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Maps/Gamemodes Improvement Feedback

Discussion in 'Information' started by KharnVarus, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator


    Gamemaster Gameplan

    This thread is aimed towards collecting feedback from fellow Eternal Crusade players about our ideas for the game, we also take NEW suggestions and welcome any constructive criticism and questions that we will try to answer. Give us the chance to improve upon our plans by telling us your ideas and your opinions on what has been done so far so that Eternal Crusade becomes a better experience for all of us!

    BEWARE: This list of features is NOT official, it is simply a list of ideas watched by the devs that will make it into the game if they get enough positive feedback, it is the very reason this thread exists, to make sure everyone is okay with our collective plans so the devs know that they have a green light on implementing them. As of now, this list is far from complete and is lacking a lot of things that players have proposed over the last few months. Therefore this post will keep changing as feedback grows and plans evolve so keep updated with the following roadmap!

    Also keep in mind, as a big part of EB will be responsible for arranging GVG matches, they won't always be done in a fancy way with fancy mutators and special events that are noted for GVG in this list. All of those are optional things that people can choose as will be mentioned and don't affect the regular arrangement of GVG in any way unless specified by participants. For GVG itself, don't go with this thread, use the Guild vs Guild arrangement subforum for that (Match Requests!), this is again is for improving the game in general and only SOME of GVG features.

    Lastly, ANY suggestions that make it into this list by someone else will have the name of the creator at the end, to be credited for it's creation as a form of respect...​

    • Game types
    1. Random Faction (GVG ONLY, OPTIONAL/SET UP) = If both guilds agree, they are able to participate in a match where a random faction gets chosen for both of the guilds, which would prove an excellent challenge and include a surprise element.
    2. Four-way fight/Three-way fight = Simply, all games of this type would be like Supremacy except there is either 3 or 4 factions fighting each other to fill up their influence bar. The maps for this gamemode would have to contain approximately 6-12 points to ensure fairness, while each faction would have approximately 15 players.
    3. Specific Class only (OPTIONAL/SET UP) = An optional gamemode that has to be set up between 2 opposing groups and will not be included in rotation due to Imbalance issues. The gamemode is designed in a way that the teams have to agree on locking every class but one that they will use the entire game, which also gets capture keys incase it’s not a Tactical type class.
    4. The Hunt for Heresy (OPTIONAL/SET UP) = A whole team vs one or two people, the team of preferably 10 people must hunt down the one or two persons which have 2 lives each, while the 10 don’t have any extra lives.
    5. Capture the servo skull = a capture the flag gamemode, but with defenders and attackers - defenders need to stop the attackers from stealing the servo skull. This way defenders would not have tickets but still have to keep one eye on the objective to not lose.
    6. Capture the servo skull (Classic) = The classic capture the flag gamemode without modifications and 3 points required for victory
    7. Escort = Defender transport vehicle (Manned by an AI with scripted path) has to reach it’s destination within small maps, the transport would only move when a ally is close to it (like the capture points in PVE). Defenders have to stop it until time runs out
    8. Ambush = There is 1 capture point, defenders have tickets and attackers have tickets, attackers have 3 spawnpoints in a triangular forming shape all around the defender base in the middle of the map, it lasts for 10 minutes which would result in defender victory and defenders, due to having an easier position to defend, have increased respawn timers
    9. Conquest = Each team starts with 600 points. For each capture point a team has more than the opponent, the opposing team lose 1 point per second for each point captured. A capture point being contested (capturing) counts as neutral and there will be 2-4 capture points depending on the map. If both teams have an equal amount of capture points, neither get any victory points = BY SAFREADIS =
    • Reward system
    1. 2x Requisition multiplier for winning team for the next two tournaments they play
    2. 1.25 Requisition multiplier for losing team for the next two tournaments they play
    3. RTC reward
    4. Ability to choose the next map/gamemode in rotation
    5. In-game items/cosmetics
    6. Special icons
    7. Special background while not in game
    • Ideal match sizes
    1. 15v15, good for normal match
    2. 20v20, good for a slightly larger than normal match
    3. 30v30, good for team swap, phantom mode, fliers only
    4. 100v100, good for huge fights, three/four-way fight
    5. 10v1/2, good for hunt for heresy,
    • Maps (player caps are not fixed)
    • Fortress:
    1. Fortress Agnathio, 30v30 as of now, 30v30 ideal
    2. Fortress Harkus (possibly imbalanced), 30v30 as of now, 40v40 ideal
    3. Fortress Ronan, 30v30 as of now, 35v35 ideal
    • Hold the Line:
    1. Zedek, 15v15 as of now, 20v20 ideal
    2. Maggon Station, 20v20 as of now, 20v20 ideal
    • Supremacy:
    1. Torias, 20v20 as of now, 25v25 ideal
    2. Refinery Olipsis, 15v15 as of now, 15v15 ideal
    3. Pegasus Plant, 15v15 as of now, 20v20 ideal
    4. Black Bolt Defense, 15v15 as of now, 20v20 ideal
    5. Medusa Relay, 20v20 as of now, 25v25 ideal
    • Temporary game mechanics for EC Competition Play
    1. No open challenge system in-game, guilds are authorized by EC Devs to select Competitive Play
    2. The matchmaking system will automatically switch attacker and defender
    3. A 1d20 will be thrown in the EC channel, utilizing the Servo-Skull bot where the results can be recorded.
    4. Guild logging (Wins, losses, draws, stats of each member in competitive matches)
    5. Redeploying limited to every 3 minutes or make redeploying only possible after standing still for 5 seconds without being attacked
    6. Increased or nullified number of veterans
    7. Restricted classes to teams (or loadouts). For example, 5 JPA’s per team
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  2. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Please do comment any suggestion, we will be looking closely at all feedback ;).
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  3. I want every and all of these game modes. --That being my feedback.
    Only other thought I have of this though is that development for this game takes quite a long time to accomplish anything, sadly. Is it really reasonable to expect any of this to happen in the foreseeable future?
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  4. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    Game modes seem pretty ok overall but there are a few issues/questions.

    The Hunt for Heresy will boil down to only JPA and Scorpions for hunters and hiders as people will prefer to run and hide into hard to reach places rather than engage into a fight in hopes to kill a hunter.

    On the Escort style mission where will defenders spawn from, because if it is from the same vehicle the game mode will favor the defenders greatly. Are we able to temporarily disable the transport through the use of AV weaponry or is it just invulnerable? What types of transports are we escorting? Will the transport have any turrets that the defenders can use?

    On the Ambush is just a deathmatch or is there a point that attackers can capture? How well defended will the base be, just a couple of sandbags or an actual complex? Will there be any vehicles?
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  5. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    I think we could expect some basic mutators soon enough, sadly it's not just possible for one dev to sit down and create a gamemode in one day. And as the post specified these are mostly idea's and we will keep bouncing them between people and see where it goes.

    As for the Hunt for Heresy, I think its going to be decided by the players who want to play it. We don't want to restrict these gamemodes as they are mostly created for a fun option for GvG's.
    On the Escort gamemode the defenders would spawn from checkpoints, these will change depending on how far the transport has traveled to ensure they will always be able to push it back.
    As for your question about Ambush is specifically says there is 1 capture point, and I do not believe vehicles would be optimal for this style of gamemode. I don't want to start speculating with maps as I trust the level design team will do a good job with creating a balanced and fun map for everyone.

    Again, don't take anything I say as a fact, these are my words not the dev teams.
  6. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    I must have glazed over the capture point, but im excited to see what fruit these suggestions will bear. :OrkMoon:
  7. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I want to see supremacy with no time limit. Nodes are neutral to start. Both sides start with the same amount of tanks. The bar fills from both directions and pushes the opposing teams backwards if they control the majority of the map. No time limit. First to 100% wins.
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  8. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    So more like a type of Conquest gamemode, that could probably work. Although I would still put a time limit just to not have games running forever.
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  9. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I think I'd rather have a "surrender" (retreat since these factions never surrender) option instead. If a game is just drawing on forever it's probably really intense. If it looks unwinnable and starting to feel like it, just retreat and start a new game. The penalty will be it counts as a loss. It's far better to leave the option to the players than force it. If players want the time limit they can play in the normal matches :D
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  10. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    It sound vialbe, however the option must be dependant on the player himself and shouldn't be limited to a vote system where a specific amount of people have to vote before surrender...

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