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Making PVE more fun and rewarding

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Enki, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Enki Enki Curator

    So, I've played PVE a lot, and I have a few sugge 20170210181351_1.jpg stions.
    Veterans should be playable in PVE. If they are playable, PVE on hard mode will be a lot more easy, making 8kreq/23AP easy to farm on horde mode. I think that progress in horde mode should be slower. There should be NO exp cap. Beating wave 15 should be an accumulative of 10k exp/req. Warriors should drop 3k supply drops (or just 3k req if they already have all of the drops). As of right now, there is no point in even killing it and beating wave 10, because there is no reward. Beating them and getting as high as wave 15 should be hard, but that's why veteran classes should be added in. I think this would make PVE a lot more fun and rewarding. This also would not take much time to do (I think), since it should just be changing values around.

    I do like that they are making melee better for PvE. As of now, its useless. I think it would be really fun running around with a bunch of healers and traitor assaults ripping tyranids apart.

    2 very annoying bugs are also still in PvE. The first, is crosshairs locking onto allies or walls. Ill post screenshots, so you know what I'm talking about. I'm constantly shooting my allies in the head because my cross hairs are locking onto their helmet lol. The second bug is krak grenades kicking back into the group and killing everyone. This happens quite frequently, and ruins a lot of games.

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  2. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Right now kidna pointless, I mean its fun but it only rewards xp and requisition points dats all.
  3. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    Eh, maybe if there was a special hard mode where the entire squad can only be composed of veterans
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  4. Enki Enki Curator

    Right... It only rewards xp and req. Which is why loot drops from warriors should be a thing. Right now, its pointless to play after wave 9 because you cap in exp/req.
  5. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    I wish I get a nid's claw as a loot so i can replace it into my chainsword chain
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  6. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    Hard mode on Horde isn't that hard at all atm. I regularly get to wave 9.5 with two heavies and a healer. I bet they will add some other conditions later.

    There really is not any point in going past wave 9 currently. If there was a loot drop or a chance for something from the warrior in Wave 10, that would make it worth going further.

    As it is now though? No point. Especially when so many people have no CLUE how to play it and run around like headless chickens to die on wave 2 in Normal.

    Although, I have to admit, the dancing in front of the heavy weapons IS kind of good, for morons who are trying to get TKed that is.
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  7. PvE rewards are all over the place. On one hand you have Hard-Horde giving you an easy 8k for 15(?) minutes of effort in a group that simply knows what classes to bring and where to stand. Normal-Horde only gives 4k to reach the same Wave but is by no means twice as easy as Hard-Horde. You'll walk out of a Normal-Lair with a bit over 4k XP, despite needing much more coordination than Horde mode, and if you fail a Lair mission at any point, even the very end, it's unlikely you'll have anything over 1k XP for your time.
  8. Enki Enki Curator

    It's boring standing in one spot for 25 minutes (I've checked time) and getting just exp, req, and ap. Even normal lair is pretty hard, and like you said, doesn't give much unless you complete it. Which is so dumb. You should be getting rewards after wave 9. Once wave 10 hits and the warrior is there, there is no incentive to even kill it. I want it to be a challenge, but give cool loot. Not just standard exp/req/ap. Lair should be giving more rewards before completion, or else nobody will want to play it, because it wastes time if you don't complete it 100%
  9. Give 10 exp per nid kill, 200 exp for warrior kill, and adjust the objective exp accordingly. People need a constant stream of exp like PvP, and waiting to complete a 5 minute wave for a measly 200 exp is not worth it. I would LOVE to play more PvE with my ork, but there are literally no players queuing up for it @NoahWard
  10. 1. Make the rewards worth it. Like if you complete a Hard run you get a 12000 or maybe even 30000 drop. Or at least a Thunderhawks worth of Req points and XP. There needs to be a GOOD REASON to run PVE mode.

    2. Something other than Gaunts and Warriors would be nice. A few Genestealers, or something perhaps to spice it up. That and the Warrior shouldn't be as tough as it is. Bring in a freaking Carnifex.... We have AT weapons and its the closest thing to a Tank. Warriors are just Shock Troops like a Terminator (on the tabletop they have less armor than a SM but more health and toughness). Maybe even bring in the ZOnethrope for some Psker insanity like AoE healing smaller nids and AoE blast attacks.

    BB Chris with XP per kill I agree with as well.

    3. Make it more about actual fighting than just kinda sorta fighting a swarm (that WILL reach you). Maybe more OPEN maps as opposed to always inside... That and the warriors are stupid fast... Slow them down a bit to allow for more fighting and less.... "Kite the beast and everyone shoot it"

    4. Make the Melee system work with nids. I don't know how but its just wailing on it and wailing on me. Which gets boring (and dead) fast.

    30 man mode where with a fleet of tanks, and AT weapons we go against a swarm and a giant nasty bug!!

    30 people vs this monster would be insane.

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