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Melee feed back thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Trooper909, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Fryskar Fryskar Active Member

    Yes rolling makes the fire aliment bar do a hop downwards. It can save you after you killed a Melta/Multimelta guy or got hit by Napalm.
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  2. Wiggles Wiggles Menial

    Just got back from one of my adventures, guess I owe the devs a thumbs up and a cookie. Game feels and runs better and my Power Fist still smashes people's faces in... with fatal results :CSMIron:

    I better get rid of the Power Fist's tombstone now.
  3. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Melee, as a system, feels balanced and effective in the current patch, in my experience, save for the Power Fist needing some work to get it functional.

    As a JPA, hjowever, I constantly feel like I am fighting impossible odds. I rarely ever get a clean fight against a single target. There is always at least 1 other enemy to the rescue of my target. This makes extremely frustrating and rage-inducing situations where:
    • I am constantly shot at from every angle
    • I am constantly stunned or attacked from behind by enemies or allies
    • My targets very often make extremely narrow escapes on minimal health as I die.
    • I can not stay grounded for more than a second, meaning I have to use all my fuel in a short period of time just to not die.

    I feel this is a product of 3 possible things:
    1. Poor LSM teamwork. My JPA is a Space Marine. I feel like the other factions have better teamwork, and I am not receiving as much backup as my targets do.
    2. The minimap indicator when JPA's boost. It alerts every enemy within a large distance to my presence, and they usually all come running to take me out.
    3. My target-picking. Perhaps I should be picking my fights more wisely or looking for the enemies on the outskirts of fights to pick off.
    Obviously points 1 and 3 are not anything with the game. Point 3 I can try to improve on and see if it helps.

    Point 2 is my point of frustration really. I understand the jump pack is loud and very likely to alert enemies, but it really feels harsh to just have every single enemy in close proximity suddenly turn their guns on you the moment you hit space.

    Just to clarify, I don't think melee or JPA is ineffective. I don't want to be able to fight impossible odds. I just find these situations extremely stressful and it takes away from the enjoyment, for me, and I would like to reduce these situations. I don't want melee buffs or anything, right now... I just want reduced stress levels while playing my JPA.
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  4. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Put your 1000 Loadout Points into this and tell me how you go (damn awesome build)
    • Power Sword
      • Shock Field Generator (Damage mod for Power Sword)
    • Cursed Raptor Armour
    • Cult Blessed Jump Pack
      • 1 extra fuel cell for Jump Pack / 3 in total
    • Mark of Khorne :CSMWord: (swap this out for Mark of Slaanesh and try that out too on a separate slot, also pretty awesome)
    • Standard Bolt Pistol (because Smart Bolt Pistol is both worse and shameful)
  5. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Not a lot has changed for me in regards to melee. There is still a good chance that:
    • Strong attacks won't register
    • Swoop attacks will miss
    • Swoop attack will swing around to the front if I attack from the back
    • Strong Attacks will fall short of a roll
    • Strong attacks will fail to track at the last moment
    • Fast Attack spam works for enemies but not me
    • Damage is dealt to me instead of a clang
    • Melee buttons will simply not respond.
    • Boosting out of stuns or attacks seems to want to wait for certain animations to play out.
    I've not been able to one-shot anyone from behind with an unmodded power weapon unless they're already hurt. Overall, it feels like my hits do less damage - I saw a Raptor on about a quarter health and armour take two fast attacks and still have a sliver of both left.

    For some reason I can make MoS/MoK Raptor work, but Stormboy is a shitshow and Shieldbro is fun enough but lacklustre compared to what I can do on the Raptor. JPA seems about the same experience as Raptor.

    I do feel that I'm more able to finish a fight quickly if I catch a single target unaware though, so there's that. Overall it sounds like a good patch for melee with decent latency, as most of my melee woes can be traced back to latency and other server/netcode jankiness.

    @Rathael Sounds kind of like my JPA experience. I definitely have a lot of room to improve, but the issue seems to be that JPAs are just fine if they pull off an ambush, but if the target becomes aware of you too soon or has friends, it's difficult to get the kill off faster than you die. If I'm playing smart and the lag gods favour me, I often end up boosting out of there without killing anything.
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Well lets do it again...

    hmm[/QUOTE]m isnt the other way around?

    Same as the other post : the scorpion doesnt do everything well

    1st off "(429 backstab baby!)" saying that is stupid to achieve this you need to be stealth and backstab , 2 conditions , i can say PF strong : 1575 damage baby !
    I achieves nothing if you dont take the context

    I already destroyed that argument in the last post but i will do it again WITH MATHS

    So as quoted Gold armour scorpion has 26.98 ehp (against 100 pen ennemies) more than the JPA NAKED
    As a Pro melee player i dont need to tell you the story about JPA's Iframes on dashes right ?
    Now lets do it fair , the equivalent of gold eldar is red so a JPA with 250 LP red armour is : 295 ehp 120tough
    so it becomes 323.94 ehp against 100pen
    So 250 LP : 323.94 ehp JPA
    300 LP : 301.98 ehp Scorp
    And again scorpion is a ground assault not an airborn unit , so i will ask you politely again.... WHERES THE TANKINESS !!??
    . . . . . .
    If you engage a target with 0 fuel cell on your JPA its your problem not a problem in the fact that scorp is OP ... just saying ... a scorpion must run to go in melee , jpa can do the same
    "duck behind a wall and stealth again to re-position for attack" Until a grenade pops out and you are dead ... You must be blind to not see a stealthed scorpion , it doesnt work against good players

    Jpa are tankier than scorpions already debunked that , you just say something without any proof/evidence/math or whatever behind it

    Now you damage again "context" if u play JPA and kill heavies braced even a PF is viable and OMG YOU DO 1575 DAMMMAAGGEEEE ... C.o.n.t.e.x.t. Jpa is the best melee class in the game hands down ...

    What's the problem with turn speed ? its the same for every race but whatever try convincing you about the oposite, again if you fight and are not in full fuel its your fault
    Btw stop thinking that eldar speed is fucking Flash's rank of speed , its not slanesh runs fast Eldar is muh at most , and again out of cells ? your fault , its a part of the class to learn to manage Fuel

    Hey know what ? Scorpion is less tankier than Jpa --'

    Again :
    1st Tank : NOPE
    2nd Massive damage : Context or Nope
    3rd Unequaled levels of agility ... U must be kidding right ? "Incredibly powerfull stealth mechanic " not even close against decents oponents
    4th Break neck speed and hair trigger : It's really difficult to argu with you with the amount of bs thrown at the screen

    So to sum up : scorpion is easily visible less tankier than JPA and will only perform against unaware opponents (wich Stealth helps a bit against pugs)
    Jpa is tankier than Scorpion , has access to a LOT of weapons (axes maces swords PF bolt pistol plasma pistol grav pistol) Scorp? oh chainsword and shit eldar gun or hairdryer
    JPA can slam the ground stunning your target so you can have free fast attack , can clim buildings , go on roofs ,Iframes on jumps/dashes
    Yes JPA>Scorp even if Scorpion is a ground assault ... to sum up : Eldar Sucks

    Already rektified all this

    Now please read the post and then come say that i am wrong so we can continue instead of beign completely close to resonning

    Btw: your the only person that makes me do posts that big god i know what @ProteusVM feels now xxDD
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  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    I haven't really read any of what you say any more because to be honest, I really don't want to?

    Give me a reason to reciprocate in, positive, constructive conversation and I may change my mind as I don't respond to anything less.
  8. Needs more DAKKA!
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  9. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Powerfist is waaaaaaay over nerfed.I don't care how fast the sprint and roll attacks are they hit like a combat knife and its lame.

    You already pay crap tons of LP for the fist itself and to make roll attacks a thing you have to pay a crap ton more for +2 stam.Thats where the balance lies,in cost and having 0 survival gear unless you are Khorne of course.

    Its not like anyone said it was OP and its not like its overused like bolters or chainswords I can't see the point in nerfing it to the ground.
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  10. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Well they are still good in duel , if your opponent makes one mistake he is basically dead

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