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Map concept - Refined Promethium Shipping (RPS)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maskrow, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Maskrow Maskrow Cipher

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Discord discussion has persuaded me to share a map concept for this game I kitbashed in my spare time so that it can - hopefuly - get some feedback and critiscism.
    All the documentation is available here:
    If you want some further information, do not hesitate to ask. I won't hesitate to provide more screenies and throw walls of text at you.

    Please try and stay within the topic - what I expect is a solid critiscism of possible flaws with this map design, not some abstract stuff about "muh rollexing bolter terminator titans" or "buff nerfs".
  2. Looks interesting, completely interior map besides PvE would be a nice addition. I second the demand for a video!
  3. Sunbreak Sunbreak Subordinate

    Looks really cool. I'm presuming from the capture points this is a linear capture type map with limited spawns?

    Either way it's an awesome start. Think you could do with some spawns up on level 1 for defenders as it looks fairly easy on point 1 to box defenders in with just one spawn when capping.

    I'd also say not to have any vehicles. Not worth it with the close quarters.

    I'm also a little confused as to why there are attacker spawns at points? Will they not just take over the origional defender spawns at the previously captured points? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

    Looks cool would love to try it out, even unskinned :)
  4. Maskrow Maskrow Cipher

    Ok, will try and do a video tonight.

    No, it's going to be usual capture mode, because balancing Hold the Line/Fortress seems to be a bit harder - the points must be not too chokey and not too open at the same time so that they won't turn into boring farmfest like CarMine C point or most fortress maps B point. Do you remember the old Agnathio B, before the entrances were added? It was litteraly impossible to take (not like it's very much better now)
    Well, the idea was to still have an option to bring in a vehicle while not making the map too dependent on them. Also, point B is built around the idea that you use vehicles as a measure to provide a mobile cover for a more or less open area. Yes, they will be quite vulnerable in close quarters engagements, but they should play support role on this map.
    No problem. There are indeed no permanent attacker spawns on the points. As you can probably remember, on some maps we have different spawns for different teams tied to the same point. For example, on Olypsis C, when the point is "idle", the spawning areas for both teams are in the building or to the east of it. But when the point is being captured, the spawn differs for attackers and defenders:
    1) Defenders will spawn on their base to the south, requiring them to drop down from the wall. It is quite close to the point, allowing the players to try and reinforce it.
    2) Attackers will spawn around the "landing pad" to the north, requiring them to footslog towards the point. It is a bit farther from the point, so that defenders will have easier time retaking C.
    On Olypsis A the situation is the same - attackers will spawn a bit farther, defenders a bit closer.
    So the attacker/defender spawns are just for the case when the point is being captured. When it's in the "idle" state, the spawns are in the areas marked simply as "spawn".
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  5. Sunbreak Sunbreak Subordinate

    Fair enough I understand what you mean now. Got a little confused.

    Vehicle bit makes sense, was just wondering.

    Map is awesome, would love it to be trialled.
  6. Maskrow Maskrow Cipher

  7. Ivrain Well-Known Member

    Why do you use a third-party program if similar tools for prototyping the levels are directly in UE4?
    Similarly, without a separate creation of models, you use primitives - you cut and deform them.
    + You can throw any textures / colors on primitives, set lighting.
    + Clearer, you can also inspect the camera, but also run a dummy in the level (only a dummy 2m in height, and SM in the EU 2.2m)
    + Practicality, if things go forward, you do not have to do the level from scratch, but simply gradually replace primitives with full-fledged models.

    The first found lesson, where a person prototyping in UE4:
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