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Melee Classes [Howling Banshee, Assault (Ground), Traitor Assault, Slugga Boy, Striking Scorpion]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Heironymus, May 9, 2017.


Most powerful "Melee-Focused" class in this current "Meta"?

  1. Assaults (Ground)

  2. Howling Banshees

  3. Traitor Assaults

  4. Scorpions

  5. Slugga Boyz

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  1. Main Topic: "Melee classes have been abusive in the past, but in the current meta these classes seem to be more tamed. With previous nerfs to melee, and the current 'Meta' focusing on a long-range approach, how do melee focused classes fair?"

    Possible "Sub-Topics"
    • How do the current weapons available impact the performance of the Melee classes?
    • Does the current LP (load out points) balance allow for the appropriate balancing of builds you can use?
    • Do current animation frames available impact these Melee classes ?
    • What makes one Melee class of a faction so different from one of another faction?

    Disclaimer: To get the community together and to promote playing each faction to gain different perspectives, I decided to make these threads that focus on every faction and how they can all be improved.



    As mentioned in a couple threads in EC, I whole-hardheartedly enjoy melee. I actually believe it has had some of the most memorable melee encounters compared to most games, even in the last decade.

    I know what you're about to say, "Dude, but the melee weapons suck right now!" and that kinda describes recent issues with melee. Only a fraction of Melee unique are usable, or at least, optimal against other veterans of the game. Yes, I know I could run around with a Torpedo Axe instead of a Burna Choppa!...

  2. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    MoK = Mark of Khorne:CSMWord: -I likes me teh blood?
    MoS = Mark of Slaanesh
    NCS = Necrotic Chainsword (Poison)
    MSL = Manslayer (Lifesteal Chain Axe)

    These are my most successful CSM builds, When I get home I'll put up LSM / Ork / Eldar.

    Firstly, before you do anything, make sure you load out with good latency latency, then add in a little massive amount of paranoid, stubborn determination and sheer force of will and your set.

    With Manslayer I use this against everyone but Eldar because slow weapons vrs Fast faction is suicide, otherwise requires proactive stealth, need to catch people off guard with this weapon because its so slow its easily countered)

    Necrotic Chainsword is the best Chaos Melee weapon, right up there with the Lashsword Scorpions get. I mostly use this.

    Tier 1 Armour = Freakout suicide builds, (you need to have drunk ALL the coffee for these)

    MoS + NCS + Tier 1 Armour + 4 Fuel Cells for Raptor
    MoS + NCS + Tier 2 Armour + 2 Stamina for Ground Melee

    MoK+ NCS + Tier 1 Armour + 4 Fuel Cells for Raptor
    MoK + MSL + Tier 1 Armour + 4 Fuel Cells for Raptor
    MoK + NCS + Tier 2 Armour + 2 Stamina for Ground Melee
    MoK + MSL + Tier 2 Armour + 2 Stamina for Ground Melee
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  3. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    I gotta say Scorpions, but that's only because only Scorpions ever manage to consistently kill me :v

    Everything that fails to close the gap with me dies, and Scorpions are the best at closing that gap. Yes I shoot JPA out of the air, you got a problem :cool:?

    To be fair though I wouldn't claim to be that great at melee. Although I main melee classes on my Chaos character, I can't really say that I'm a melee class since I spend more time shooting people with my pistol than actually making melee attacks.

    In which case you might wonder why bother playing melee at all if you ever do is shoot people? It's because when you wave a giant sword around people will automagically assume you're going to fight them in melee, so they pull out their knife. Jokes on you, I have a gun! Don't bring a knife to a gunfight sucker! I shoot them while they try to stab me (futilely because I'm out of range) and by the time they realize I'm not interested in a sword/knife fight they're already halfway dead before they can attempt to outshoot me with their main weapon.

    Everyone seems to have this instinct that the guy with a sword is going to engage you in melee before he backs off and shoots you. Fuck that jazz, shoot them first then finish them off in melee! It's the smart thing to do!
  4. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    For me it was a tie between LSM GA and Slugga.

    Slugga has awesome pistols, which give him a lot of flexibility. Plus he can cap.

    GA has a shield and is tanky. He is very hard to kill if played right.

    Both are good, just in different ways.
  5. Brosephelon Recruit

    Scorpion, its not even a contest.

    The lash is basically just a better NCS. While they are squishier than something like traitors, ground assaults, and sluggas instead they have cloaks which more than make up for it. The only thing really holding them back is their pistols which are shitty Eldar pistols, but when you have a pretty strong sword with 30 poison you can make do without.

    You can't get tanky enough to just run people down, you have to flank or somehow close the gap this lets Scorpions stand above the rest as they do that the best of the available options.

    If we discount Scorpions, I'd say its actually a pretty even playing field. Banshee, Slugga, Traitor, GA... they are all pretty comparable and have things they do better than each other its really about what you value and less about a pure power difference. I'd say GA and Banshee are a bit worse than Slugga and Traitor but not by a huge margin.
  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Directive one: Jetpack>Shield>Sidearm
    Directive two: Chaos Blades>>LSM Blades>Eldar Blades>Ork Blades
    Directive three: Ork Pistols>LSM Pistols=Chaos Pistols>>Eldar Pistols
    Directive four: Durability>Utility>Speed

    Combining all of those: Raptor>>JPA>Shieldbro>CGA=Slugga=GAP>Banshee>Warlock>Scorpion>Sorcerer>Painboi
    Although as for the support, I have counted only melee potential, not their primary function.

    In practice, it might look slightly different, for instance shieldbros are often better than JPA's and most Orks dont even try to be good at melee, as dakka is always superior.
    Of course skill ceiling and floor always vary aswell. For instance a shieldbro can be 90% successful by using 90% quick attacks (I tried it), but properly handling a jetpack requires some training.
    Chainswords (LSM, CSM) tend to be very effective with little effort, whereas other powerful weapons, as the power claw, are harder to use.
    Of course there are also undeniably broken wildcards like the necrotic chainsword.

    Finally some melee classes are designed more for duels and harrassement, others for larger scale brawling and frontline fight.

    Also: seriously people, scorpion? When was the last time you saw a scorpion score 40+ kills? A good NCS raptor on Zedek can do this all the time.
    Just because you are, appearently, not able to see through a really laughable cloak, doesnt mean the class is anywhere near viable. The only scorpions I have problems to see are the ones that step in front of my wave serpent.

    Last but not least: The best melee class is probably the traitor/tactical/shooter boi. Best CQC-weapon is a storm bolter. The normal bolter is not far behind.
  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    You mean that chainsword that kills you in 3 hits just like any other chainsword equivalent ?
    The poison doesn't really do anything except make the opponent freak out that he is poisoned.
    the killing blow will apply the 3d stack to actually get the poison to deal noticeable damage.

    it's just a chainsword... in many situations the Chain Blade Of Fury is superior thanks to its 200 damage Heavy Attack insta gibbing people.
  8. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    +1 poison is just here to panic the oponent so he does a mistake and die
  9. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    Gonna go Traitor Assault. Since melee is ass you're going to want to be able to do something else, and troops win wars.

    Necrotic chainsword is also burly.

    Edit: slugga boys could also fit in here but I haven't had as much success with them.
  10. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    An stealthy scorpion will always sneak uncap the point at the worst moment possible, then proceed to delay the interrupt as it kills the hurrying who do not pay attention to their surroundings.
    An literal shieldwall can be quite annoying if none brought any melta for use against it. Good thing the shield doesnt block lasers too.:CSMAlpha:

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