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Maybe Not Superiour... But Close

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by ZceeNook, Jun 29, 2014.


Is Cake Heresy?

  1. By the Golden throne ! HERESY!

  2. Nope.

  3. This is Stupid.

  1. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    I should explain.

    In my timeline The C'tan went and said: I can't reach all across the galaxy inflicting pain and feed enough: I can get some of my must potential slaves to Gather it for me.

    And then the C'tan formed a small trincket for the a chosen few of the necrons to allow them to channel their powers though these artifacts. And thous in tern feast though them.

    The point was that they were to be re united back into their bodies agian but the silent king had other plans and decided to Blow them into shards.

    Godless and seeing a huge drop in their power the Chosen went into hiding creating cults amongst the sentient Royal courts that still favored the old gods.

    These cults would contine to gather shards and they probaly is to credit for the Trnacendent C'tans that are combinations of several shards.

    The Necron you see here Is Gelexiha.

    Chosen of the Burning one... Burning... Fire... Fire burns...
    She can control fire... and also happens to have the GAZE OF FLAME that is nolonger canon but says:
    "The Gaze of Flame is part of the Necron Armoury and can be used only by Necron Lords. It makes the eye sockets of the Lord's skull death mask blaze bright white, freezing all who look at it. It steals both an assailant's speed and courage."
  2. Maensith Subordinate

    So this is the power of material universe, not the Warp?
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  3. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    Yes. Just some C'tan cosmic power
  4. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    So many things to do....

    But always time for another Selfpotrait...

    It is important to take time to admire yourself.
  5. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

  6. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

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  7. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    never think I posted the finished vertion of this
  8. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    Its a work in pogresss... but Guiliman gets it
  9. Maensith Subordinate

  10. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    Remind me to Punch every single Assassin there exsist.
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