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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rheeva, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. I doubt you spent 3000 hours ingame and also beeing a developer.
    You are blinded in tunnel vision with 75 PERCENT WOAH and refuse to see at raw ehp/damage stats. I wish to see BLOP - @Oan-Mkoll to be at balancing, not BLOP - Boltor.
    Also everything what eldar say you ignore. And constantly refers to pugstomp statistics... Ask your blops about what is OP really - eldar or stupidity of their enemies. More and more eldar need to rely on stupidity of opponents not at teamplay. Its not even funny. You risking to lose eldar almost. But who cares. LSM will be happy - may be they will start to whine at chaos stomping them 90% of games..
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  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    The fact of the matter is: It doesn't matter, it really doesn't. Balancing patches will affect balanced matches but you'd have to do something rather extreme to stop us from tearing apart newbies.
    Whether I get one bomb or two, a Tempest or no Tempest, a Hawk, TLASC or Banshee: I will always be able to destroy bad teams the same way I do now. The only part that changes is how well we do against the better enemies, which is part of the winrate but ideally not the part you want to change.
    The way we play, as a faction, is highly effective against mediocre enemies and you can't nerf that. Speed, lethality, teamwork, all of those are assets we have and we need and if you take that away, you destroy the faction's identity.

    I am actually surprised you buy into the whole 'Eldar OP'-meme. Your opinions are usually rather well aligned with Blop and they don't. I only have to look at your signature to know that you are proud at your performance, so I would think you know you can solve all problems with Eldar by 'shooting them in the head'.

    But, regardless: I have explained, a couple of times now, that we don't need buffs because we are the weakest faction (which we are) but for purely psychological reasons.
    And there is a reason the list I made for you addresses only off-meta assets, stuff we don't use. It should not make an impact on our winrate, only improve the overall quality of our experience.
  3. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    The "he GG'd my rhino" meme is dead :O!
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  4. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    Sorry but what does BLOP have to do with anything lol?
  5. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    Also, I'm done discussing this. I thought I could get through to you guys here but it really doesn't seem to work.

    Last try:

    This does not only affect ELDAR. It is for ALL Meltas. It's on **UAT** our **TEST** server.

  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Nothing really. But I know that their standards have a great influx on how you view the game. Or, it could be purely coincidental that you engaged in ADAD-memes when you did.
    But that isnt the point. And neither is your, personal view TBH, that (although positive) ad-hominem was out of place.
    Its just that I think you know the game well enough to not having to hide behind a win-loose statistic.

    Anyways. Could you possibly promise me one thing:
    Work with me or other Eldar to implement a small series of buffs into whatever patch hits us next?
    Not to specify yet, what, but whatever it is it would go such a long way at preserving or even restoring our faction.
    Just make a few meaningful changes that show us we still have a reason to come back to this game, thats all I am asking.

    Can't we just tone it down? Even a little bit here?

    Fuckin' hell, guys. Read back on what you're posting and think for a second.
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  8. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

    I want to see you more often for the Eldar faction, especially when you are not allowed to destroy enemy rino, and you are trying to protect the point with the last effort, but you have too little health for this, and you lose point.

    It is foolish to hide behind the figure of 75%, not showing at least the statistics of % of veterans/beginners in those matches.

    I have a great idea! Let's all those who have more than 1000 hours in the game - forcibly reduce their health and armor by 50%! This will be a good balance for new players!
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  9. Kriximus Lucifron Recruit

    All you do on these forums is whine, turning into thraxus/njord there buddy :^)
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  10. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    And saying that would already diminish backlash.

    If others will require 1 melta and at least 1 full melta burst, I'll be fine with it, but you've initially made it sound like its eldar exclusive nerf for both bombs.
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