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Maps/Gamemodes Improvement Feedback

Discussion in 'Information' started by KharnVarus, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Yes it is not similar in deep mechanic but it's similar in the general "deliver something to location" concept except it's sort of backwards capture the flag if you get what I mean. That's why I said that we can use this nice concept/information, maybe worded it a bit vaguely though :)

    Again, thanks for your addition, especially since you cleared it out a bit more too.
  2. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    I was going to suggest last team standing but with a difference. Each team member has 3-5 lives (should find that sweet spot). Upon death players respawn in groups of five (like a squad reinforcing the battle) until no lives are left and the last team standing wins. No capture points.
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  3. There needs to be a solution to running out of transports on medusa (defender or attacker), torias (attacking), and blackbolt (just attacker). It's too easy to shred everyone on foot in those maps. It could be as easy as raising the rhino spawns.
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  4. Beatus Beatusx Subordinate

    Think about a little bigger map , never ending fight , 5-6 small outposts (bunker / trench like) , 2 faction, still 30 vs 30

    You drop in the game while the fight goes on. you get XP and Money by killing and holding the outposts.

    The XP rate doubles by the number of outposts you hold at the map. So you are being pushed to own more or the others will.

    Two of the factions are the defenders and attackers at the same time. You and your team choose what style you will play.

    This will bring absolute advantages

    1- You wont have to wait between matches
    2- İf you like the team you are in you can play much more together without leaving it.
    3- Friendships will grow as the common memories increase and the guild bonds will form stronger.
    4-You will know your brothers are defending your hard earn outpost while sleeping in your bed, not vanish in 10 minutes.
    5-You will bond to your ground , love your soil you stand with your fellows and defend it with your life and take it back what ever it takes!
    6- We will see ultimate Warhammer content (face to face-shoulder to shoulder) as no one will care about spawn points ,they are infinite because..
    7- Cosmetics will be more important to know your enemy and brothers well , because you will play hours at the same place with the same people.
    8- You will bring every bit of EXP and Credit you win while leaving the game no matter you play 10 mins or 2 hours.
    9- You will taste every ounce of the map as you spread along not a little partition of it (now maps are big but action takes only at capture points as there are no ammo boxes or objectives at other places of the map)

    We want to feel this Universe more , breathe in it...

    Give us the Eternal Crusade , give us the Eternal Fight!
  5. Chewdakka Regz First Blood!

    What about 5 point supremacy games? 30 a side and have 2 additional points on Medusa/Pegasus/Blackbolt - at least with medusa and black bolt there is plenty of unused map space you could add two small points to. That would make things a bit more mixed up and fun.

    Also - what about an "indoor" map - take the internal stuff from Torias refinery C point and medusa B point and limit it to bolt pistol and melee weapons fighting. Give the crusaders among us a fair crack at the whip to fight over 3 points (triangular layout supremacy) match. You could limit the allowed types to JPA (if youre nuts enough or had 2 storey map design), GA and Apothecary/painboy or the eldar equivalent. No Melta guns, grenades etc stealing all of the fun. Pure melee, close quarters type stuff.
  6. Chewdakka Regz First Blood!

    Vehicle maps also - single point to be held (obviously supremacy match), use the ruins from the external area of harkus and have TONNES of rhinos and predators on each side. Like 10 vehicles per side or more with a decent respawn rate. Make the map wide open but with enough cover for infantry to move between levels and give JPAs (and swooping fairies) room to fly but also provide infantry support to the tanks.
  7. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member




  8. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    1 life team deathmatch, but the only way to eliminate the life is through execution. Any other death will allow respawn.
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  9. Since we dont have actual territory changing hands, territory that's set down on a world map like you'd see in WWII Online or Planetside I propose we look at methods of implementing a workable version of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 Conquest game modes.

    Perhaps when we do have a world map and actual zones to battle over we could have "meeting engagement" or Conquest mode maps for certain sectors of the world map where two factions meet for the first time at the launch of a new campaign.

    Basically both factions start on opposite ends of the map with at a minimum of 5 neutral objectives spread out of a very large map between both factions. The system works off of tickets(total spawns available per side). The more objectives you own the slower the tickets count down. The more enemies you kill the faster the enemy tickets count down. The more you play smart, play as a team, the more you heal and revive squad mates the slower your tickets count down. The 30 to 45 minute timer rarely, IF EVER kicks in prior to the tickets counting down, though it should be the longest match mode on average.

    No more 10 minute match. At a minimum most Conquest maps in Battlefield last 30 minutes and it feels about right every match.

    Of course we would weed out and discourage the bad aspects of Battlefield Conquest(snipers ignoring match mechanics) and we would improve upon this match mode with tweaks of our own.
  10. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

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