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Melee makes me SCREAM! (Official response EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scoligrosis, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Doge TheAngryDoge Active Member

    Hey look this again.

    So how would the melee folks feel about the following:

    • Dbash
    • Smart Pistols (or give them the Flak Property of ACs/Quads if they're to shoot flyers down) and lock on.
    • Clanging that isn't hitting a wall or a vehicle with a weapon that cannot hurt it.
    • I-Frame Rolls (Speed up and increase roll distance to compensate)
    • The soft stun stagger of getting hit with a melee weapon (melee attacks still break channels like melta weapons, charging weapons, capping, rezzing and using items)
    • Melee weapons have equal speed (other than the fist)
    • Melee weapons have two damage values, base damage and trade damage (trade being you attack someone that is in a melee animation themselves)
    • Being hit by a melee weapon disables rifle tier and heavy weapons (can be a fixed value or even vary by weapon type)
    Bonus wish: JPA slams instead of stunning everyone in the radius knock them away and knock them down (with enough force to launch them over braced railings
  2. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    I don't really consider myself one of the "melee folks" as I try to stay diverse, but I'll give the list a once over.
    • Dbash: no. Maybe reduce stun times and remove the damage reduction on strong attacks, but i dont think totally removing it is a healthy change.
    • Smart pistols: maybe. I think that smart pistols are a helpful tool for new players learning the ropes in melee, but as time goes on i find i use them less and less. No to the flak property though.
    • Clangs: no. Durability needs to be a bit more important in melee. Removing clangs would make melee a huge mess.
    • I frame rolls: im torn on this one. Maybe just remove invulnerability to explosions? Maybe rolls just give damage reduction and stagger invulnerability instead of full on i frames? I dunno. Don't think this is an immediate concern though either.
    • Soft stun: absolute no. Removing this will just make ranged stronger. Why on earth you would want this is beyond me.
    As for the change list, well
    • Melee speed: maybe. I think that axes and maces should definitely be sped up, but not necessarily make everything the same speed. Maybe just fast enough that a fast attack will always interrupt a strong attack between any two weapons...
    • This kind of mirrors my idea for clanging, where i think impact damage should be used to calculate a certain amount of damage carrying through a clang, but only from the weapon with stronger impact. Weapons with equal impact would not carry damage through. In this way, a tac or dev could not stall with fa spam without risking some damage in the attempt.
    • As for weapons being disabled, this is kind of what the soft stun is for. Maybe add a short delay between going from melee to shooting, but i dont think it really would make much of a difference.
    • The jpa slam thing might be interesting, but would probably require new animations, and we all know how BE feels about animations ;)
  3. Doge TheAngryDoge Active Member

    I meant the whole thing as a package deal. Clanging is for melee centric games about dueling. This is a shooter. Someone else packing an automatic rifle will gun you down during your melee duel. Removing the defender's ability to stall and forcing him into going for his handgun lets the melee player both tie up firing lines for an extended period of time and puts him at a major advantage.

    Also the soft stun disables even the pistol which is ment for close combat. I've seen players roll back and lunge back in before you could finish them off with the pistol.

    Edit: I also left off one of the points of my melee rework suggestion. Attacks that whiff has a longer recovery time to prevent players from just spamming RMB like a muppet.
  4. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    To consolidate my screenshot.
  5. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Package deal changes like this would just be swinging the pendulum again. This is not how balance is achieved.
  6. Doge TheAngryDoge Active Member

    Most of the things the melee supremacists are screaming for would be a much larger pendulum swing than this. Also Ranged/Melee balance is not achievable in a shooter. Melee is either an ambush OHKO weapon or a humiliation tool to rub in your opponent's face how bad he is.
  7. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    I think TF2 strikes a pretty good balance...
  8. Doge TheAngryDoge Active Member

    Random Crit TF2? Balance? Because without random crits and the stupid 1001 weapon unlocks, melee in that is a humiliation tool except for the spy's knife. And arguably the pyro's axe which might still have a higher DPS output than the W+M1 thrower.
  9. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Some servers don't run random crits, and some weapons plain can't get random crits, but nvm.
  10. Torquemadra Recruit

    knife beats powerfist/axe/sword is beyond moronic, if melee get on top of a ranged player the rdps should be wiped.
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