that damage happens at 1.5x that rate. Once you stop firing, the target continues to take damage for half a second (half the number of damage ticks that weapon causes in 1 second).
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    0.7, right you are.

    It seems the main difference is that I counted the ticks and calculated the time to overheat and you measured the time to overheat and calculated the ticks.
    To get this right: you think the damage-ticks and the ammo-ticks happen at a different frequency?

    I noticed that my calculations seem off for extremely short bursts and get more accurate if its longer.

    The 0.5-seconds afterburn do not make sense. The 'life time' value suggests its always 1 second to decay.

    The Burning Light and the Legionnaire Bolter don't fit the picture. The ailment has different damage-values but it probably still follows the same, mechanical rules.
    If you can fit them, you got yourself an answer.

    One thing tho: Your post suggests you were using players, not dummies. Why?
  9. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Correct. I don't know if it actually does, but changing them to different values makes my numbers work.

    That number comes from testing. There's no way you're getting a full second of ticks after you stop firing. Check it yourself.

    I haven't performed any extensive testing on anything apart from the true melta weapons. For those weapons that have heat for ammo, I've just measured how long they take to overheat.
    I'd argue, though, that by unhitching overheat from damage heat, that makes these other weapons make more sense.

    Because a dummy has infinite health. We also measured how much health and armour was removed by bursts from the weapons.

    So, for instance, we know the Mastercrafted Fusion Pistol does almost exactly 350 damage in a full burst, because it removes the entire armour of an Autarch and no more, which is 350. You can't measure that from a target dummy. My calculated damage for that comes out at 352.


    Here's my own spreadsheet, by the way. I don't always have the Heat page visible, but it is just now:
  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    352 works out, actually.
    Is has to be a multiple of 8. I got 360.
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