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Map unfairness.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SalamiTsunami, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    all map are test map, not a single map we have now is supposed to be a real map.
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  2. Johanis Johanis Curator

    Never really had an issue pushing through blackbolt, if you get bogged down in trying to snipe the defenders from the bottom or just poking out and getting PC'd in the face then your team starts to fall apart. Grab some vehicles, move them in, theres elevators that you can use to get up to the top of the ramparts as well to get at the defenders, use assault troops with frag grenades to clear out the rooftops while a plasma cannon clears capture points, once you have a single point, spawn camping fixed.
  3. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    ...I assume you weren't there when it was more of siege map, so unless I haven't got the siege rotation somehow, it can't be that bad. Geez, reminds me of how people thought the devs were giving chaos the short end of the stick and intentionally trying to have them lose, oh yes, so long ago but not really.
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  4. Effregy Kerras Arkhona Vanguard

    It's almost like yall have never played the map in question. Just because they can shoot at space marine spawn from say the bridges, doesn't mean they can't shoot they single file line that retard level elevator causes.

    Not to mention the very simple fact they can drive a damn predator up into there and camp that area.

    Oh I jest driv a rhono ta 'b' er der der -
    Yea past the crap ton of plasma cannons and predator tank and rhino camping?

    you simply must be joking...
  5. I just deploy a Rhino and charge on up the ramp because I remember how much of a deathtrap we used to make that incline when it really was only Space Marines attacking on Blackbolt. Its worked out so far.

    It's called Blackbolt btw.
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  6. Mr Bunny mrbunny Arkhona Vanguard

    We HAVE all played the map. From both sides. For weeks. That's how we know how to win from either side.

    Although yes, it's harder attacking than defending.
  7. generalmonkey Arkhona Vanguard

    it doesn't really need changing when the world becomes OPEN then it will be just a point u can avoid or just siege no need to change anything
  8. Effregy Kerras Arkhona Vanguard

    I want drop pods so damn bad.... why cant we have them yet lol

    it would literally solve most of the spawn camping
    and would include a rudimentary resource system so its not op]

    or rocket launchers since lascannon are absolute trash atm
  9. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    I feel your pain, nobody seems to care to organize or cares to listen to anyone who decides to step up to lead on any map.

    Leadership is really needed to do well as an offender on any of the maps, this one especially.

    When voice is fully implemented this will be easier though as typed commands are really awkward in this game and end up killing me more often than not by the time I've typed something.

    What I like doing on this map is take a squad of Air Assaults out the back garage where the tanks spawn and jump step by step up the ledge to the top of the sniper tower, then run along the roof *usually not being seen* then slaughter all the unwitting snipers.

    *They never think to check behind them and almost never see / hear you coming*

    This alows for the rest of the squads to bring their Tacticals / Traitors up through death valley and begin to cap A through D. Also allows for a safe gap to bring Rhino around to the tunnel behind B.

    It really requires coordination to have any sort of chance for this map.
  10. I dont see why maps should be fair. If I was building a grimdark fortress in the grimdark future I would make it hard for baddies to get into. I actually wanted blackbolt to be better secured in the last version so that you actually HAD to break down the door or wall to get in and not just drive up the side and walk in the open door. Should we just make every map a pitched battle on a clear field? That would be fair.
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