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Mechanicum designs: Necronish?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Dreadspectre, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Do you guys ever look at some of the Knights and various robot-y stuff they have for Mechanicum and think there's some sort of Necronish or even C'tan(assuming the Necrons look was actually a C'tan design and not their own) look to them? Considering it's been long rumored that a shard of a C'tan is at the heart of Mars this could be unconsciously warping their train of thoughts to not only become more machine than human but in their design of things as well?
  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Most of those designs are appreantly based on old STC which problem came from earth as things were centralized on earth back then according to lore. The newish ones that they "found a new variation of" are more human/robot mix which would probely be inflicted by the dragon hell the dragon scale armor, the fetish with upgrading their "weak flesh" are more like e necroms and the dragon then the old robot stuff
  3. The AdMech (and all of the Imperium, really) is pretty big on the skulls, but I don't think there's any real reason behind that.
    The appearance of the Necrons is (or was at some point in the fluff, at least) made to instil the fear of death in all living things, that's why they were made to look like skeletons.

    I don't think there's really a correlation between the two, unless the theory that the Void dragon is imprisoned on Mars is true HERESY *BLAM*
  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    The admech don't just blam no that's too wasteful insted they make you into a servitors
  5. Consider the following:
    -Void dragon has been on mars since the 900s
    -Dark age of Technology is after 900s
    -Stcs made during dark age of technology
    -Void dragon made stcs and DAoT confirmed
    In all seriousness though this is probably an example of the void dragon farming his army while he dreams. Also why giving your entire industry, ships, manufacturing, science, and advanced shit to one orginization is a really bad idea especially when not only do they worship that super evil technomancer dragon you beat a while ago but you also left it under their headquarters without telling anyone
  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Eh its because we are too busy fighting and decided the admech cants sounded cool


    and these robbed borgs must surely know what they are doing eh.
    In a serious note do we even know if the dragon could influence things much? i mean dark age of tech originated in Tera like most things (biggest library from Tera, central gov in Tera from what ive read of the lore). We know the dragon is on mars but if the STC originated on tera before mars then i doubt it could influence it.
  7. Well beyond the fact they look kinda like necrons, hate flesh, worship a "machine god", he is literally a technomancer dragon, and that he is there we don't know his level on influence. But the idea the second strongest C'tan can't even influence the nearest planet, especially when it is connected by space routes to his, is very silly. We do know however that it wouldn't be the first time an imperial institution fell under the control of a C'tan (see Mephretan and fast food assassins/ their blades). Consider the following for the DAoT though:
    -They came to worship science (and tech) as god
    -all that remains and survived was mostly on mars
    -STC was a big collection of designs that was updated as things came out, not just something that was made
    -Mars was the first world terraformed and is described as being "the first Hive World and a center of industry and scientific advancement" by lexicanum
    -Said dark age was brought to an end when the robots that were invented (that also just so happened to look like Necrons) nearly killed everything
  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    1) We know he can influence things ON mars but we dont know about his influence on tera. You gotta remember the emperor is on terra and he has been into the maze where the dragon is. So i doubt he would let anything too necrony into tera get trough easily.
    2) I thought the facilities were on mars as it was mostly Tera forming machines failed/ revolted and mars went back to natural but with wastes from industry and humans added into natural env. Knowledge was mostly with mars but luna and tera also had their fair share just that tera's facilities were fed over by the massive nuclear wars they had.
    3) From my understanding it was both (its gota be made as a template in the first place) which accessed a data base with x type of data and had an V.I or A.I that could make new designs to better help the colonists. Didn't they find STC of tanks and blades along with fragments of other things they cobbled together?
    4) Do we know if they do? Some of the books and the pictures in lexanium dont look much like necrons. Besides humans and necrons share the same bone structures far as we can tell. Also didnt it end when humans killed the last robots.
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    These are the first images of men of Iron that come up in a basic search. I kinda think they look like necrons, but I suppose what looks like what is all opinion based. For you points though....
    1) so is the officio assassnatorum. Didn't stop that smug asshole. And most of the Stc stuff came from humans I thought, not big E. I mean, if the 4 can just waltz in and steal his kids from Luna, a little influence and idea sharing here and there wouldn't be too hard.Especially when he was focusing on chaos at the time (i think he was knowledge of DAoT is not perfect)
    2)From what lexicanum says all they had left was some tech they crammed into fallout shelters and the shelters themselves, which is why they started worshiping it.
    3) the STC is (standard template construct) is basically an ikea how to build it guide for how to build everything man ever invented before the dark age ended. Which means there should be men of Iron in there somewhere. It was traditionally given to colonists to build up the planet and its defenses yes. It was a more trusting time, when you could give out baneblade instructions to anyone. Keep in mind this is pre-current era only though. Titans are not on it, as they are a post DAoT invention.
    4) see above but yes that's how it ended. I only said they looked similar, not that they were. They did kill them but they lost a lot in the war (which is why they hate AI) and then psykers happened so daemons everywhere AND THEN the eldar ruined everything by murder orgying Slaanesh into existence and suddenly warpstorms everywhere. I say they ended it because without the damage they inflicted and the infrastructure/lives destroyed (including said STCs) humanity could have taken the daemons most likely judging by the level they were at.

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