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Mark of Tzeentch Sorcerer

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Sarise, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Havoc ComradeHavoc Well-Known Member

    If only bE had the oversight to have the marks give different things to different classes..... HMMMMMMMMM
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  2. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    MoT Sorcerer + Challenge Token + Servo Skull

    Can he survive more than 1 boltshell?

    More importantly: Can he die to the Skip Launcha?
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  3. Legends say, he even dies from beeing spotted by Q. But with downstate, so you can at least revive his cursed ass.
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  4. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Will he die to the defensive bash kick?

    EC... Where chaos-blessed superhuman space warriors start bleeding to death from a kick to the armoured chest.

    Aaaand they said they wouldn't include imperial guardsmen in the game. Guess it was all just as planned as a surprise. Now die hard fans can roll a class as tough as a guardsmen.

    Seriously I always though the mark effects were disappointing.
    • Mark of khorne is still packing more disadvantages than advantages, and still hurts the team on defense thanks to the ticket mechanic.
    • The lower stamina regen of Nurgle does nothing to make them seem slower and purposeful. I would like to see a toughness increase and movement speed reduction.
    • Slaanesh could have a minor speed increase on all actions to make it far more interesting... increased roll and attack speed for starters, on top of the movement speed. I don't really understand the validity of armour regen. Why not reduce health slightly instead... make them the twitchy, fast lower health chaos that are a bit closer to Eldar (matching their I5 in the tabletop).
    • Tzeentch I do not even know where to start. The armour thing makes no sense to me at all. Surely an increase in flat armour would make more sense than regen.
    I mean why armour regen speeds? Increased stamina regen or possibly even 1 extra flat stamina for slaanesh, so that they are mobile and twitchy... but why armour regen? It doesn't change the feeling of the class... it just makes you play peek-a-boo if you stack enough armour regen speed... or sit behind a rock for an hour longer while you wait for your armour to come back.

    The tzeentch mark on sorcerer really takes the biscuit. I dont think this is a problem with sorcerer armour... it's the marks having crappy effects.

    Tzeentch sorcerer should be packing more charge or charge regen or both. This would probably give even more incentive to use flickering fire instead of melee'ing.

    What does MoT do in the tabletop these days? Invulnerable save? Wouldnt it be cooler to have a sort of "cheat death" mechanic so instant death attacks leave you on 1 health or something to that effect?
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  5. Dolf Dolf Preacher

    God marks are joke, not to mention every current Chaos subfaction belongs to Chaos undivided. This "Chaos" feature needs complete rework aswell as how CSM look. I wonder whose idea was to add the two skull spikes on veterans, i would like to punch him in face for that. Can't see through it on longer ranges and constantly gets in way not to mention it makes you huge target.
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  6. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Personally id love to be slower but more durable with the Nurgle Mark on.
    Or perhaps we borrow from other games on how to make us slower, charge up time for a full speed sprint.

    If you played Planetside 2 you would recall how a MAX suit character couldnt go into full speed for sprinting on the spot, he would need to build up that speed for a few seconds before running as fast as the other classes. Id gladly take that mechanic in exchange for more durability on the MoN.
  7. Awesome Idea, especially you would finally notice a true downside to the MoN.

    For Mark of Tzeentch i would suggest an Invunerable safe.
    Say, once every X Seconds, you jinx a shot that would kill you, be it the Plasmacannon you got into the face, or one boltershot that would spell your doom or the last melee hit. This ability would recharge in like 15-30 seconds, Meltaweapons and DoT would totally circumvent the effect, as well as fast hitting melee (and with lower HP, it would even be quite effective) but you would be totally immune (at least once :D) against instakills
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  8. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Yeah that's basically to the effect of what I was thinking.

    Although in my head i thought of the "next killing blow" puts you on 1 health or something. It would let you tank 1 extra bullet against rapid fire weapons or melee strikes, and survive blasts from grenades or plasma... in exchange for whatever disadvantage seems suitable. I'd feel armor reduction would be fine with this sort of feature on the mark.

    Edit: wait... that's basically what you said isn't it. Yeah. We are in agreement then :D

    Also very much agreed. Marks changing the gameplay "feel" like this would be much more preferable to arbitrary stat changes that you don't have time to notice in-game.

    I mean in game terms, that's basically just devastator movement on all classes. That should be incredibly easy to implement in UE4, since movement rules for actors is determined in a separate asset. The movement mechanics for devastator/havoc will be an individual asset that can easily be re-used.

    We need a separate thread for this.
  9. Not exactly ^^ You say it should leave you with low HP, i say it should totally ignore 1 blow to safe your life.

    Let's say, you get shoot by bolter.
    In my vision, the effect doesn't kick in until the very last shot that would kill you, so you jinx that one, and die from the following one. No big difference, as bolter fires rather quickly, and you die faster because of -15% HP. So not a good mark to take against Bolter for example.

    Mark is especially bad against Poison or Melta Effect, as it would jinx 1 tick of damage, but the next one gets you.

    Now, the other Extreme, the Plasma Cannon. You are at full health, the Plasma blast hits you. It would instakill you, but now the effect kicks in and jinxes that one for you, and you survive this big-ass explosion without getting hurt at all! (Allthough, at the second thought, it should not protect your Armor-Bar, so you still take damage, but not an instakill to the face)

    In melee, this would also lead to some interessting effects. Against a fast Chainsword, the safe is not verry relevant, as the next hit that follows fast, kills you. And with your reduced HP, you are in a disadvantage against your opponent.

    But against heavy Weapons like the Powerfist, surviving 1 more blow can be a huge advantage.

    It would be verry tzeentchy i feel like, inconsistend across the different ways to die, either really usefull or totally useless. That's the changer of ways for you :p

    Balance this effect out with the ammount of time it takes to recharge the Invunerability safe, or adapt your idea, to only leave you with a % of Health&Armor or Health alone

    That's my vision ^^ Certainly not perfect, but i never stated so (at least i hope? o_O)
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  10. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    I would probably suggest that the Jinx does not affect the status effects at all or be consumed by them, to prevent those with poison or flame effects from hunting out Tzeentch marks to waste their Jinx out.

    I definitely like the jinx idea, probably more than my own, but for the sake of balance I'd say the drop-to-1-health idea sounds less frustrating for power fist and plasma cannon users. It would probably feel a bit gimmicky if the guy you just shot your plasma bolt at doesn't take a scrap of damage. You'd probably be left wondering if you lagged or something bugged out (also very Tzeentchian)... but if you see the damage go through but the guy is still standing, you think to yourself "fuck, it's a Tzeentch marked guy".

    Ah it's a shame this stuff will not likely make it into the game. I really want to see interesting and exciting god marks, but there never seemed to be any interest from the developers' side to make them any different to what they are now; arbitrary stats.
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